August 15, 2002

Check your yarn purchases!

Disaster! Just as I pulled out another pink skein of yarn so I could work both sides of the neckline at the same time, I said to myself "Hmmm...there's only one more pink skein left. How funny. I need more than that to do the sleeves...why is there only one more left yet two more of orange? Wait...oh no!" That's right. The owner of the shop mistakenly gave me more orange skeins than pink, and I didn't notice until now as I bought the yarn for this project together with yarn for other projects. Truly disastrous, because the Phildar shop where I purchased this yarn is closed for the rest of August, and when it reopens it may not even have this yarn in the same dye lot as I bought it nearly two months ago. Therefore, I am contemplating giving the sweater three-quarter sleeves. Or just reworking the colors so that I use up the orange in lieu of the pink. I've also contemplated hunting the owner of the shop down - wherever she may be taking her vacation - and boxing her ears for having made this mistake. Or boxing my own ears for not noticing until now. But of course, that's not productive. I'll find a solution. And yes, it's a lesson to me. Blabbing incessantly with an owner of a yarn shop while she gets your supplies for you will eventually result in a screw-up.

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What a nightmare - how are the sleeves supposed to look? Can you not do one in pink and one in orange for a totally psychadelic look? Or stripe them both? I have every confidence that you will come up with something inventive. Look forward to seeing it!
d'oh! i suppose you could be really daring and make one pink sleeve and one orange one ...
one pink sleeve and one orange sleeve gets *my* vote!
I love the ice cream colors in your new project. I hope everything works out.
If she is closed for the month of August, at least no-one else will be buying up the yarn. You will find a creative solution before then, I'll bet.
I really like the idea of one pink sleeve and one orange sleeve, but I don't think it'll work with this particular sweater style (although you have given me ideas for future sweater designs!). If I can't find the pink yarn [crosses fingers] I'll probably end up shortening the sleeves a tad, and reworking the colors so more orange is used than pink, as the sleeves are mostly done in pink save for a few stripes of orange and white.

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