August 01, 2003

Rolling, rolling, rolling.

Today while browsing around the Croix Rousse (the old silk district in the city) I spied this in a cosmetics boutique display window: Le Petit Prince eau de toilette! Only in Lyon, people. I so love living here.

Look, Ma! No stair steps!

Knitting: Why, yes! I am. I haven't seamed the Calmer Soul tank yet because 1) I've started sewing the swatches for my swatchy project together (boy oh boy could I just die from the tediousness of it) and 2) I won't be able to have pictures taken of myself - headless or otherwise - wearing the Calmer tank until I get back from my trip anyway. So procrastination is justified.

But what I have been doing is finishing knitting both front pieces of my son's zippered vest. The photo above shows the rounded neckline of one of the pieces; that's where the hood will be sewn on. The right edge is the free edge where the zipper will be sewn in, and I did a double garter selvedge there because those little bumps garter selvedges create are just neat-o. (I would have done a row of crochet slip stitches but the hem of the vest is done in white, and I would have had to join yarn while crocheting. No merci! I love the garter selvedges, though.) Now all I need to do is knit the hood and then pack for my trip. Woot!

P.S. I think I know what I'm taking as my knitting trip project, by the way. I just picked up the yarn for it, and you won't believe it when I show it to you :-)

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oh my god - what a tease. SHOW US!!!!! :)
so, it is, like, knit-blog protocol to take a headless pic when you finish an object? I like my face! I'm vain! the vest is lookin' fab! and i wish i could help with the swatchy project....sewing so much mkes me s-l-e-e-p-y.
Carolyn: Soon, my pretty, soon ;-) Carrie, the protocol chez skinny rabbit is that knitting pics shall always be headless while such knitting pics continue to be taken when skinny rabbit has just-woke-up-looking-like-hell-in-the-morning bedhead at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday/Sunday, which is when Mr. Skinny Rabbit takes pictures because the light is best. As I'd rather we look at my knitting instead of how I look like I've been run over by a truck in the morning, headless shots shall always be the norm. I'm, like, more vain than you ;-)
am I the only one who is thinking that le petit prince eau de toilette would probably have a really scary odor to it? (and just to stick with the whole knit blog theme, today Ma Ingalls talked about her knitting. I was excited. And Wednesday I watched Idle Hands, and the kid was knitting so he wouldn't kill any more people. I was excited about that too. I need help)
Kim! Hellooooo...this is LE PETIT PRINCE, not Eddie Munster. Of course it wouldn't have a scary odor. Yikes. Talk about comments from left field! It's like your modus operandi. (Get help already. I beg you ;-))
hey, le petit prince was from another planet and stuff. it would probably smell like all dusty and damp or something! (don't worry, we're building the rubber room)
Kim, don't insult Le Petit Prince 'round here. And I ain't kidding! (No more comments from left field, please. Go knit. Or something :-))
I love Le Petit Prince! My special souvenir from Paris was a beautiful hardcover of that book. I'm curious how the fragrance would be, too. For children, I suppose. Floral. Did you test it?
Ah...someone who has a copy of the book and appreciates it, too! Le Petit Prince is big in Lyon because Antoine de Saint-Exupery (an aviator who wrote and illustrated Le Petit Prince during World War II) was from Lyon. I have the hardcover book and a few small board books for the kid, and the kid has a special handcrafted Le Petit Prince mirror an artist friend made for him as a gift when he was born. (Can you tell we're fans? :-)) I didn't test the fragrance because I didn't go in the shop that day but I am a customer there. When I get back from my trip I'll go and see if they have samples, and if they do I'll send you some. How's that?

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