August 14, 2006

Almost there...

...because Crinkle is seamed:

Please pardon my gym clothes.
[P.S. Of course, there's a seaming slideshow.]

thumb.jpgShe may be seamed, but she's definitely not finished. I need to pick up stitches around all the edges and work a picot cast-off. And let's not forget those ends I gotta weave in...look at them dangling down like so many noodles. Plus, I still don't have the ribbon. Crinkle will be ribbonless until later this week because my favorite notions shop is closed until Wednesday.'Tis alright. I'm in no rush. Gives me a chance to leisurely work the picot cast-off.

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eagerly waiting for crinkle. 6 rows into the tunique...ahhh. lovely.
gorgeous! i love it, dangly ends and all! and wow, you managed to do all that without a single margarita!
It's looking good! I'm interested to see what ribbon you end up getting for it.
Looks promising - the ribbon choosing should be fun!
But it is so promising! Looking good already.
you look so very model-ish in these headless shots! very, very nice. it's been too long since i've finished anything I can wear. time to turn that around!
Hi there from Wardrobe Refashion! Just wanted to say thaks for the comment and also how much I've enjoyed reading through (some of) your website this morning. You make your entries both informative and funny and everything you make looks so professional! I am also le jealous that you are studying (have studied?) design :o
I just used that this weekend at Stitches for the 4th time this month! I am so not looking forward to the picot bind off at the end of the project I learned to make. But the Mobius Capelet from Candace Eisner Strick is beautiful!
Good luck with the picot cast off. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works for you. I used a crochet picot cast off in place of a knit one because the knit ones looked like worms off the ends instead of nice loops. This was on the Rose Leaf Vest from Gathering of Lace. Perhaps Crinkle has a better way of doing the picots?
I used a crochet picot bind-off for my Teeny Camisole. It looks similar to the knit picot bind-off and I don't see any difference between the two as I work them. However, I would use a smaller needle and cast on fewer stitches if you'd like to avoid the "worm" effect for the knit picot bind-off. (Although I think that the "worms" would be a nice way for creating a fringey look.)
Looks good so far, though I don't envy you the task of picking up and picoting all those edges. I know it's super cute in the end, but sheesh...magic wand time.
You said it, Sil! And that is exactly why I am going to do a few picots here and a few picots there. It can be slooooooooow.
Hey hey! I am glad to see you are back into the knitting after the weather has cooled down a bit. Crinkle looks great on you. Nice work. Let us see the finished picot edges soon ok? Max
You're almost there! Was it hard to seam in black?
It wasn't hard at all, but I did it in the early morning light. I don't think I would have done it so quickly if I had done it in the evening!
You've gotten through the seaming part - hope the rest of it is a breeze :)
Tes tricots sont formidables. Tout est bien fait, bien ajusté à croire que les modèles sont tout à fait concus pour toi. J'ai bien hâte de voir crinkle terminé car il faisait parti de mes projets avant que le nouveau Rowan 40 n'apparaisse. je termine par un grand Bravo pour tes réalisations. ( j'espère que tu comprends un peu le francais, mon anglais est moyen)
wow, looks totally perfect. i love a nicely-seamed garment!
Crinkle is going to be soooooooo cute! (Shoot, she's pretty darn cute right now with the noodles and all)! Can't wait to see the finished Crinkled wack rabbit shots!
I LOVE that sweater! It even looks cute in it's seamed-but-not-quite-finished state.
Adorable. And you look sweet in your gym clothes.
That is one knockout cardi!
You've made such a fabulous job of Crinkle Becky. I know, because I have seen the actual pattern in my Rowan magazine. Can't wait to see it when its got its beautiful ribbon all woven in.
It looks good even if its ribbonless, and has ends dangling out. ;)
You are almost there! It looks great already. I can't see what you pick for ribbon for it too.
So ribbon doesn't count on the "no shopping" pledge, because it's for a pre-existing project, right? That could be nice extra incentive to work through the stash!
The pledge just includes not buying any ready-made clothes; things like fabric, yarn, notions, shoes, etc. are exempt. (Which is good, because I love buying new shoes!)
Wow, the Crinkle is really cute. I've been thinking about making it and you've inspired me to try it. So far, I've only made stockinette sweaters, but I think it's time for me to stretch my wings. I can't wait to see what ribbon you choose. Do you have something in mind or will you see what strikes you when you go to the shop?

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