April 28, 2004

Retro bucket.

From the vintage "celebrity hat" files.
Cheryl Tiegs models a spring bucket in a 60s Sears Catalog.
[Click me for an expanded view.]

While shopping last Saturday I noticed bucket hats (called "bobs" over here) in many a shop window display. Now that I think about it, I see them in shop window displays nearly every year. Clearly, bucket hats will never go out of style. (Something for which I'm grateful, because it's the only style hat that looks good on my noggin.) Please note Cheryl Tiegs's flowered bucket - from Everyday Fashions of the Sixties as Pictured in Sears Catalogs - in the picture above. Cheryl, you are fabulous in that funky flowered bucket hat. I curtsy to you. And if anybody dares to attempt intarsia in order to recreate Cheryl's flowered bucket in a knit hat, I will curtsy to YOU*.

Knitalong news: We've got some finished bucket hats and fun photos by knitalongers! Jenn knit a Bottom's Up using Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, Marlo models her blue hat, Cathy knit a Peaches 'n' Cream bucket, Christy models her hat knit in Manos Cotton Stria, Beth S. knit a mini bucket for her daughter, Lisa sports a two-tone bucket, Kathy knit a Bottom's Up bucket using two yarns, Linda W. models her purple bucket, Anne knit hers using Rabanne ribbon, Amy knit a blue bucket for her little boy, and Rhonda, who very cleverly knit her hat to resemble the ocean! I'm impressed. Looking very good, knitalongers!

Now, knitalongers, any updates or questions you want to share? Have you started/finished a bucket hat? If so, let us know and give us specs on yarns and details, if you like. And if you've already knit a hat I've mentioned, do you plan on knitting another? I'm knitting hats through summer so the more the merrier, I say!

*I don't expect anyone to take my intarsia dare seriously. But boy oh boy would that be a hat to see!

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That's exactly what I need to get my butt back in gear to just-keep-knitting and get my hat cranked out. Thanks so much for putting the pictures up - I really REALLY like the beach hat and the color-changes hats - very inspiring.
I love seeing everyone's bucket pictures. And I'm particularly pleased that I'm not the only one who had to crop out a double chin. ;-) I've got yarn for at least two more spring/summer buckets, so I'll Bucket Along With Becky (TM) some more this spring/summer!
Wow! Cool buckets everyone. I'm starting mine tonight... no, really, I AM!
I think that intarsia hat would be awesome. I have two questions for everyone out there. Does anyone know of any camo coloured yarn? I know of an acrylic but I really don't want to use that. Also, I have Classic Elites Premier Cotton would that be to soft of a yarn for the bottoms up? Thanks in advance for your help.
Oh my gosh!!!!! Thanks a million trillion gazillion times over for the Tolkien link- for I am a crazed Tolkienite! Hannon le, melon Becky! And hey, intarsia bucket- I could do that. I could wear it, too. Hmmmm........ will hav to think 'bout it. :-)
Hi, I'm Donna Boucher and I am making 'The' bucket hat :o) I am using a yarn called Flash in Lapis. The hat is for my four year old daughter... It may be huge...and I have no idea how it will turn out....but the adventure has begun... Those of you who have knit this hat for children...what size did you make? Thanks...just love all the photots! Donna
I just love Captain Destructo in his cousin's buckette hat. He absolutely needs his own. Have fun y'all! I'll enjoy yours vicariously.
I finished pucket bat #2 and have a pic of me with it on in my blog. This time I showed my eyes :) I am starting a 3rd bucket today.
I'm on the crown shaping of my first hat - I put it down last night because I was just too tired to begin to deal with double-pointed needles (I'm a rookie in that area). It's coming along nicely, and I can't wait for it to be done! I'm definitely making at least one more - it's in a mauve cotton yarn for my best friend, for her birthday. She wears hats like this all winter, and now she'll have a summer one! Plus, she's absolutely amazed by my knitting and will loooove it, I know. I may make the brim a bit bigger, since I'm not sure I like it on mine. What would be the best way to do that? Cast on more stitches and do a few extra decrease rows? I've never really "adjusted" a pattern before, so I'm kind of nervous about that. Any words of advice from other experimenters?
My First bottom up bucket is complete and up on the site...I love this pattern and will be making many more. I do have to say that mine is a tad bit floppier than I'd like, so next time I'll FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS (oh sure...like THAT is gonna happen ;) and use a sturdier (read: not so SOFT) cotton. The ocean hat? OMG. Most Fabulous!
I have already finished mine, but I need to take it home for my mum to model it :) More details with the pics.
I finished my bucket! It just finished drying the other day (I had to block it, the brim was so wavy!), and I seamed it up. I decided to try knitting the brim flat and joining at the crown, as you pondered doing a couple of posts ago. I was having a devil of a time joining without creating a moebius (I never had this problem before, I don't know what's going on now), and the purling with two unforgiving strands of yarn was a pain (literally and otherwise). Results? I used variegated yarn, so the colors don't quite match up at the seam, and it doesnt quite look seamless, but I'm pleased with it nonetheless. Pictures coming soon! (Plus loads more buckets!)
Love those buckets!
What is it about you that you make me want to knit every project you post about? I've never even considered a knit hat for summer but now I want a pretty cotton bucket to wear. I might just have to make one when my cowl is done.
Wow, all the hats look great! The ocean hat is definitely clever...and makes me think I should get a little more creative with my next one :) Donna, I made the 20" bucket hat for my son, but he has a rather large head.
There are some very nice buckets out there! I want to be bucketing too - hurry up needles!
Those Bucket Hats are quite inspiring. Perhaps they will make we want to come into the light and make one too. (LOL)
okay! That means I've got to get knitting here! I bought both patterns a while back, but haven't done anything with them. You know what that means, don't you? A trip to my LYS to get the perfect, appropriate yarn. YAY!!!! (like I need an excuse to visit my LYS!) ;)
Cheryl Tiegs looks good in ANYTHING! Those buckets are looking great....so tempting to join in the knitalong. I love the look of bucket hats. Hm....maybe I'll join in the fun too...
That picture of Cheryl Tiegs is the BOMB! How hilarious, and glamorous. Oh to do an intarsia bucket... how you tempt us...
I'm already wanting to make another bucket!! My husband was laughing as I ranted some ideas - "crazy yarn lady..." heehee!!
The two little boys sporting a bucket hat are mine :-). I fished out some kitchen cotton type yarn from a stash I got from my grandmother (she can't knit any longer, so I got her needles and yarn - a great honor indeed) and figured it would make a nice warm weather hat. I had some Sugar & Cream in white laying around as well, so I did a strand of each on the brim, pale blue on the brim, and white for the crown. Doing the brim with two strands of firm cotton yarn was HARD - it's a lot easier using yarn with some degree of squishiness. I also deviated a little from the pattern, continuing the garter in the round right up to the edge of the brim. This knitted up so quickly, I made another for me in some denim colored blend I had hanging around. Next is another hat for the boys (MUST have one for each, naturally)....and then probably another since they're so fun to make up! Also, I knitted up the 18 inch bottoms up hat and it fits my 3 year old and 5 year old well.
Everyone's hats look so great!! I finished my first one last week, and the photo is up on my blog (link below). The first one is knit in Bernat Cotton Tots Jelly Belly, and is very fun! I'm halfway through my second -- this one is in Sugar'n'Cream Spring Swirl -- and will be making a third one as a going-away gift for a friend of mine. Pics of those two when they're finished!
OK, that does it...I've just looked at everyone's wonderful buckets and I have to make one too! I think I really need a project that I can finish fast to give me some sense of accomplishment! I have a couple of questions though... Which pattern is easier/faster the bottoms up or bucket-o-chic? And, can I use a cheap department store worsted acrylic from my afghan yarn stash? As long as I have the right size DPNs on hand I can start tonight!
I'm on the crown of my second attempt. My first was a dismal failure. I was using some Breeze that I've had for yonks but it was waaaay too stretchy (it's a cotton/wool/lycra blend). But it was beautiful to knit with so I might have to think of another Breeze project. I have all sorts of ideas for other hats - there's an intarsia pattern I'm itching to put on something. The sad thing is that I really don't have a stash to speak of (only fine yarns for miniatures/doll clothes) so I am going to have to buy some more yarn. Heartbreaking stuff! (LOL)
My bucket's still in the planning as I try to decide what the pattern means by needing to use a yarn with body. I'm trying really hard not to buy any yarn for this as I am so overstocked already - I MUST have something suitable in the stash. Probably Rowan Handknit DK I think ...
I started and made my way through about 2/3 of a bucket last night! I am concerned though that the brim won't bucket properly - I think I may have made the band too tight (I am working from the original pattern). Any suggestions? I have plenty of yarn to do over and/or make second hats.
I've finished! Photos on my blog.
I finally got past the brim in mine, and now it's easy sailing. I seriously didn't think my fingertips would make it this far. Owie brim. Hope to finish mine this weekend, but as I have a report to write, it might not get done.
I wanted to finish my current project first, but I may have to cast on for my bucket tonight! I have to decide which color to make it.
Thanks for the blog traffic, Becky. I got about 5 times the number of typical daily hits yesterday! I'll be wearing my Manos Stria bucket at MS&W this weekend so, anyone whose going on Saturday, look out for me!
Yea! I finished my bucket. I will put up pics tonight. I knit the garter bits flat and it was so much easier. Thanks for the suggestion.
Becky, you are too much! I have been thinking about doing an intarsia bucket for my 2yo daughter, to match the "Anouk" jumper from knitty.com that I just made her. Your challenge has given me the push I needed! I have finished on for myself in Noro Blossom and have one on the needles for my son in Brown Sheep cotton fleece. Will try to get pictures up this weekend.
I just finished my second bucket and it's done in Fantasy Naturale in pink variegated. I've added pictures of both of the hats I did for my daughter. At 2.5, she's got a big noggin and I think I ended up doing the crown around 19" to fit. Of the two yarns I used, I *much* preferred the Fantasy Naturale - better body on the hat, plus much easier to work with on the doubled brim. Amy likes wearing her hats, too, which amazes me...
Wow, great buckets and sears catalogs. Boy ,do I remember flipping through the pages of those.
Hat #1 is finished! I just need to block it before taking pictures. Any suggestions on how to block a hat? Also got some pretty yarn to start hat #2!
Hello. I post comments here once in awhile. My name (as it says below), is Gaile. I work in a yarn store, and finally decided to bite the bullet and bought the bottoms up bucket pattern to make hats for my girls. I'm going to pick up the yarn when I'm at work tomorrow (yarn at wholesale prices is HEAVEN). OH, and I had a dress and a hat like the ones being worn by Cheryl Tiegs in that Sears pic. Gives you an idea of how long I've been on the planet!