April 27, 2006

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Froggy!

Just chillin' on the bookshelf, dude. Ribbit.
[Please, ENLARGE this shot for a better look.]

Details, details: Hand knit toy frog from Phildar's Pitchoun Printemps 2006, using Phildar Tropic + Aviso for the body and Phildar Lambswool for the shorts. The suspenders and feet are felt pieces. The suspenders were sewn onto the shorts at the same time as the buttons, using regular sewing thread. The feet were glued on using non-toxic fabric glue, and I further secured them by embroidering the edges together using needlepoint thread [see closeup] I have in my stash. The red part of the mouth is a crochet chain of slip stitches, and the bulgy eyeballs are actually crochet BOBBLES I decided to make because I didn't like the way the eyeballs came out when knit flat as described in the pattern. Both the mouth and eyeballs were made using leftover cotton yarn from my stash, and it is at times like this that I am glad that I like to save all of my itty bitty leftovers. And that is the end of my blabby project details summary.

Now, what you really wanna know is how Mr. Froggy went over with my Captain Destructo, right? Check it:

Mr. Froggy and Captain Destructo are BFF!
P.S. Don't miss the slideshow of Frog's Day Out.

spring2006_frog_slideshow_thumb.jpgThe Captain and I had some things to do out in the city, and Mr. Froggy came along by hitching a free ride in the Captain's backpack. Shopping, walking, fast food junk eating, train-riding...the flashy-trousers wearing frog got a day out. Of course, I documented it all for you in a slideshow. Come on...you know I was gonna :-)

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I love those trousers! It's so nice to see the Rabbit family enjoying a weekend off.
That froggy is one rockin' dude! Rock on!!
Yeah, lovely frog. Lilja likes it too - she wants one just like it.
He's just about the cutest frog ever. Fitting for the super-cute Captain Destructo.
They are too cute, the Captain and Mr. Frog!
What a fab frog! I love it!
I'm a sucker for a frog in striped pants...he's adorable...but nuthin can hold a candle to the handsome Cap'n D. :)
That frog is too freaking cute. And Captain Destructo is as adorable as always!
Flashy trousers? Not too flashy for such a wonderful frog! The frog is lucky to have the Cap'n as his best friend!
Awwwww. Love the picture of the young gentleman with the three older gentlemen behind him. Great image.
oh my....this frog is too cute! i love his trousers and the slideshow of him and captain destructo. nice work!
Super cute! I love the post-fabric-store photo. :)
How utterly adorable Froggie is.
What a cute froggy! I love his outfit, too!
Ok, you win. That's the cutest frog ever. I love him. I love his outfit. I love his funny face. He's faboo.
Good god! Could your son BE any cuter? The frog is super cute, as well. As a giant frog fan, I have decided that what I need in my life is a knitted frog. Snazzy trousers optional.
OMG... Froggy is absolutely the cutest thing , but Cap'n. blows him away in cuteness!!! I wish my son was little again!!! They are so much fun!!!
I'm rather envious of Froggy.
I love it! What a neat frog. Ya done good Mom.
Mr Froggy is too cute for words!!!
hehe. I love the slideshow! I would do the same if I had made a snazzy little frog like that, but I'm not sure if any of my friends would pose with it in the city!
This frog tops off any of the plush handknitted toys out there!!! Captain is having such a great time with him. I really want one. You did this so freakin' quick too girlfriend. Love it!
Capt D is so cute! I love how he poses with Mr. Froggy.
Beyond cute, beyond adorable! How sweet!
Foggy is sooo cute and Captain D (so cute too!) looks very pleased with his new friend!
SO cute. Why is it when animals wear pants or shirts it's so amusing???
What a cute Mr. Froggy! Ok, I'll take one Mr. Froggy and of course, one Capt. Hi Captain! You're looking mighty fine . . . and taller!
Wow, is it me or is Captain Destructo looking quite tall and grown up these days? Maybe it is the jaunty baseball cap! How old is he? He'll be a heartbreaker one of these days, I think...
OMG- I love him!
That frog rocks the Kasbah! What an awesome toy!
It wouldn't have been a Fluffa post if there wasn't a slide show - and the Captain looks really happy! What a pal he is too, going around w. ya. I think Froggy will be around for awhile - he's adored by us all!
i adore him! and has snazzy trousers! and don't think we didn't notice that you have 'le petit prince' and 'frog and toad' on your bookshelf. my childhood (and adulthood) faves. my mom, a french teacher, has the vintage 'savon des gentils bebes' print in her salle de bain.
Mr. Froggy came out great!!! wewewewewewewesss (that part is a secret message from my cat- I assume that you will be able to decipher it with your kitty cat decoder ring or something) You made me laugh with the deux chevaux- I am reminded of my husband's french grandfather!
next you better teach Cpt Destructo the kermit song 'caribbean amphibian'... gorgeous little froggy ^_^
Ribbit ribbit! Froggy is adorable. The slideshow of froggy and Captain Destructo was fun. Seems like they both might have needed a nap :o)
He is sooooo frigging cute! I'm soo glad Captain Destructo and froggy are tight :) Next slideshow will be froggy sees the world :)
Soooo cute! Great job, as usual. I've been very into toy knitting lately - quick and such fun results. I'm not surprised the Capt. loves his new froggy.
Looks like Captain Destructo and Froggy had a very full day. Might there ever be a Mrs. Froggy for the future?
What a totally cute little froggy! I'm so happy Capt. Destructo was pleased! So cute!!
Thanks for the compliments about the Froggy and Captain Destructo! I like the idea of a Mrs. Froggy for the future, but I was also thinking that the Froggy reminds me of a sock monkey. Modify the pattern construction a bit, change colors and we've got a knit monkey! P.S. I promised Kelly that we'll take the Froggy with us on our next trip so I can have a "Froggy Sees the World" slideshow. Hee!
Frogman on the town! I love that Mr. Froggy has a cushy ride in the backpack. I think his overalls definitely make Froggy a snazzy frog!
Froggy is too cute! I bet he was fun to make too!
Absolutely ADORABLE! (your son and the frog)
Mr. Frog is too cute for words. Love those pants and the smile on the Capt's face. Have a great weekend! Tanya
Viva la frog!! He is too cute!!
Froggie's Excellent Adventure! Sure makes me want to put something wildly colorful on my knitting needles! LYS, here I come! (Yes, I know there are a lot of colors in the stash. Oodles of them in fact. What does that have to do with my plan?)
that's one snappy (and busy) froggy! (btw, i took your advice: swatched & contest - check it out!!!) bon weekend!
Oh my God, Becky, that frog is the cutest thing I've ever seen...except, perhaps, for the Captain, though I have to say Froggy's trousers are molto exciting, so that gives him a slight edge. And boy, do I identify with Froggy in the last picture! That's the kind of week I've had. So are you going to make Toad next...? You could do him in a olive greeny-browny boucle and make him a little fatter. Then the Captain would have two good friends.
Love the frog! I may have to make that for Owen!!! Did you happen to see the robot that I made? Check it out, it's the second post down. :)
Hey the Mr Frog looks fantastic,well done,Its wonderful how imagination can create! Cheers Cathy
Froggy is adorable Becky and Captain Destructo looks very pleased indeed!! What a lucky little man he is!
oh.my.god!!! How unbelievably cute is that frog. Boys and frogs seem to go hand in hand :D I will definately have to make one. It is way too adorable not to. My new nephew will love it!
That is so cute! Maybe I should make a knitted toy for my princess? Hmmmm, maybe a knitted tiara? LOL Your son is a cutie-pie...
Aww, so cute!
Very cute amphibian. Your new sweater will go beautifully with all those browns, yes? Mmmm . . chocolate. . and it's natural mate (imo) coffee! :o)
That is one of the best knitted toys I've seen. Such personality. It's funny, I have a stuffed frog that hangs out with a plush version of Le Petit Prince.
awwwww, love the froggy flashy pants and the captain destructo day on the town images.
awesome froggie!!! :)
Absolutely ADORABLE!!!
That is an awesome frog! I can't believe how cute the pants are.
I am in love with froggy. And looks like your son is also. Mia
Well, one can only hope that one can come back and relive life as a stuffed frog. Thanks letting us ride along on your fabulous adventure. These entries always make my heart want to go home.

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