August 07, 2006

If you stash, it will come.

The knitting mojo, that is.

I cast on for the back piece of Crinkle on Friday evening and knit through while watching Koh-Lanta. On Saturday evening I knit some more while watching a couple of DVDs. At approximately 10:25 p.m. (during the third episode of dubbed-in-French Cold Case) on Sunday evening, I cast off a completed back piece. That, my friends, is proof that watching television in moderate amounts and buying new yarn in (not always so) moderate amounts can be productive. Because I say so.

My mannequin Gigi kindly models all pieces (now complete!) of Crinkle for us. Here is the back view:

Ferpetesake...BLOCK US, ALREADY.
(The pieces feel like you've caught them wearing an avocado mask
and terry cloth robe because I am showing them with their curling
edges and loose ends all hanging out.)
[Click HERE for the front view.]

Seaming party at my house next weekend. Bring chips and tequila.

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Nice! Did you find a ribbon for it yet? I've not knit with black yarn yet. Whenever I'm choosing yarn, I'm overwhelmed with all the great color. But I do wear a lot of black. Glad that Monsieur Le Hubby is doing good - is he back home yet? Are you going to have to play the nurse?
Thanks, Evelyn! Monsieur Le Hubby came home on Saturday and even though he felt, well, like crap he is now on the mend and feeling much better. I haven't gotten a ribbon yet but I think I'll go sometime this week to pick one out. I've already been browsing and have an idea of what I want. I may get a couple and see which one works best...
I was going to ask the same about the ribbon; I'm sure you'll give us a view once you get it. Crinkle looks really cute was smart to knit it in black. Was it any more difficult with the black yarn?
I will definitely show the ribbon to you! (That's part of the fun :-)) While I'm glad that I knit it in black - a color which has always been dominant in my wardrobe because it's urban, easy to coordinate and looks dressy if paired with the right things - I have to admit that knitting with it wasn't always easy. It got monotonous at times and if it had been a complicated stitch pattern I probably would have made mistakes.
I am having seaming party here too ... the mohair wrap cardigan is on the home stretch. Keep up the search for the right ribbon!
Oh la la! Please hurry with the blocking board and pins, Crinkle deserves a debute as fast as possible.
I love the notion of unblocked knitted pieces lounging about in bathrobes with masks on.
I can't wait to see her all done up. I've got Patron Tequila...can I be invited? :)
Heck, yeeeeeah! P.S. Tunic next?
crinkle looks like the sort of knitting that would have curlers to go with that bathrobe and face mask!
I like how Gigi's arms look almost like she's doing a wack rabbit dance from the front so I can *almost* imagine you're posing in a half-finished cardi. That may seem a little creepy... okay, it's vaguely creepy. I still want a double (but let's not measure me for it *this* week!). Also: I'm with Gina. I love the analogy of a knit getting ready for a big night!
A-DOR-ABLE! I can't wait to see your ribbon choice(s) and will get my tequila ready.
Crinkle's nearly done! Very exciting - do you have your ribbon sorted yet? I'll bring chips, but don't be surprised if I eat them all before I get there!!
yay for seaming parties! and for Margaritas, for that mattter :). I LOVE your crinkle!
Oh yay! I love how Crinkle turned out. Really love, in fact. So much, that I will probably find some nice cotton yarn STAT and start one of my own. CAN'T WAIT to see it blocked and with ribbon.
Wait, I don't have anything to seam! I am doing a baby cardi with picked up and knit sleeves. Do I have time to make pieces of something to seam??? Everything ready to start is lace, no sweaters!! I guess I will have to pass on this party. Enjoy.
Very nice! Glad M Le Hubby is on the mend.
Crinkle is lookin good. You know it's going to be nice when it looks that good unblocked! I don't care for tequila...I'm bringing beer.
Beeeyoootiful! Even with the curly edges. Can't hide beauty behind an avocado mask and bathrobe after all.
Crinkle looks great--avocado, curlers, and all! But I'm not surprised given that, as a long-time lurker, I've never seen anything that does not look good at chez fluffa. Everything is always so polished and professional looking--well, heck--you ARE a professional, aren't you?! So no wonder.... And thanks for your kind comment regarding my Orangina and "wearing your FO's to work"! (You left in on my "older" blog.) I'm glad there are lots of us out here in blogland who love to wear what we've made with our own hands.
Oh, maybe ya need a big ol' wide screen to go w. the bunch of yarn...Looking good - waiting for the happy dance shots :)
wow that crincle could really come in handy in my FREEZING office. (it's hot as hell outside, but it takes me a good 10 minutes to defrost after I step out of the office) I'd love to make a crincle, if only the mag and yarn weren't so damn expensive. I guess i'll wait till someone sells the mag 2nd hand on ebay.
Crinkle is fabu! May I suggest my new favorite knitting show? Veronica Mars on DVD!
I'm eagerly sitting on the bench, pompons at the ready, waiting to see what ribbons you chose. I don't think I can seam the washcloth or the two scarfs I'm knitting, so I'll be the cheering section. Is there an option to make the ribbons interchangeable? To fasten them in somehow so that they are removable? Probably not, but how cool would it be to change your ribbons to suit your mood. "Today I feel springy...lime green ribbons, please.....Today I feel sinister, gimme the back velvet ribbons...." Glad the Mister is feeling better.
Lovely! It looks like a perfect summer cardi! Now, very important question: when you make guacamole, do you pound your garlic into a paste? That's the way I did it last time, and ohmygoodnessme, it was the best I ever had!
Crinkle is superlicious even w/o being blocked! I'm chanting Ribbon! Ribbon! Ribbon! Can't wait to see the Ribbon! You tip the tequila, I'm tippin' some pomegranate et vodka. Chilled.
Look at you! You made great progress on Crinkle! Looks like it's time for another installment of a seaming by that crazy rabbit! :-)
How crazy, but I had the same feeling that Daphne described - "I like how Gigi's arms look almost like she's doing a wack rabbit dance from the front so I can *almost* imagine you're posing in a half-finished cardi. That may seem a little creepy... okay, it's vaguely creepy." I was thinking the same thing. Looked at the photo a couple more times and realized that mannequin seems to have acquired a little of your personality. I'm glad Daphne said something or I would think I was losing it! Or maybe I have lost it already and that's why... Anyway, I can't wait to see the cardi finished and blocked and in action. Glad to see you have found your knitting mojo!
Crinkle is so beautiful Becky! Can you wait til I win the lottery for the chips & tequila??
Ya want salsa with them chips? How 'bout some guac? I've just discovered adding one finely minced clove of garlic to my guacamole - zing! I'll bring the mango daiquiri mix!!

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