August 01, 2005

I'm back from vacation! And guess what?

....I had enough yarn to finish a Fiery Bolero! (The yarn gods must like me.)

This is the stand still like a mannequin shot.
[What's that? A wacky dancing while on vacation shot? Oh, alright.]
BONUS: I made the petite sundress, too. Oh, how CRAFTY!

Fiery Bolero details: Fiery Bolero from Interweave Knits Summer 2005. I used 5 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cathay for the size small, and barely had enough. I made no changes to the pattern other than adding a couple of extra rows to the body of the bolero for length, working three rows less on the ribbing of all edgings, and wrapping the stitches when working the short rows on the edging in order to avoid the "eyelets". [Footnote: Best instructions I've seen to date re wrapping stitches for short rows: Vogue Knitting's Ultimate Knitting Book.]

Petite sundress details: Simplicity pattern 4994, size 6-8 (I cut the pattern so that it would be between those sizes). I purchased the fabric at La Maison des Tissus and all notions at La Mercerie. Both are in La Croix Rousse, which is a walk from my home which makes me sooooooooo happy.

(Here's an action shot of the dress looking over the Loire Valley.)

And speaking of my vacation, I had a fabulous time. In summary: I traveled down the Loire River in a traditional boat called a futreau, strolled through fog in an international garden festival at Chaumont, watched July 14th fireworks from a terrace overlooking the river, visited where Leonardo da Vinci spent his last days, looked at over 300 portraits of illustres in a castle gallery, watched some jousting at a dungeon, got my hand kissed [!] by a stunt horseman wearing a knight costume, and then traveled up north outside of Paris for a surprise party for my dear friend Laetitia (with whom, incidentally, we stayed for a few days and had the best time ever). And when I wasn't doing all that, I was knitting, bay-bee! Mostly in the car or early in the morning while sunning myself on the terrace of the apartment. No sassy photos for you of the sunbathing but I do have, of course, a customary slideshow of the car knitting**. (You knew I would, right? I always do.) Click to see all the snapshots:

**Rules of my car knitting snapshots are as follows: All snapshots must be taken while knitting, or with knitting on one's lap, IN THE CAR. Further, the car must be in motion, temporarily stopped at a traffic light, intersection, in traffic or similar with engine always running. In no event may the car be parked, halted for more than 30 seconds or deliberately stopped for purposes of taking a photo. The seatbelt must remain on at all times, but the hand may be carefully stuck out of the window in order to obtain a good shot provided it doesn't cause any traffic accidents and even though it makes one look like a wacky camera-happy tourist.

P.S. Speaking of good friends, I had some WONDERFUL things waiting for me in my mailbox when I got back from my trip. My pal Bonne Marie sent me a surprise mega package filled with lovely gifts: some VERY haute yarn, a book of her prints taken in Paris, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, a slinky black long-sleeved shrug [!] (how she knew I wanted one, I'll never know) and some fab knitting mags. But that's not all: My pal Silvia has been doing some pattern shopping for me, BIG time. We're talking major pattern enabling...check out all the great sewing patterns she sent me! Woo hoo! What a welcome back, eh? I know I'm gonna sound mushy, but I don't care. I am so thankful for all the good friends I have, and for their sincere thoughtfulness and everything they do for me. They've all got star status around here. THANK YOU!

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Holy poop. That's one sexy dress. You make me want to go shopping. I'm so happy to get my fluffa fix. Ahhhh.
Welcome back from vacation, your entries have been missed! Wonderful knittings you are working on, looking forward to see the finished baby knits.
Welcome back Becky!! You were missed! Thanks for sharing your vacation snaps and you knitting AND sewing prowess!!
Welcome back! Becky in your second slide show, the Micky Mouse balloon (?) caught me off guard, lol! I was scrolling through, expecting a pic of the Captain, when my eyes nearly popped out of my head when Mickey's head came up, LOL! I love the colors of the baby sweater, very nice.
Oh yeah, go check out previews of the new Rowan Magazine. ;)
It's nice to hear from you ! You really look great in that outfit. I already made a couple of skirts and I was looking for a dress pattern to wear with Glampyre's One Skein Wonder (current WIP). I really need to visit La Maison des Tissus .... If you're in town next week, I'll be glad to invite you (and Captain Destructo, of course) to eat ice creams place Sathonay.
Yay! Becky's back! And all the sacrifices people made to yarn gods all over the world paid off...the bolero is adorable. But personally, I can't wait to see the outfit pour la bebe. Your pictures are gorgeous. I think my family and I will be visiting Paris next summer. Your pictures make me want to stay longer and travel more...
sounds like a FUN vacation! sundress and bolero look fabulous!
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, you're back!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation, but I think I speak for many in blogland when I say: "GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!"
Yaaaa! Your back! The dress and bolero are so very very cute. Looks like you did a good amount of knitting on your trip. Can't wait to see those baby sweaters.
I bet you were the belle of the vacation. You look smashing in your hand fashioned outfit. Chanel, watch out!
The dress and bolero are adorable, take a gold star! I'm glad you had a good vacation, but I'm gladder that you're back :)
Woo hoo! [Puts gold star on forehead.] Thanks so much for the warm welcome. It's good to be back. P.S. It looks like the outfit for the bebe is going to be my next finished project!
A dress and a bolero! va-va-voom! Nice work! Looks like you had fun in the sun! I'll be taking my own vacation soon, but I'll have a knitting pic up before I go....
Fluffie is back!! Yeahh!! We missed you, welcome back and I love the dress and bolero!!
Glad you had a wonderful vacation. I love the dress, and the bolero came out wonderfully!
Doesn't it feel good to have made everything you're wearing? Especially when it looks couture and not homemade!
So glad to see you back, Becky! :) and with such a stunning wardrobe! :) Love the bolero/dress combo. You are one crafty girl. I love the fabric on the dress. Have a good one~
There she is! I totally missed reading you :). Both the dress and the fiery bolero look great! Your trip sounds absolutely lovely.
I so enjoyed the slideshow. The whining did start (i wanna go to france...) but I've stopped myself. The fields of sunflowers are totally awesome.
I'm glad you had a nice vacation, and even more glad that you're back! I got one step closer to using my sewing machine again... I dusted the poor girl off. I always hit Joann's Fabrics here for patterns. Every few months, they have huge sales where all patterns will be $.99. I usually scope out the websites for Simplicity, Vogue and Butterick (they're usually the ones on sale) so I can walk in armed and ready. If you ever want in on the action, I'd be more than happy to send some patterns your way (a girl can never have too many patterns, after all).
What a great matching outfit! Glad you had a good time on your vacation.
That's such a pretty dress and the bolero looks perfect over it! Beautiful as always, Becky!
Welcome back! I missed you! Both Bolero and dress are tres fantastique!
I hope you enjoy your bolero as much as I have been enjoying mine! Welcome home. Now I can send you your package!
Beautiful dress and bolero. I have a question about your dress, as it seems like you are pretty crafty. I am making my first dress from a commercial pattern, and I am different sizes on top and bottom. I cut a size 8 on top and a 12 on the bottom (though I think I could have used the 10 on the bottom but was scared to cut the fabric too small). This is possible, right? Do I just have to make sure the seams line up with the different size tops and bottoms? Or should I really be making a total size 12 and altering down to top 2 sizes? Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks much!
Welcome back, Becky! What a cute-cute-CUTE dress and bolero. I'm envious of your crafty skills and your fantastic vacation!
lovely trip .your bolero is very nice ;-)but your summer dress too!
Yippie! Your back. Glad you had a nice trip. Love the fiery bolero, it looks super cool with that new sundress.
lovely trip .your bolero is very nice ;-)but your summer dress too!
Wow ... the sunflower field is awesome! I like taking pictues in car ride too ... no knitting allowed in the front seat, that's the rule in my household! :( My MIL lives in Auxerre and she said they had the weirdest weather so far ... big big thunderstorm, mile-high hails, tornados ... you name it! It seems you had all the good weather pictured.;) Welcome back.
The bolero and sun dress look awesome together! You're oh so chic! The pictures of vacation and car knitting are wonderful. Looks like it was a fun vacation - did you end up at EuroDisney? Welcome back!
I am SO glad you are back. YAY!
What a fab vacation! And those knits....! The sundress is most impressive; is there anything you can't do?? Glad you're back! Can't wait to see the finished baby ensemble!
Welcome back from vacation. Your trip sounded great and I loved the slideshows. I love seeing pictures of France, the pics were just gorgeous. The Fiery Bolero looks really great and I'm impressed with your sewing skills. Love the sundress too.
Yay! Welcome back! Your many projects are beautiful and I can't wait to see them completed. I have to tell you, my husband has been begging for a sweater for months. We went through absolutely every man's sweater pattern there is and nothing would do UNTIL he saw the Manly Sweater you made last fall. It was the only thing that would do! One sleeve to go...thanks for the fabulous inspiration!
Message from a lurker... I read your blog regularly and missed my fix while you were away so felt I should come out of the closet (so I could fit some more yarn inside it!) and say "hello" and "welcome back". Your entry made me long for France - having been over in June when the sun was really hot and it's raining here in the UK!
That is one cute sundress! Man, it seems like everything you do is perfect, even as a beginner.
Welcome back, Becky! I'm glad there was enough to finish the bolero. The sundress really looks lovely on you. What magnificent sewing skills! :)
Another lurker here. I, too, missed your blog, but always love "traveling" in France with you. The sundress and bolero make a handsome outfit. Is it precedent setting - will every sweater now be part of an outfit? I hope so.
Welcome back! Now rest, put up your feet and get back to your happy home place. Okay?!? Now turn off the AC, and fire up that sweat shop. If that sundress and sexy bolero are anything to go by, your hubby really won't mind.
Welcome Back! Those two are positively gorgeous! I love the dress on you and what a fab set together. Petite…go on make as green with envy =) You don't know Laetitia Casta by chance…I think she's totally gorgeous. I could really use a bolero like that. Do you think it would work over a halter top? The office is too damn [pardon] cold for the cute summer outfits.
Heeeey, well back Becky! Looks like a fabby trip with lots of cool knitting! LOVE the bolero by the way....
Huzzah, you're back! And it looks like it was a wonderful trip. Beautiful pictures, knits, and sewing, as usual! Love those sunflower fields - I was admiring them watching the coverage of the Tour all last month.
What a beautiful dress! Your new knits look gorgeous... I am so jealous of all the wonderful things you did on your vacation! I need to get over to Europe this fall for some fun :)
The bolero looks great, and I loved the slide show!
Ah! THe Bolero is gorgeous!! I'm working on the same pattern but in wool-your pics make me want to hurry up and finish it! Kudos on the sundress too- Crafty girl!
I stumbled across your blog about a month ago and have really been enjoying it.. Your photos & writing style are lots of fun. Congrats on the completion of the cute sundress and bolero. Can hardly wait to see pictures of the baby sweater.
you look fantastic in the bolero & sundress. So glad someone knows how to use these bolero-style jackets! welcome back and I envy your trip down the Loire -- must have been wonderful.
Hi. Just wanted to say I love the fiery bolero and the sundress. I have been attempting to start sewing but have only managed to resurrect the sewing machine from its case! That dress is inspiring me to do lots of sewing
GORGEOUS! both bolero and dress are absolutely adorable! so professional looking, Becky. I'm inspired. Glad you had such a good time on vacation, too... finished my first tote and am determined to get that skirt done. and maybe give an apron a try -- that "tie one on" thing over at angry chicken is just so cute. Welcome back!!! Big hugs.
Yeah! I have been internet-less here at Cape dela Cod, but only missed a few entries! That little fluufy baby jacket is so fab! and it looks like it wil have minimal finishing--my favorite kid of pattern! Just a minute--I have to walk through the sunflower field--OK, I'm back, the sundress is tres chic, esp. with the bolero!
1) Thank God you're back. My hands were starting to shake. 2) Your intarsia is perfect. I think I hate you. ;-) 3) The dress and bolero are both so cute. Very fitting and flattering on you. That's it, you are making a set for me. My dimensions are in the mail. 4) Look how big the cap'n has gotten!
Dress and bolero looking perfect! It's a great thing making matching sewing and knitting projects. And I'm so happy about all the sewing going on around the knitblogging community right now. Keep it up!! Helene from Norway :)
Coucou ma belle! Je suis de retour: travaux finis hier soir! Youpee! Tu es magnifique dans ta petite robe, la coupe et le tissu sont fabuleux!
so good to have you back, Becky! I am totally enamoured of that dress. And how cute does it look with the FB??? Mr. Fluffa is one lucky man. :)
Yay, Becky is back! The bolero is marvelous -- here's a Woot! Woot! for enough yarn. And that dress ... It looks great, and my jaw dropped when I read that you made it. I'm so impressed with your skills!! Welcome back! we missed ya!
Becky; You are one talented gal. I suspect you will be an expert at sewing very soon. That has always been my dream to be able to sew something, knit something and then wear the items together. I'm still at the dreaming stage. Soon...I think. :) I may be getting rid of some of my old Vogue, McCall, Butterick, Burda patterns. They are in the 6-8-10 sizes. My girlfriends are different sizes than that so they won't really have a home. Let me know if you might be interested. I will be purging in the near future. Leah
Welcome back! And the Bolero and Sundress are too adorable!
Sounds like a wonderful trip! And the bolero and dress are beautiful and go so well together. Oh, I did want to say that your Learn and Tips section have been so helpful. I, too, have taught myself to knit. Well, I'm still in the process, but I am really enjoying this Debbie Bliss baby cardigan I am making. You give me hope that the self-taught can turn out some fabulous things. Take care!
Yay! You were missed! Looks like you had a wonderful time & got lots of knitting done! Welcome back!
Good grief, you're talented! That looks awesome. are a sewing & knitting. You did a fabulous job on the sundress! I love the Bolero. You look mighty fine in your handmade outfit! ;-)
I heart the rules of engagement for the car photos.... And you look fab, as always!
I love that boleroey shrug thingie. And your seamstressing is adorable. Just back from a marathon of rural living and am in the process of re-entering the land of BIG BANDWIDTH. Ahhh, land, spreadin' out so far and wide . . .
Sounds like a glorious trip! I'm glad you're back safe.
your bolero looks lovely! just back from a holiday in france where i got to wear my new very similar black cathay bolero, but the pattern was a debbie bliss one, not the interweave one. i think bolero cardigans might just be the best thing since sliced bread, and yours is certainly lovely! becks
Wow! You are one awesome knitter, blogger, supermodel, photographer, writer AND you get to look over the Loire Valley. The gods are definitely smiling on you and we get to enjoy it all through your blog. Love the sewing and that sexy bolero.
you're unstoppable with any needle (knitting or sewing) and the vacation pics are fabulous! thanks for that wonderful pseudo visit via you wonderful pics! just love them!

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