August 04, 2004


Why, it's a finished ribbon cardi!

[Just because, here's another view.]
[Click here for the really BIG sweater picture.]
[And how about a CLOSEUP of that neckline, folks?] of my second finished project of the summer: my ribbon cardi! (Pattern from Phildar Ete 2004. 34/36 size, using Phil Ruban in Cuivre.) Oh la laaaaaaa...I really love wearing this cardi. It's lightweight and drapey, and my favorite part is the leaf edging at the neckline (probably because that's what I had the most fun knitting). The cardi's been finished since I returned from La Loire, but I didn't get the chance to wear it out until Sunday. And wear it, I did! Here it is, making its debut at one of the many murals in Lyon:

Where's Rabbit?

This mural is in the Croix Rousse.
[Click here for a bigger view of the mural.]
[BONUS: Fun shots of the cardi (and family) at the mural.]

[Footnote: I just love these murals. We always have fun posing in front of them and looking at the details regarding Lyon that the artist included. Notice the spools of silk shown in the shot where I'm pretending to open the car door? Well, that's just one of many such details.]

Finishing details of the cardi: The pattern called for two cords, each made using two strands of Phil Ruban, to be attached to the front pieces. I decided to make the cords using my lovely new lucet*, which I had never used before. HELLO! Mademoiselle Lucet made a cord that was so fabulous I actually got up and did a happy dance right there. And speaking of which, you just know that there are customary dance shots for you for no reason other than it's fun:

*I had never used a lucet before, but I am so glad I did! It makes such lovely cord. I learned about it from Claudia, and was finally able to give a it try thanks to Carolyn, who very thoughtfully got it at MS&W festival and brought over to me when she came to Paris in May. Merci!

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That Cardi is gorgeous! The phil ruban looks like it knits up so rabbit dance! I like the one of Captain and his Dad taking a walk up the's really detailed. Wow. What lovely knitviews for a wednesday! :)
As always, beautiful sweater!! That's a rockin' cool mural, too . . . looks like y'all had so much fun!
You are so funny! I love reading your finished project debut entries. And the dancing is always a nice bonus. Makes me want to dance :-) And what a finished project it is! I love those leaves on the neckline. Very pretty.
Perfect! That cardi is simply perfect! (And I love those mural shots.)
Another convert to the lucet cult.....excellent! That sweater looks good.....better on you than on the Phildar model.
OH! If I could knit one-tenth as fast, as beautifully and as perfectly I would be in Heaven and the angels would sing! You are astounding, Becky! The cardi is divine. The mural pictures are fantastic and a delight! I had to do a double-take on the one with you and the car! :) Very clever! pearl
Oh, the cardi is simply GORGEOUS! You'd better watch out, knitting all these lovely things in my size, I might just come over to steal them. That mural is really very very cool.
Wow, is that spectacular! The leaves are perfect. I also love the shape and length of the sleeves. Sleeves 'n' leaves -- hooray!
The pictures are the mural are great! That cardigan is to die for! The second I saw it, I thought, "I NEED that in my wardrobe!"
The murals are fantastic--thanks for sharing! I adore the cardi and may sub it for, ahem, that other Phil Ruban project we spoke of back in the early spring! Love the copper color also. xox Kay
your ribbon cardi is wonderful. i just love the length and shape of the sleeves and the superior shaping of the body (common to all of your garments). how do you get it to fit so perfectly? rhetorical question, i know it’s all about skills, baby! and you've got 'em! the neckline and tie are such a great details in this sweater. the bottom of your sweaters hit at just the right spot. just looking at that sweater is making me want to block the sweater i just finished today. i wanted to seam it, but your stitches are so neat and uniform (though blocking mine will not create such uniform stitches), i have to block mine in the quest for somewhat even stitches. the mural is just so much fun. and the family shots are hilarious. i had to do a double take at how well you guys blend with the mural. as always your cardi is great, but its just as much fun to see how your finished garments will make their skinnyrabbit debut. the unveiling is always so entertaining.
Really fabulous ! A beautiful ribbon cardi that is just perfect on you.You look lovely.Superb knitting as ever. Fantastic mural.Worth a trip to Lyon ! :0)
Just GORGEOUS! I especially love the colour and the edging. I want one too!
Thanks for such kind words! And I'm glad that you enjoy my mural photos. Taking them is fun, AND I get to wear my knits while I'm at it :-) Mary and Froggy mentioned something else I like about this cardi but forgot to include in my entry: the sleeve length! I don't usually wear 3/4 sleeves because they make me look like I have strangely long arms, but I like these particular sleeves. Maybe because they're wide, and don't hug my forearms? Kay: Go for it! (Psst...I set aside enough Phil Ruban for a couple of jackets. I'm in love with this stuff.) Froggy: You're so kind! Actually, I think that my stitches look even with this ribbon yarn because I decided to knit it using the combined method. It kept the flat ribbon yarn from twisting and getting distorted. Re the fit: One thing I like about Phildar patterns I don't have to do any modifications to them in terms of sizing because they fit me really well. (Funnily enough, I usually have to do modifications to patterns by other companies, such as Rowan, in order to get them to fit me properly, but rarely those by Phildar. I'm small, but I have a long torso and wide shoulders. Maybe the average French woman is like that?)
I love the details on that cardi, especially that the leaf edging follows all the way down the front sides! ^^ The "fun" photos of the mural make me giggle for some odd reason...
Lovely cardi which looks perfect on you. You really have a knack for making gorgeous knitwear!
The details, the color, the yarn. All fabulous :) You did such a good job and I would rock that cardi, no questions asked. I wish you would teach a class locally, I would be the first to attend!
Wicked cool murals! The scale is so perfect. Amazing! And of course an amazing sweater. Very lovely color, the neck edging is beautiful, and it suits you perfectly. Congrats!
The cardi is really pretty. I love the leaf detail around the neck and your cord looks very cool. Does a lucet come with instructions (or do you make it up as you go along)? It looks very interesting! I always find mural fascinating - fantastic that people can paint them!
Everything about the sweater is great--the bell sleeves, the edging, the lace, and the cut. What an awesome job you did! We (BF and I) love the mural, would love to see it one of these days. (That's a labor of love, I gotta tell ya, because I've done murals before, and they're time-consuming and so dependent on the elements!)
Adore it!
I love the color and the leafy edging, nicely done! I did a double take as well with the mural pictures...You look like you have a lot of fun with your family. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us!
As a beginning knitter all I can do is aspire to be 1/10th as fine a knitter as you are *sigh*....that is the most gorgeous cardi and in my favorite color! (do I have to admit I was looking for you in the mural until I realized what I was looking at;)
Not much can be said that hasn't already. Lovely work!!
Beautiful sweater Becky! I love the leaves and the ribbon yarn looks wonderful to knit with. Cute pics in front of the mural. It's great fun seeing pictures of France along with your knits.
I know I sound like a parrot, but the cardi is wonderful, and the murals really cool. Thank you for sharing!
Damn, girl, you're out of control. It seems like you finish a project every week! I'm jealous.
Yet another fabulous Becky Cardi! The lace and the 3/4 sleeves are fabulous. I'm very interested in the lucet - any chance of a little on line demonstration/tutorial?
Beau*ti¨*full cardi, dear Becky. Will come back to you later about the meeting in Paris. Of course, I'll be in! ;-)
LOVE IT! the cardi, the mural the blog everything I just love this site you inspire me so much. I joined the Audrey-a-long because of your finished Audrey and now I'm totally in love with that Cardi...I just don't know how you do it.
those mural pictures are priceless. the murals must be really cool in person. the cardi looks absolutely fabulous. the edging really finishes it. yay for the cardi dance!
love the cardi and fun pictures! looks like i have another project to add to my list... and a mural to visit on my next vacation!
Copper cardi is gorgeous! It's even more beautiful than the one on the model. You wear it well! That mural is ubercool! At first I thought only the top part of the stairs was the mural. I'm a bad finisher. I have pieces of my Salt Peanuts from IK Spring04 that needs to be blocked and seamed. It's just sitting in a pile unloved! Never seen a lucet before...but it sure makes a nice looking cord!
I love your cardigan, and the mural looks like so much fun!
Wow That's beautiful. You did a wonderful job.
did the lucet make your right thumb/forefinger sore? i think i was doing it funny - somehow irritating my thumb with the nail from my forefinger as i used it to slip the loop over or something... :) very cool neckline. i would like it on a v-neck pullover with full length sleeves, bigger armholes than the original pattern (yes i think you have mutated into having a french girl's body, the phildar armholes are always too teeny! i like some space there). can you draw up the alterations to the pattern for me? thanks! :) heee heeee......
Just perfect, as usual ! I just came accross 10 balls of Phil Ruban in black near Vénissieux... I just need to go back to the store to get the book. But I'm afraid my result wouldn't be as perfect as yours :(
Love the cardigan, it looks fabulous, very delicate and feminine! I laughed at myself trying to spot you in the mural. I got lost it in, and then discovered that my face was pressed against the screen trying to get a closer look! More coffee or less???
Ohh, I luurrrrvvvv it! It looks perfectly knit, and looks so smashing on you! Wonderful work!
Everything you knit is so wonderful! Very inspiring! I really love the leaves around the neckline and that color is fab. Love the mural shots too :)
Love the cardi!!! I have 6 skeins of Phil'ruban waiting for me and I think that I might just do this project! How many skeins did you use?
Gorgeous sweater - and it looks fantastic on you. What an amazing mural, too! Makes a super neat-o backdrop for fam pics.
pretty fab!
Yes, the Lucet is an amazing thing! Quicker than I-cord for sure. Love those murals and the cardi, magnificent!
Dang Becky! That sweater is absolutely magnificent. It looks perfect on you! And my favorite mural pic is your hubby and the cappy 'walking' up the stairs. You guys are adorable and photogenic! And that leaf edging...wowza! Excuse me while I go admire your pics again!!
Ooh, what a beautiful lucet! I haven't seen one in person. It looks very cool!
Love the color on you. Does it have a name? I love the neck detail too. Very elegant almost like a lily.
great photos...i love the cardi! and the color is one of my favorites, it looks great on you! what's next?!
first time posting :) i discovered your blog quite recently and have been enjoying it. you are a great knitter with a great sense of humor! you make me want to learn french so i can read phildar patterns!
You guys are too funny! I love those shots of the mural! The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of the sweater was "Holy Cow!" That is one gorgeous cardigan my dear.
Becky, is there an echo in here? I love that ribbon cardi - LOVE it. I forgot you were making it you sneaky knitter you. The leaf pattern is pretty without being too frilly. Great job! Thanks as always for the fun pics. They make my day! P.S. I'm sending some prize yarn for the bucket hat contest.
How clever you and your family are! Love the mural shots! What fun! Your cardi is spectacular! What a fabulous job! Can't wait to see what new project you have up your sleeves!
Yummy cardi treat! And it seems you're really un lapin, since French patterns fit you to a T. Just how fast do you knit? Could you get a speeding ticket? Are your little hands just a stitching blur?
That's an amazing mural - it took me a little while to find you! I love the cardi too - I love a good no button or zipper cardigan, and the leaf detailing is just fantastic (and the fabric looks great too!)
Another inspiring knit, Becky! I love the leaf design and cardi looks beautiful on you (as always!). Ooh la la, indeed :o) The mural is gorgeous! I wouldn't have realised it was a painting if you hadn't point it out. Ahhh... I've gotta make a trip to France again (and shop at Phildar too). The last I was there was during my uni years and I loved it :o)
I have Lucet remorse -- saw them at Maryland, was fascinated and failed to buy one. :( oh well, there's always Rheinback!
Fab cardi. Great color. The leaf edging reminds me of the Teva Durham Leaf Cravat. Love the mural photos.
I hope you are not sick of hearing this but... you are amazing. The ribbon cardi is outstanding. Outstanding fit, color,..etc...just amazing!!! When I grow up I want to be just like you. ;-)
Hi ! I love your new cardigan, The leaf edging is gorgerous. Fine ribbon yarn is very good for summer wear, light and airy. I have 3 projects on hand now, but you are tempting me to start another new project ! Eva
That sweater is great! It looks nicer than the one in the Phildar mag. Now I want one too... :)
luv the cardi!
The cardi is fabulous. And murals? I hope we stop in Lyon to see it :)
WOW, those murals are amazing, I totally didn't realize until reading your blog that it was a mural. You new cardi is cool also. Gorgeous knitting as ever.
You are truly my Goddess of Knitting. That sweater is beautiful and it looks so soft and "comfty" (as Emma would say). Absolutely LOVE the mural pix of you and the family. :) A good sense of humor keeps a family alive. ;)
Haute couture! Wow! That cardigan looks perfect on you! What a great autumn knit. I'm so impressed...yet again!
What great pictures - I LOVE the mural shots, and the sweater is fabulous - what an inspiration you are!
Absolutely stunning! I love everything about it - shape, color, all of it. Rock on with your skinny self!
Oh la laaaaa is RIGHT! How beautiful your ribbon cardi is! And the mural is way cool, too! Thanks for sharing with us!
gorgeous now I go to the Bon Marche to get teh Phildar été 2004, and hope that the yarn isnt discontinued... good thing I am back in Paris! Something has to distract me from knitting the Rowan Soul Tube top that I am having issues with :)
Becky, the cardi is marvellous! I'm starting a kami with some Phil Ruban (bought from you last year) and I have to admit that I totally agree with you. This yarn is just plain fun to knit. And the finished garnment! Wonderful! I think I'll head out to my LYS to buy every single Phil Ruban they have left to make a cardi with it too...
Becky, you are da bomb! That is a gorgeous sweater and I only wish I could knit half as fast and as well as you. I must say, I think it looks better on you and on your website than it does in the magazine. And I must say, I think your website is the best one out there on personal knitting - the pictures are top notch, the layout is fabulous, it really is just a professional site. Thanks a million for creating something so enjoyable!
Awhaw (my French sound :o) You are The Amazing Fluffa!!! Just beautiful!
Gosh I'm still working on finishing a second sweater and I've been knitting for three years at least. Oh well. The ribbon cardi is one of the prettiest sweaters I've seen! Bravo! Such lovely details!
Outstanding, as always.
Can't decide which I prefer - cardigan or mural ? They're both FAB !
I love the color. It is exquisite!
That is a lovely colour on you, and a beautiful pattern.
Gorgeous sweater! Great work, and amazing presentation (as always). I love the mural shots, they reminded me of my vacation last year to Quebec (Quebec City Mural -
The sweater looks great Becky! Great color... I love the neckline too.
The detail on the neckline is absolutly gorgeous. You should be waaaaaaaaay proud of that. Bravo!
Wow...thank you so much for the kind words! Reading them all is very motivating :-) Re the murals (or fresque): They are all over the city, on several buildings. This particular mural - called "Le Mur des Canuts" - is by a group of French artists who have done this type of work in cities all over the world. (There is even more to the mural that I failed to photograph; I must remember to take a better shot of the whole thing next time I pass by it.) Julia: Next time I use the lucet, I'll take pictures. And maybe I can get Claudia to give us a demonstration...? Caroline: You need 7 skeins. P.S. to Ms Nikki: I just knew you'd enjoy those mural shots :-)
Whew! Finally reached the bottom of the page. Adding my accolades to the ribbon cardi! I see why Phil Ruban is your fave. Great work! One question, does the lucet make a braid or a tube? With so many comments I may have missed reading about it. What did the pattern recommend? Would I-cord worked as well? I just did four 4-stitch I-cords for a belt using Berroco's Suede and boy was it ever tedious!
Wow that cardi is great! Great job on the leaf eding it is so sweet.
Whoo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Your blog makes me SO happy.
Tres chic, Madame. Thanks for the fun pictures.
You know Becky, we have alot of the same taste in knits, at least I love all of yours. I know we are both petite. I've been trying to find the pattern for that fabulous ribbon cardi you just finished, but it only comes in French. Do you know if they make an English version? I would LOVE to make that. I love the fit. Do I say love alot? Oh my, Dear me!!!
That cardi is lovely! I have project envy!
about Lucet's I run a search on google...lot's of info. Here are two useful places:
Another perfect and very pretty sweater, I just love the leaf detail around the neckline.
Oh la la! That cardi is very beautiful! May I ask what pattern it is from? I have yet to make myself a sweater and that is something I would love to make and wear.

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