August 14, 2002

Apparently, Barbra makes for quick knitting.

Thanks to the strangely compelling film Yentl starring a singing Barbra Streisand disguised as a man (why Barb, why?) I was able to advance quite nicely on my project the other day. About an hour and a half of knitting stockinette stitch while peeking at Barbra, Mandy Patinkin and Amy Irving in a too-bizarre-to-not-be-humorous love triangle with Barbra's melodies in the background made for really productive knitting. So I am nearly finished with the front. Hurrah!

The back is already blocked, and as soon as I finish the front I'm going to block it so I can knit the slanted shoulder seams together using the three needle bind-off. I'm not even going to start the sleeves until I do, because I'm really eager to see how the shoulders look after being knit and sewn together this way.

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I never realized that Barbra spells her name oddly before. It reminds me of Babar the Elephant! ;) I am so jealous of this top. I will have to make it come next spring :)

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