April 26, 2006

Unabashed Confession:

Serious kickback entertainment value.

Unabashed Confession: French Vogue. Superlight DVDs. Giving a hand-knit froggy arms and feet. Yes, it's TRUE. This is how Rabbit has morning fun when she's on break from school*.

All I need is big fluffy slippers, slouchy pajamas, a huge bucket of Rocky Road ice cream and I'd really be in vacation heaven.

*What seems like a million years ago, when I was working way too many hours as a lawyer in a law firm [Claudia, you know what I'm talking about here], I'd unwind on Sunday mornings by looking through magazines and working on my photo scrapbooks while watching videos like Shall We Dansu? and Clueless from my video collection. Clearly, some things will never change.

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La folle journée de Ferris Bueller! Excellente! I like how the froggy is shaping up, too. Enjoy your break!
What fun! I love Ferris. Its one of the most quoted movies in my house :) Can't wait to see the frog with his pants on. Enjoy the R&R! Tanya
ha! ferris...Good times! My favorite line... "The 1961 Ferrari 250GT California. Less than a hundred were made. My father spent three years restoring this car. It's his love, it's his passion..." "...it's his fault he didn't lock the garage" enjoy every minute!
I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off! Clueless is pretty good too. It sounds like a lovely way to unwind. BTW, I like the idea of referring to really close friends has fondue pot. Too funny!
Hurry up, I'll be waiting here by my computer :)
Ferris Bueller! Yeah, baybee! And where's Fast Times at Ridgemont High? And Pretty in Pink! Also some of my favorites! Sounds like Froggy went a courtin' one fine Rabbit! Heaven indeed!
ok , Froggy is looking good (especially the legs) but where is Holey sweater? We all know you have the yarn... we knoooowwwww... ;) and wanna seeeeeeee ( how's that for champion whining?)
Froggy is definitely shaping up. Enjoy your break!
I love the frog!!! Too cute! I've seen those whack dancing pics, bucket of Rocky Road, yeah right! I have a hard time believing that! Unless your "rabbit metabolism" internally converts ice cream to lettuce... in which case I'm extremely jealous.
And isn't it comforting that no matter what we're doing with our lives, some things are always the same. That frog is just the cutest.
Woo Hoo!! Who doesn't loooove Ferris! I think that will be true of your little froggie friend too..he's looking good!
I love this one: "Ferris, he never drives it! He just rubs it with a diaper!" And half the things Rooney says. That principal was wack. Banditgirl: As soon as monsieur le froggy is finished, I'll have a Holey Sweater. Promise :-)
Ferris Bueller and Mags...spot on!!!
Is Ferris dubbed en francais? I love being in my PJs. Have you sewn yourself any PJs yet?
There is a dubbed version available, but we always watch it in English. It definitely would not be the same if it weren't in its original English version!
How cute is that frog?!?! I cannot wait to see how he turns out. Enjoy the break
The frog rocks- I love it's pants too! Now you need to make a toad so that you can have Frog and Toad (and of course they can be friends). And I am glad to hear that the holey sweater is back on track (too bad you missed Easter with it, it being holey and all)- I can't wait to see the finished product!
I do. It really DOES seem like a million years ago.
I saw Ferris in the theatre...my sister and I snuck in McDonalds. Ah, what a great movie experience! Froggie looks great! Knitting is truly theraputic
Wow! Enjoy your time off. I remember my law firm days in nyc- 9:30am to 11pm M-F, 11:30am-9pm Sat, 1pm-8:30pm Sun sigh...
Did we work for the same firm? [Hee hee!] I remember I had to work for Christmas one year because a client wanted to close a transaction in time to put it in the books for that fiscal year. I ate at my own Christmas dinner - which I was supposed to be hosting but my dear sweet sister ended up preparing the bird for me - while still wearing my work clothes. Ah, the good times.
Oh such froggy cuteness!
Froggy has eyeballs and some cute little leggies! I am squealing with excitement. You don't know how much I want one. There's nothing like laying across my bed with a stack of new fashion magazines taking hours to browse through them. I am one of those that really look at them for the photos. Glad you are on a break from school!!
ohhh Shall we dance! One of my favs! Froggy is coming along nicely! Hope you had a relaxing day!
ah, clueless...one of the best EVA! i can still call up a friend and just say "haiti-ans" and we crack up. (i saw a documentary that said that she thought that was really how it was pronounced.) hope you're having a wonderful time. can't wait to see that frog!
what fun! too cute. please note, that i may be the only person on the planet taht has not seen ferris beuller in english or in french.

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