August 16, 2002

Steetch and Beetch.

Yesterday I finished shaping the neckline, got ready to block it, and then decided that I didn't like the way the decreases looked as they were instructed by the pattern (s1, k1, psso paired with k2tog). And if you know how I am, you know I frogged that neckline. All of it! A-di-os. So I redid it, this time pairing ssk with k2tog. It looks better on this type of yarn, in my opinion. I'll block it tomorrow, and continue with the sleeves when my local Phildar stores reopen after vacation and I can look for some more pink yarn.

In other news, I taught knitting to someone for the first time! A friend of mine, who has a toddler with whom my own toddler plays often, said that she'd like to learn how to knit when she discovered that I made all of my kid's knitwear and knitted my own sweaters. So I taught her (in French, as she doesn't speak English or Spanish) from casting on to doing the knit stitch while our husbands chatted and the kids played. She was so cute...she kept holding up her needles and telling her husband, "Look! I'm knitting!" between sips of a martini. If she takes to knitting, we'll have our own mini French chapter of Stitch n' Bitch going on. How fun!

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see? i'm learning from your good example. frog away! wheeeeeeee!!! p.s. if you don't answer my e-mail soon, i will verily pout all over you.
I'm jealous. I wish I knew some cool people here that were knitters. But no, I know none of them. I've only even seen other people buying yarn in the yarn shop like, once (although I know they must exist, since the yarn shop always seems to not have enough skeins in the first color I choose for any project. heh)
Squib, I'm being so slow with all my mails lately. Don't pout yet :-) Kim, start taking a small knitting project out with you. You'll find people who knit or who'll want to learn. A few weeks ago I went to playgroup and decided to pull out another toy ostrich I was knitting. Everyone formed a little circle around me so they could look at it, and now the ones who knit take their own knitting, too.
i *love* my ostrich. it sits on the shelf next to my desk in my office and makes me giggle every time i look at it.

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