August 17, 2004

On the road again...

Why, it's a completed back piece!

[Zoom in, zoom out.]
[And click here for the road show!]

This past weekend was going to be slotted for a big time seaming party [dude!] so I could finish up my yet-to-be-seamed Jacke in Apricot, but my weekend was jam-packed with fun outings outside of Lyon. Saturday was spent visiting with a friend* at her parents' house in Cremieu, and Sunday was spent in Vienne with our favorite Tata Fifine (who made a whopping big meal and THREE cakes for the occasion. I'm think I'm still digesting it all. Send an exercise bike). As I didn't feel like lugging a bunch of knitting pieces to seam around with me in the car, I decided to swatch for Carla on Friday evening while watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics so I could have something to knit while on my mini road trips during the weekend. And yes! I did document it all for you in a skinny rabbit slideshow right here:


Knitting in the car allowed me to work up to the armholes of the back piece, and yesterday evening while watching Welcome to the Dollhouse on the arte channel I finished knitting the rest of it. Cotton Tape and honkin' big 9mm needles make this project FLY.

*My friend and neighbor Christelle, an avid knitter who I discovered visits my site [cou cou, Christelle!], invited us to her parents' house - a converted convent on a beautiful property in the middle of Cremieu - for the day. [BONUS: Click here for some random shots taken during lunch.] We had a lunch of barbecued sausages, special cheeses, homemade apricot tart, homemade sorbet, and lots of wine. Afterwards they took us for a bike ride around the town, which has architecture that dates back to the Middle Ages. It was great fun and we look forward to going back in September, when there will be a medieval feast complete with period costumes. Neat-o!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the slideshow!!!! very cool -
What a lovely Carla! I haven't started mine yet but please tell the rest of us Carla-alongers your secrets for smooth armhole decreasing... I hear its a bit tough to decifer Rowans instructions.
Wow! Carla goes fast! It's a pretty stitch pattern too. I might have to purchase It's a Tape Thing now...
Oh that cheese! Darnit...I am in a cubicle...I think they have rules against yummy smelly cheese! (and tunafish) mmmm! Love it!
Okay, now I HAVE to knit Carla!!! Your slide show is great! You Enabler Rabbit, you :-)
Oh wow! What a wonderful weekend you had. I was stuck indoors the whole weekend (to damn hot), but I already made plans for next weekend to go to the beach with our son Mediterranean here I come =) Carla is wonderful. I so enjoyed reading about you car knitting as since I do 90% of my knitting whilst commuting to wor (not to worry, hubby drives) I sometimes hope for a traffic jam so I could get more rown in, dorky of me, ha! Watched the opening ceremony my self, but couldn't get much knitting done as my own destructo...was awake and kept running back an forth, forth=my lap.
your tantalizing pictures make my heart sore from missing france.
Hey, cool slide show. I also knitted while watching the opening ceremonies, too. Favorite part: the DNA projection onto water mist. Anyway, I am taking a road trip this weekend and plan on knitting the entire way, too... woo hoo!
Sigh. Such lovely knitting, such a lovely life. Viva la knitting life in France.
See what you do Becky..lets see how many people want to knit Carla now! One of the blogs that I visit knit Carla. It's very good looking. What a fun, cool and funky knit (with a camisole underneath of course). ;) Sounds like such a great weekend. BTW, I don't have a bike..I do have a treadmill though and it's on the way to you as I post! LOL
I'm quite impressed. 9 mm feels like logs in my hands, and I'm absolutly not a fast knitter with that thick needles. Carla looks very nice!
your slide shows are just fabulous! you are so productive on the road with your knitting. I just end up with two rows and a headache, lol. and carla is beautiful. excellent color choice. your decreases are fantastic. i'm not sure what color my carla is going to be yet. the meal at your friends home looks delicious! gorgeous property! can't wait to see your upcoming finishing party.
I loved that slideshow!! What a lovely couple of days you had. And as usual, you ZIP through another project. Carla is looking gorgeous. (I especially loved the Lucy shot. So much like my Ty.)
I'm sitting here with my morning coffee and craving apricot tart and cheese... Carla is very cute and I love that yarn your using, great closeup.
Carla is beautiful! I love that the litter color really brings out the stitching. I have to tell you that I starting knitting in the car because YOU gave me the idea. I am not sure if hubby thinks that's such a good idea or not since I never want to drive anymore! Thanks for the lovely pics of your picnic weekend. I love that French cheese and food! I'm a HUGE cheese lover...even asked my hubby to sneak some into the country for moi!
An Oscar worthy slideshow! I love knitting in the car, especially when the fiance is driving through LA, if I don't look up I won't see all that miserable traffic!
I don't think I'll ever drive on a long car trip again. Just beautiful work you do, Becky. I've long admired it. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog last week. I finished the poncho for my niece.
Love the slide show. I'm gearing up for my tour d'Europe and love to see everybody's pics to get me even more excited than I already am! I'm making a stop in A'dam just so I can get my hands on some Phildar yarn to knit everythig out of my Phildar books already!!! (I know, Paris would make more sense, but A'dam seems so much more logistics-friendly) It's all your fault, Becky, you know that, don't you?
Oooh Carla looks awesome! My aunt's name is Carla... I ought to make her one, eh? Oh, and reading about the home-made sorbet made me drool... mmmm.... sorbet...
Becky- I didn't mean "litter", I meant "lighter"!
Just stumbled on to your site for the first time... I love it all! Can't wait to see what you make next.
I LOVE car knitting. Rock on for car knitting. Nothing makes you feel more like a master of your knitting universe than knitting the whole back of a sweater in the car. I would have knit all 36 cm of the phildar-tank front this weekend while traveling, if I hadn't run out of Aviso while still in the car - Doh!
Lovely knitting! I am intrigued by the stitch - what an interesting look! How is that stitch made? By yarn over? And as always beautiful handiwork! You are such a fabulous knitter!
you lucky girl you, I assume we'll be seeing those photos in Bon Appetit? Car knitting is still beyond me -- so you get 2 kudos today!
Oh, and just so you know, I ordered the book and Cotton Tape to knit Carla. I'm just telling people: "Becky made me do it." ;-)
Your slide show is, oh, so 'French Kiss'. I think we shall eat outside soon WITH a tablecloth. Awhaw!
Wow! it looks so great. I can't wait to see you modeling the finished product...and those luncheon pictures are fabulous. Thanks for capturing and sharing your fun time with us!!
Thanks! I'm glad that some of you are enjoying the slideshows. I have fun putting them together. Re Carla: I just followed the pattern directions for the raglan decreases. So far I find the knitting very simple. Let's see what happens when the time comes to finish the sleeves. Re knitting in the car: Yeah! I'm glad to see that there are others who do it, too. I used to read before, but knitting allows me to sing along [badly] with the car tunes. Miss Nik-AY! Glad to hear from you! The lace pattern is a breeze. Just yo's and decs. Why don't you Carla, too? Wendy: Muwaahaaaaaaa! Welcome to the Carla fold! (With your bionic knitting fingers I wager you'll knit Carla in, oh, probably AN HOUR.) And if it's any consolation: I hold you responsible for a certain cardigan I'll be knitting in fall. P.S. to Evelyn: My father asks me to take him French cheese whenever I visit. Hee hee!
Mmmm. Food pictures. I *love* food pictures
That Carla is looking too faboo for words! I'm yet to join the car knitting fold, but it now looks like another reason not to get my license... cue evil laugh!
Wow, that Carla looks like quite the catch! What a lovely back she has. I too am going to try the knitting in the car trick (since I still can't knit on the plane!) while away on holiday this week. Fingers crossed! It's just mind over matter, right...? Oh, and thanks for the great photos! Reminded me of a great time spent in the south of France years ago. Super memories!!
Your car slide shows are the best. Looks like a fabulous trip. I always knit in the car but try to avoid it while driving...
Mmmmm.. Carla looks like she's made of the same pattern I used for the bottom of my current top project. Very neat to see it in larger pieces of a whole garment. I love to knit while the hubster drives. I used to be able to read in the car, but now it doesn't sit so well with my stomach. And knitting lets me talk to my wonderful driver! Looking forward to seeing Carla all in one piece!
Love Carla!!! Just wanted to let you know I finished my first Bucket :) the picture is here Thanks for hosting this knitalong!
I must agree that car knitting is the best. I was able to finish the second half of the back on my current sweater on a road trip last weekend, but WOW a whole back done in one car ride?! You are truly an amazing knitter. You're making it hard for me to put off starting mine, but I have to finish the sweater for my mom first.

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