April 29, 2006

Look who's FINALLY getting her time in the spotlight.

Well, it's about time, lady. Sheesh.

I've blocked all the pieces of my Holey Sweater and I've FINALLY commenced seaming. I know what you're thinking, 'cause I'm thinking it, too: "It's about flipping time. Get this darn knit finished, already."

Now I gotta nag myself into knitting the miles-long neckband in 2x2 ribbing and then sew it on. YAWN. Someone send over a little gnome, with a cute name like "Ribby" or "Seamy", to do it for me. Please? Thank you. Much obliged.

In the meantime, I comfort myself with fabric stashing. Mainly lightweight cottons so I can do some sewing during this summer. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be sewing yet and I probably won't be using all the fabric I get, but I do want to sew at least one skirt using a pattern I'll construct and draft myself. And do you think I got enough brown in there? I don't think there's enough brown. I mean, I really think I need more brown, because it seems that I haven't purchased enough fabric in brown*.

I must have been craving chocolate when I went fabric shopping.

*Yes, I know there's more than enough brown for me to decorate a chocolate shop. [Mmm....chocolate.] Clearly, I think that I just don't have enough brown in my wardrobe. Brown is my new black this season. (Still, this isn't the last of my fabric stashing at The Fabric Stores. Other colors will be honored during future expeditions.)

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Oh Fluffa, don't know if you are rubbing off on me this past week but I can't seem to finish my sweater. I am sewing in between a few rows of knitting. It's not helping. I'd rather be sewing right now! I will join you in a chocolate bar and we can sit down and talk about this. LoL xoxo
Awww, I love the brown!! Just bought myself a dress last night- blue and brown print!!! I agree brown is the new black, it is better than black I think!!! Sorry no gnome to send over...I wish I had one myself....
I think you need a house elf. Mmm, love all those chocolate browns.
Nag, nag, nag... ;-) Can't wait to see the Holey Sweater, but also love to see your fabric creations! Maybe the neckband will be less painful if you reward yourself with chocolate?!
Brown goes with almost everything. You can't go wrong with brown. My favorite color combination of the moment is brown and blue. Lovely.
The Holey sweater is going to look just fabulous--I'm looking forward to seeing it, too! And brown? What's wrong with brown? Chocolate brown is one of my favorite colors--even my dog is chocolate brown!
Yes, but don't forget about the brown! Yay, for Holey Sweater! I'm really looking forward to seeing this knit finished up!
I can't wait to see how Holey Sweater turns out. I'm still so in love with that stitch pattern.
You do need a gnome (Seamus McRibbington, perhaps) or a ladies maid. A ladies maid would be cool because you could get her to do some housework too, but then she would probably take up more room than the gnome. And I wonder who would eat more- gnome or ladies maid? Hmmm- decisions decisions... Mmmmmmmmmm chocolate.
I love the flower pattern on the lower right! An A-line skirt in that would be sooo cute! Sewing is definitely not my thing. My mom is a terrific sewer and a horrible teacher! She basically takes over whenever I ask her to show me how to sew something. Knitting gnomes! I never thought of those...how cute those must be! I would rejoice over a seaming gnome.
Are you having a long weekend in France too? We have Monday off = lot of knitting time! For Holey I hope you have it too. And nice fabrics.
We didn't think anything of the sort! We all know what it is to be distracted by work ... or the occasional frog. Looking forward to seeing this holey sweater finished though.
Mmmm fabric stashing is fun... I'm planning to start quilting soon which excuses buying lots of little bits. Also, I started Monsieur Cat (not sure why she doesn't just go ahead and call him Monsieur le Chat is beyond me) finally, inspired by the Captain's frog. :)
Yummy brown! Chocolate cravings aside, brown is a very hot color so you're right on target. I saw alot of brown with light green and turquoise together at market this past fall, so that should be in the stores soon.
Can you send Seamy my way when you no longer need his services? I have a tiny baby sweater that I just cannot find the time, energy, or will to seam.
hey! that fabric looks really similar to the photo you commented on today! How interesting! i do love the browns. looks like we'll be seeing a complete holey sweater soon! Cyndy's right, a house elf would be really helpful right about now. Oh, and a cabana boy for the drinks.
I've just finished a chocolate brown cardigan - brown is good ! Of course, now I realise that what I need is a chocolate brown flower print skirt to go with it ...... that fabric bottom right of your photo would be just about perfect ! :0)
just a quick question - how many balls of quietude did you end up using? I purchased 15 way back when to start this project, and I've put it off for months (along with the KAL I started on this sweater...oops!) Yours is looking nice - can't wait to see it all sewn up!
That's funny you should mention brown... I was just noticing how I'm gravitating toward that color myself lately. Especially when paired with a nice pastel. Reminds me that I have the pattern for Gigi, which would look fabulous in brown with pastel accents, don't you think?
I love brown! I keep buying brown clothing, but knitting-wise I'm still in a green phase. And my bedding is currently green AND brown... fancy that! :-)
Listen, it's only my opinion, but I think you need more BROWN. Wasn't Seamy one of the seven dwarves? ;-)
Loving chocolate brown also. Actually loving anything chocolate! Mia
brown is so very. although I have been craving bluebell blue, and spring green lately...mmmmm!
One can't have too much brown or any variation of the color. Just bought myself a "beigie" sort of brown Alpaca this weekend and can't wait to use it. Though I must admit I do love a good rich forrest green. I can't wait to see the Holey sweater finished ... BTW the brown print fabric is wonderful.
I love brown too so I don't think you can have too much of it. Fabric or chocolate... Can't wait to see Holey!
Oh yeah, seaming in my book sucks. Break out a strong drink and let the torture begin :) Tanya
Its catching. Sil is on my case to overdye a bunch of her reject-colored yarn...yup...chocolate brown!
i just saw a gnome yesterday - down the road at "those people's" house. the ones who transform their semicircular driveway into a 20' inflatable holiday character gallery with lights everywhere within 2 months of any old holiday. i would go and try to swipe it for you, i really would. it's just that last year my parents decided to drive through their festive "display" (they even have "in" and "out" signs welcoming you to enjoy the tackery) and the man of the house was standing butt-naked on the porch waving at them... so i'm a little put off. it's not like he's a looker or anything. btw... chocolate IS. it sooooo is IT! gorgeous fabrics!
My 7 year old daughter and I LOVE Mr Froggy - such a character.
Lovin' all that brown fabric! I don't know if you had enough brown or not lately?! :-) Good for you for working on that Holey sweater, but it will be gorgeous when finished, if you can hang out that long. I'll be happy to be the seaming and finishing elf for you if you fly me out! ;-)
love the fabrics. I am not a sewy person, but a nice skirt or weekender bag (my recent sewing obsession for the non sewer...) would be divine out of any of the patterns you have there. great taste!

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