August 10, 2004

Finished peppermint bucket for my pal.

Bucket at the park!
(Yes, I have a teeny head.)
[Click here for another view.]

My peppermint Bucket-o-Chic has been finished since last week, and I decided to put it in my backpack when I went skating in the park so I could take pictures of it, already. I love this hat, but I didn't knit it for me. I made it for a very good friend who just had a birthday, and who has a head that is, well, a couple of inches bigger than mine. [It just means that you have a bigger brain, Elise.] I must admit: I'm pretty proud of this hat. The variegation created a nice stripey effect with no pooling whatsoever. The hat required very little blocking, too. Plassard did good with this yarn.

No dancing pictures for this hat. I was wearing my roller blades and didn't want to risk falling on my bee-hind like a spazz. (I haven't quite mastered roller dancing yet, but I will someday. Oh yes, I will.) But here's another picture of the hat for you, just because.

Knitalong news:

We've got some more goodies for the Reader's Favorite prizes! You might recall that in addition to the prizes I am giving, my readers will get to vote on their favorite bucket hat photo submitted during my entire knitalong at the end of summer. So far, we've got some nice prizes (mentioned here), and we've just got a couple more: Thoughtful Alison* has sent a skein of Calmer [drools helplessly] in shade 463 (a light blue), which is enough to knit the Juliet-style lacy cap from The Calmer Collection. But that's not all: talented Eileene of is donating a set of six stitch markers! Thank you both!

Now, for the latest finished bucket hats in the knitalong (in addition to my own): Katy's son models his fabulous Bottom's Up Bucket hat adorned with some nifty buttons, Holly knit a striped Bottom's Up Bucket using pretty watermelon colors, Orli knit a Bottom's Up Bucket hat in Cotton Tots that her husband kindly models for us [the photos are PRICELESS...the "fun in the sun" is my favorite, hands down], and Jessica knit an adorable Bucket-o-Chic using Sugar 'n' Cream cotton for - get ready for this - her son's teddy bear named "Corduroy". Can you stand it? Great buckets, knitalongers! And how are the other knitalongers doing? Any finished hats you'd like to share, or updates? There are still a few weeks left for the knitalong, so if you're name is on this list, you have lots of time to get your hat photo in.

*Along with the skeins of Calmer, thoughtful Alison sent me some cute gifties I can't resist sharing: The Classic Ten book and a little zippered bag with shoes on it that she got during her trip to NYC. (Can you see the Calmer peeking out of the bag?) I love it all. Thank you for thinking of me, Alison!

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I love the pink bucket!! Lucky friend. Though it looks so cute on you, I think you need to make another one. (as should I. I get a lot of beach wear out of the one I made already)
That is a very cute bucket Becky, how are you managing to skate in this heat? Keep practicing though as I can't wait to see the roller dancing pics!
Thanks! Actually, I'm thinking about knitting one for myself. I never wear hats, but when I tried on my friend's hat in the sun I immediately felt the difference - no sun beating down on my head! I've got at least one more bucket I want to churn out this summer, so I might make that one for me. Yvette: I skate only before 12 noon. After that, I make a beeline for the shade and a tall, cool glass of horchata :-)
Hi Becky, Can you sign me up for the bucket hat knitalong? I am thinking of making one out of rag yarn. I would also like to donate a yarn prize.
I am using 463 for my;s so icy and delish! I love your pepperminty bucket...reminds me of the old stick candy...Remember those the penny candy? they came in every flavor!! mmmm
Aaaagggh, I still haven't acquired yarn for a new hat yet. I love yours. Excellent shape! As for skating.... hopefully you are only POSING without a helmet on! I've started rollerblading (well, I guess that technically I am K2ing) this summer. I haven't bit it yet, but it's only a matter of time. I'm all dorked out in my helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards. My neighbor continues to hassle me about elbow pads, but I'm refusing to oblige. Be safe, have fun! I swear I'm going to start on my hat. Honest.
fabulous BOC, becky! i, too, am knitting one for a friend... i'm hoping the 2nd set of yarn she gave me stripes up as well as yours!
I have a teeny head, too...I had to knit a band to put on the inside of a "one-size-fits-all" hat I received as a gift to keep it from falling over my eyes! All the more reason to buy more yarn and knit one, right? I also wanted to say that your Jacke cardigan is just beautiful - I'm tempted to pick up Rebecca 27 for that pattern alone. And, thanks so much for stopping by my (very new) knitting blog - I am a big fan of Fluffa so it was quite the honor! :)
My head is so huge, I totally can't relate to you all with small heads. I am forever trying to pull hats onto this freakish mellon only to be disappointed. Love the peppermint hat. This was just the inspirational post I needed to get off my hiney and finish HBomb's alien bucket up. Thanks Becky!
Gorgeous hats, everyone! Though all the mentions of kitchen cotton make my hands ache, just remembering that brim :-P.
The hat is fabu! My bucket hat for my cousin is done, I'm just waiting to get back to school to be able to send you my picture! Don't let the heat get to you!
Becky, please, really, STOP BEING SO ADORABLE IN ALL OF YOUR KNITTED THINGS. I love your new hat and am chuckling over the site of you romping around the park in it. Peppermint twist!! I will love through both my stash and my objects de new york to see if there is anything worthy of donating to your prize a long. [and Alison, how sweet is she? VERY!!]
Thank you! :-) And we got another "Reader's Favorite" sponsor. Maybe two, with Lis? Yay for Georgina and Lis! What yarns are you all using for your bucket hats?
Oh the peppermint, is EXCELLENT, it really came out nice...I always worry about verigated yarns. I just love reading you blog, it always picks me up when I'm feeling down...I'm slightly moody today as I think Israel is a tottaly UN-COOL place to be in during the summer...okay, okay I know...I just made a pan...sheesh. Holed up in the office :(
Uggg...I forgot, I love's katy's hat for her son also. FAB colors.
love your (friends) bucket. really like how that yarn knits up! the variegation of that yarn looks gorgeous! yummy and stripy. there are so many great buckets out there. bucket number 2, here i come! hmm, maybe i will have to stop at my lys today.
You bucket-O-Chic looks fab. I'm starting to feel guilty not making one. I think everyone in Blog world has made one. I have the bottoms up pattern. They look similar though. Peppermint stick with a lemon...Yum!!! :-)
Hi, Becky! Thanks for hosting the Bottoms Up Bucket hat knitalong! I'm very much enjoying all the gorgeous creations other knitalongers have knitted. Moi, I just started my Bottoms Up Sunday and dropped my 2nd strand yesterday. Woo hoo! Now I must go to work (so I can knit some more on my Bottoms Up during the commute in...and so I can afford to cheat on my yarn diet some more. Tee hee hee!) Have a fabulous day!
You are so adorable in your pretty peppermint hat! What a great image that is: a skinny rabbit on skates, dancing around in her new hat. That makes me smile. Thanks for hosting this knitalong and always keeping us posted on the news. You are a fabby knitalong hostess!
Baby bucket is finished! Just for the record, the second picture in the post is the official one.
Well if you can bear to give that pretty hat away, she must be a good friend! Very stylin...
Peppermint stripe is a fabulous colorway for a bucket. Skate on!
Gorgeous hat! I still haven't finished casting on for mine! :-( That will have to wait because I'm too busy trying to finish my elegant evening poncho - if I can't wear the poncho for my friend Jeni's wedding reception then I'll have it ready for Andy's 40th birthday next month. It feels like an age since I had an FO that wasn't a sock or scarf!
Wow that hat looks great! I love it when pattern and yarn come together so perfectly. Serendipity! I'm loving this knitalong. Thanks for the updates. I can't wait till we get to vote! Glad you like the presents. :)
Very cute! Love the hat and colors, too! pearl
Great looking hat Becky! Indeed, you have one lucky friend. I have cast on my BUP (in kitchen cotton- ugh!) and so far it hasn't killed my hands. Then again, I've only done a couple of rounds! I really like the colour of the yarn and am thinking of making a matching bucket for my boy. Tho, a little TOO cute, perhaps?!
Ohhh... this bucket is soooooo cute ! And I've just discovered your Phildar Ribbon cardi, it's gorgeous, and it does become you. Mmmm... may I pop in my LYS and buy some ribbon while there's still some available ? I want the same !!!
More info on the baby bucket: ( I knit it using sport weight Sugar 'n Cream and the smallest size given in the pattern. At a gauge of 6.5 sts/in on size 2 needles, it knit up to be about a six month size.
Just wanted to let you know that I finished my first bucket :) Thanks for hosting the knitalong!! Carissa ps the picture is here
I'm finished with the Bucket o'Peace. Doesn't look like I can attach photos to this comment so I will email directly. You can also see today's post on my blog.

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