August 02, 2006

Yesterday I finished my bustier top!

Today I did the finishing touches on it, like hemming. [Look, Ma! No procrastination!] All I have to do is press. Rock. Here's a Bustier in Progress Table Shot:

I deserve a gold star for not procrastinating on the hemming.
Okay, I admit: I had to finish it so I could change the thread on my serger.
But STILL :-)

I'm really happy with how it came out. It fits perfectly and looks just like my initial sketch. Process from design idea to pattern construction to assembly was successful. I'll show a photo of myself wearing it, probably when I show a finished Crinkle. Or maybe before if the weather heats up again and I get all slow-pokey on knitting Crinkle. And speaking of which, here's a Sleeve Hanging Outside Window Shot of Crinkle:

Somewhere out there are a few neighbors who are probably wondering
why I'm waving a lacy black kerchief hanging on a bamboo stick at 'em.
I should have shouted, "VIVA KNITTERS!" while doing it, no?

Weather report: As you can see, the weather is still nice and cool and kinda cloudy. Some might say it borders on the crappy. I, however, love this kind of summer weather and hope it continues just a while longer.

I never knit during the day. I knit only in the evening or late at night, and sometimes the black lace gets monotonous so I rarely work more than a few of centimeters. Once I finish this sleeve I may cast on for a new knitting project so I'll have something to break up the monotony. I still have the sleeves of the Captain's Linen Jacket to knit, and I don't want to feel like I'm stuck on Sleeve Island. Sometimes a little startitis makes me more productive.

What now? My Anthro knock-off top. But before I start that, I am going to spend this afternoon sewing a set of pajamas for Monsieur Le Hubby. He's going into the hospital tomorrow afternoon for some minor surgery (really, it's not major and he'll be walking out of there better than ever in two days), and he asked me to sew him some pajamas [awwwwwwwwww!] to wear in hospital. His only request is that they be "summery" and in a "bright" print. Oui, oui, Monsieur! I picked up this orange Hawaiian inspired print and it's definitely "bright", "summery", and a whole lot of flashy. That print should brighten up those hospital walls, no doubt. There's no time to make a pattern or shop around for one: I'm using the Simplicity 6931 pattern I used last year when I started sewing. (Remember when I made these pajamas?) I just got the fabric, cut the pattern out and am now on the clock to sew it all up by tonight so I can wash it and pack it in his bag. Ready, set, GO!

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Ooh la la, love the fancy jammies for hubby. That is about the sweetest thing ever!
Wow you have come a long way in a year. I am struggling through sewing my first bag/purse thingy and keep thinking to myself,"I should have just knit it!" Good luck to your husband, I'm sure the new pj's will help the healing process.
How nice that Monsieur Le Hubby requested Rabbit-made jammies!
OMG - Captain Destructo is adorable! Don't you just want to squeeze him! I love the shorter pj legs too, that's perfect for summer. Hope everything goes well!
Best wishes for the minor surgery. He will be the toast of the hospital in that ensemble!
Are you telling me you've only been sewing a year???!!! That's awesome, and perhaps gives me hope since I am the proud owner of my grandmother's Bernina but have only sewed a few things in my life - with assistance, no less. Please do show a finished set of PJ's and best of luck to the hubby!
I have been sewing for only a year, but I'm studying for a fashion degree - a dual degree in both pattern drafting and fashion design/illustration - full time. Sewing is not the focus but it is required as a tool so that we can move our design ideas from a drawing on paper to a prototype. A lot of people (like me) start out with little or no sewing experience at all, but having to turn a sketch of a garment into the real thing within a short amount of time does wonders for the sewing ability, lemme tell ya!
I think hubby wearing those pjs in the hospital will have the staff referring to him as the guy in the "fancy pants" mixing him up with anyone else. A good strategy in a hospital, methinks. Cute fabric for those jammers, happy sewing and get well soon to the mister.
Fancy pants...hee hee! I love it.
Best wishes for the surgery. Those pants will definitely cheer the hospital up! Um, I'm thinking maybe I need a serger now...
Cowabunga! Those pj's will look fabbo!
Those pjs are going to be so chic! You will have to watch you don't start getting orders from the hospital for cool hospital pants. Best wishes to your hubby on a speedy recovery!
I know I would fall asleep knitting those endless YO in black yarn. I can't wait to see your bustier. I love the fabric you picked out for the PJs. I LOVE PJs! The fabric is very happy and makes me want to go on my vacation to Hawaii NOW! Good luck to Monsieur on the surgery.
love the bright pajama fabric! good luck with the surgery and all, Monsieur Le Hubby!
Very best wishes to the Mr. I hope all goes well.
Best thoughts to M. Le Hubby. And to Crinkle! ;)
Best wishes for fast recovery! The pyjamas fabric is veeery bright and fresh.
EEK! Don't let my dh know that homemade pjs are a possibility. LOL I hope M. Le Hubby is back on his feet very soon.
I think bright, summery, rocking, homemade pjs would make me feel lots better, too. Hope it works! Speedily.
Aw! You're so good! Hemming AND you've got the pj pattern all cut and ready to sew? My boyfriend asked for a pair of pajamas... uh... a long time ago, and I haven't even finished the finishing on the top! I am appropriately shamed. And I'd give you a gold star for sure! But I don't think html works in these boxes.
Your husband might be just staying a couple of days in hospital, but the nurses and doctors are not likely to forget this patient very quickly with his "summer" pyjamas!!! What luxury to have tailor-made pyjamas!
I'm glad the surgery is nothing serious and I love the MLH is requesting pjs! He's so funny, bright and summery! What fun. I'm glad the weather has been cooler so our favorite skinny rabbit can knit, knit, knit! I find that I need to do something other than all sleeves, all the time, because that gets very boring real quick.
hope your husband has a speedy recovery! those wonderful pjs will help do the trick :) Waiting with anticipation to see the bustier top!
Becky, I am enjoying your passion for design and sewing so much! (I want my workroom back - it's full of furniture til the reno is complete). Best of luck to the hubby and those PJ's are going to be stylin' - watch out for the nurses! ;->
Sending good procedure and recovery vibes to the hubby!
Best wishes to M. Le Hubby! Bright Summery Prints will definitely cheer up the hospital room!
Ha! Your jimjam story reminds me of the birth of Grumbles. Glenn got to stay the whole seven nights with me, but of course we hadn't packed him a bag, so he wore the pjs that I'd made for myself which were (1) pink and yellow stripes and (2) dark blue with light blue stars. Rather dashing, I thought! Apparently at the nurses' handover meeting each morning, the incoming day shift would ask the night shift which pjs Glenn had been sporting that night - classic! Hope all goes well for Monsieur Lapin et viva knitters!
You've been sewing up a storm!! And those will be some mightily swanky jimjams!
Jimjams: I love that word! Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. I finished the jimjams (love it) yesterday. Woo hoo!
sending happy, healy thoughts and a hug for today; hubby will be stylin for sure!
you take such good care of your men! hope all goes well!
I hope hubby recovers well. Home made jammies are the bestest for recovering. They ar useful AND cover you in love. How good is that?!
hope that all goes well during hubbies stay at the hospital. and v. nice that he gets new hand made summer jammies. i have not been feeling v. well either and would like some too!! (yes, i really am sick. i have a doctor's note and everything!!) reading all your sewing entries makes me want to go to fashion school too!! and, with FIT so close to my home, i think of you every time i pass it and wish that pre-darling daughter that i followed through on my desires to take some courses there.
Well, no fear of losing M. Le Hubby in those jammies! Very bright and summery!
Who wouldn't want to wear such fabulous jammies? Can't wait to see the top!!
I'm hoping dear hubby is well...and that all the folks at the hospital got a kick out of his Jimjams :o) Not too many people think to dress up when they go to the hospital....that is too cute! You are a sweet wife!

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