August 09, 2006

Hey! Remember my son's linen jacket?

Yes, this Linen Jacket. Well, I finally got off my procrastinating bee-hind and cast on for the first sleeve last night.

Teeny little intarsia stripes.
I love it!
[Click HERE for the WRONG SIDE* view.]

I tell you: When you get intarsia in just the right amount and this little amount is used to great effect on a sleeve, there is no such thing as Sleeve Island. Good knitting fun.

A closer view of the intarsia stripes in all their teeny wonder.

"My name is Tal-lu-lah, my first rule of thumb..."

*I don't like weaving in ends when I do intarsia. When I don't have too many rows or stitches over which to strand yarn, I just carry the yarn up as I go. (I've done this for the other stuff I've knit in intarsia.)

thumb.jpgWhat I'm currently watching while knitting: Bugsy Malone. We just got it on DVD and boy, does it bring back the memories. Bugsy Malone was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I saw it when it came out in theaters in 1976 (oops, my age is showing) and a little while later, when it came out on HBO (remember when cable FIRST came out and HBO only had one channel?). My mother taped it on our VHS and I and my siblings watched that tape so many times that when I watched the movie today [after almost 30 years!] I was able to sing along with ALL of the songs and I still know the tap dance routines by heart. Tap, tap.

In other trivial news, I have a new afternoon snack of the moment: Petit Lu cookies with chocolate chips dunked in Candia milk. I don't usually dunk cookies - and I mean NEVER, not even Oreos - but boy oh boy can I go to dunking town with these cookies. I just ate about 10 [gluttony, thy name is Rabbit] and I could have kept on going. I like to call it it knitting fuel.

That's it for today. It's a laidback day. Monsieur Le Hubby is home so I'm heading off to the fabric store in search of muslin, and then I'll go to the gym to do some free weights. I'll be sure to work my foot muscles a little more because I've got some seriously fun SEWING I'll be doing next week and I'm gonna be revving my sewing machine pedal :-) [Revs pedal.]

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I wonder how many calories I burn with my right foot, tendons working up and down, up and down--not enough, I know that much, at least not enough to work off those delicious-looking cookies. YUM.
Mmm, chocolate chip crispies! I don't dunk, either - mucks up the milk (or coffee, as would be the case for me). I like the intarsia, too - like a little ladder for a little pet mouse to climb up to his shoulder. :) Gotta love something that makes sleeve knitting more interesting! I'm going to find my Dr. Scholls, polish 'em up & see what socklets do for wearing comfort, now. :)
Mmmmm...Petite Lu cookies! They're hard to find FRESH here in the States. I bet they'd be good with ice cream. Can't wait to see the jacket modeling shots!
Was it a TOP-LOADING vcr?? That's real old skool. I saw this movie on network tv (a wood cabinet model, dontchaknow), which I'm sure represented a full one third of the channels we received at the time. Oh the salad days! When the words "skinny rabbit" might have reminded me of the antenna on top of my mungo-tv (as in rabbit EARS!) LOL! I am getting my pregnancy glucose test next week and I'm trying to be good until then, but you can bet when I get home after that visit, I'll be baking up a batch of something gooey chocolatey!
Vroom vroom. Yeah, hit the sewing machine foot pedal machine at the gym :) I go to a muscle head gym and they don't have such things there. Darn. Sleeves loot adorable, kind of tribal looking right now.
I remember when HBO only had one channel too! So funny. The linen jacket has just enough intarsia for me too. Great job on working on that sleeve and I'm sure it goes quickly for the Capt's size too!
That jacket is going to look soooo good! Lovely colours.
yaaaaaay! i've been dying for you to finish this so we can see it. and more silly captain destructo shots please!
I love the intarsia stripes! Just perfect for a sleeve, and the colors are great too.
I'm liking the jacket - it looks goooood!
I like the little stripes. I did intarsia once and only once... a hundred years ago when I taught myself to knit I made a baby sweater with a bear on the front. I think it was a bear... it was a long time ago. I have never tried it again. What was my point here? hmm I dunno. :) I don't like to dunk anything...then it gets soggy. ick.
You know, I don't think I've ever seen that movie.
Mmmmm, petite lus! Can't wait to see the jacket all finished up and modeled. He's going to be one stylin' little guy!
Yeah, knitting fuel, that's it . . . I remember when cable first came out, too, and sprawling on Mom and Dad's bed (the only room with HBO) to watch a really paltry selection of movies. I remember Jaws being on, which Mom wouldn't let me watch--even though it was filmed on Martha's Vineyard--because it was scary. And yeah, the VCR with individually-programmed buttons for each channel?
Who would have thought that simple stripes of intarsia would be so cool? But seriously cool it is. Very effective use of color!
Your intarsia stripes look great! I love how the wrong side looks so neat... I should try that when I do intarsia next. I don't like weaving the many ends in intarsia either. And oh, those cookies look so yummy! Bet they'd be great with ice cream too... mmmm....
You KNOW I'm tired when I am this many posts behind! Look at all your fun times! You go on those sleeves, you'll have 'em done in NO TIME. ;-)
SHUT UP! BUGSY was my fav as a kid too!!!! It used to be on the tv all the time. I haven't seen that for YEARS!! Where on earth did you get the dvd???? THe linen jacket looks great, that little intarsia stripe sets it off perfectly!
Rachel and Deb reminded me of another old skool thingamabob we had: The Atari playstation with the joystick. Pac-Man and Space Invaders, bay-beeeeee! P.S. to Kelly: I got the Bugsy Malone dvd from good ole I love the internets :-)
There. Now you are over your little procrastination AND have yummy cookies! How good do you feel?
The cuteness factor of the Linen Jacket just went up tenfold with those teeny stripes....awwwwwwwwww!

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