April 26, 2004

Let's start with a sleeve, shall we?

My Audrey, she has commenced! Oh la laaaaaaa...I feel like donning a pair of enormous shades and going window-shopping while munching danish.

I could use a little blocking.
[Click to zoom.]

Looks teeny, eh? I decided to start with a sleeve instead of a front or back piece. Such a knitting rebel!

The whole piece is in 2x2 ribbing, but I don't mind 2x2 ribbing while knitting Calmer. I wouldn't mind 1x1 ribbing, either. Heck, I wouldn't mind ANY stitch pattern while knitting Calmer. Just gimme Calmer, a pair of Addi's and I will whistle while I knit. Unless, of course, I am watching Pirates of the Caribbean starring Johnny Depp and the kohl eyeliner applied to his eyes with a trowel. Which is the case here, as I knit what you see in the photo above while avidly watching Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD. Incidentally, Johnny Depp is now on my list of actors that make me go "rawr" (along with Keanu Reeves and Alan Rickman), and I can't believe that Keira Knightley looks so darn good without makeup. No woman should be allowed to look that good unless it's through the magic of makeup. Because I say so. Hehe.

I already bought a pair of white linen cropped pants to wear with my Audrey. I think I'm going to cut my hair in a smart little bob, too. And speaking of haircuts, my bichon frise Lucy has just gotten groomed, so I couldn't resist sharing a gratuitous picture of her freshly-groomed poofy frou-frou self. [Awwwwwwwww.]

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Fancy that.. I was watching Johnny Depp and POTC this weekend too. It does make the the knitting go faster ... Orlando Bloom just isn't the same without the blond wig, whereas good ole Johnny of the kohl eyes ...<sigh> seemed to have so much fun just hamming it up... Your Audrey looks lovely.
Calmer really is the most delicious cotton yarn - so soft.So stretchy ! You'll look so ''Audrey'' in red,with sunglasses and white linen cropped pants.Wonderful.I look forward to that fashion shoot. Alan Rickman...yes please ! :0)
Watching Johnny Depp will make any project just fly by. Who thinks of time then. Audrey color is amazing. Smart starting with the sleeve. You've inspired me to pick mine up again!
And Lucy, too cute!
I've fallen in love with Audrey as well (which is only fitting, since I love the actress, too), but can't start it until after I move in a month (I'm trying to get RID of things, here). I'm glad I'll be able to knit vicariously through your blog! PS: Lucy is adorable.
Sleeve looks great. I love Calmer. I have to knit with it someday. Loved POTC. Johnny Depp was too excellent in that film. And your dog is sweet. I can't wait till we find a dog.
Ohmygod! I can't believe you put Keanue Heaves and Alan Rickman in the same sentence together!! May you be cursed with blow-em-up action films for the next two months! But I totally agree with you on the duped-by-Depp factor - ah, what I wouldn't give for him to wear eyeliner and call me "luv". Audrey already looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product with cropped pants and bobbed hair (don't forget vintage scarf and sunglasses) :) Spring greetings from Germany!
She's gorgeous. Both she's, Lucy and Audrey! And personally, it's Orlando Bloom who gets the Rawr ;)
You are so French with your Bichon Frise and your lovely Audrey.... OOOOhhhhh, La, La! I swatched for her myself this weekend - three times - still no guage, but I know it will happen. I owe you a nice long e-mail. Soon, I promise. Things have been crazy, so in my spare time I have knit rather than brainstormed....xox
Audrey & Lucy are both looking tres chic! White pedal pushers (& dog) are exactly the right accessories - and husband & son in their ribbed finery too! Definately second Jonny Depp with the rawr factor - especially camping it up with the eyeliner!!
Your lovely doggie is so cute...and so much more impressive with the lovely locks than Johny Depp with the kholed eyes...well, uhm...does anyone believe me? Well, okay...both are too cute for me, anyway ;-). And Audrey comes nicely along. Almost motivates me to sew up my cardi in Calmer!
I looooove Johnny Depp (but I wouldn't mention him in the same breath as AR or KR). Why don't you try What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Congratulations! You've just mentioned all three of my boyfriends in one post! Prepare for deluge of coins from your computer!
You all crack me up! I'm glad I'm not alone in my Johnny Depp fandom. I confess: I've liked him for a while (since 21 Jump Street), but I didn't become a fan until I saw him in that comical role in Pirates of the Caribbean. P.S. to Kathleen: Let's make it a YEAR of action films, as long as they've all got Keanu in them and he's wearing a long leather black coat :-)
i'm glad to hear of someone using addis with calmer b/c i have no need to go buy a pair of crap plastic needles to use with it! :)
Grrr Johnny Depp, oh la la, I have always liked him but fell in love while watching Chocolat. He was so amazing in POTC. Now on to your Audrey,what an amazing colour, just love it. I can see you in those white cropped pants, Audrey, sunglass, and strolling down the lane window shopping. You go girl! P.S. Must have been grooming week, Chantilly my Yorkie also got clipped. Lucy is so adorable.
Ew! Ew! Ew! Especially not in leather! But I would even drool at Alan Rickman in that goofy Sherrif of Nottingham outfit "and call off Christmas!" :)
Mmmm, Mssr. Depp... mmmm. Loved him since the 80s! You need to also watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico (Robert Rodriguez a la Austin!) if you haven't already. LOOOOOVE that film. Depp steals every scene he is in. Watch the whole Mariachi trilogy! And then there's the creepy Astronaut's Wife with the lovely Charlize Theron. I wanna go home and watch movies now and knit! ;-) (but it's only 9am...) Lucy is precious.
Frou frou is just adoreable. A bob will probably look nice, it's always elegant. I have them every few years. The Audrey looks scrumptious J. Depp is Kewl and a wonderful actor. Keanu Reeves which I normally don't go for, was so dating material in "all about love", he was totally cute!
I am up to my ears in sweaters I need(? want? who knows) to knit at the moment. I am very needy of this Audrey sweater. I will just have to live vicariously through you until this feeling goes away. It's looking good! And speaking of looking good... Johnny and Alan are on my Top 5 as well... Hell just make it Top 2, because I don't know anyone else who could beat them. Alan Rickman is too old to play Severus Snape, but who else could pull him off? Yummy!
Pirates was a great movie! I love Johnny Depp in that one. So glad he's back. He lives in France, no? Is he big in France? I've never used Calmer but it seems that there is a huge explosion of love with Calmer. I may have to find some and try it out. Lucy est tres mignon!
Oh, Lucy looks SO lovely. Ty sends a woof woof in her direction. (And you're gonna look so stylin' in that fire engine Audrey. Can't wait to see her on!)
RAWR! I love looking at Johnny Depp. His wife is a lucky woman. The color for Audrey is perfect. Can't wait to see the whole ensemble...pants, sweater, hair.
Finally! Someone else who appreciates Alan Rickman! There's just something so weirdly yummy about him ....
I can't believe there are all these other Alan Rickman fans out here in blogland! He'd be my pick of the three you mention, no question. And you've pretty much got me settled on a Bichon, when we are ready for a dog, after that picture~
Alan Rickman is just yummy! guess it's his voice?? strange *lol* Lucy is SO cute!!
i thought you were going to use that luscious chocolate calmer for your Audrey?? mmmm...saving it for something else? with everyone so enjoying the calmer (I'm using a cotton for my Audrey), I will have to give this yarn a try on another sweater. I have to say, I will pass on Keanu Reeves -- love that Johnny Depp in everyway and I loved Alan Rickman in the movie where he's the dead husband come back to visit his grieving wife!
Loved the picture of Lucy! It made me smile because I used to have a bichon named...that's right, LUCY! My mom has warned me never to get another one (we had two and she contends they are very manipulative), but I want one so bad and seeing a picture of your little Lucy brightened my day. Sadly, there will be no knitting today as a constitutional law II exam approaches (do you remember those?)
ahhh.... sweet.... Lucy, that is. Oh, and so is the sleeve, Calmer yarn and Johnny Depp.
Lucy looks splendid! In agreement with you about Johnny D - rawr, rawr, rawr!
That is one hellava cute dog. I really enjoyed the feel of the Calmer whilst petting it in the LYS. But other than the deep red, none of the other colors moved me. And I need to knit something not in red after Red Rogue. Black, perhaps?? ;-)
Johnny Depp - yes, yummy, fell for him in "Cry Baby", Alan Rickman - absolutely !! "Truly, Madly, Deeply" is high on my all time list - but KEANU REEVES ???? Eye candy maybe but definitely in the "body of a Greek god, mind of a duck" category I'm afraid ! Audrey looks fab so far !
The hair, the pants, the sunnies, the Audrey, the pooch - how chic! I love the fact that JD modelled his character on Keith Richards - what a classic! As for Alan Rickman, it's definitely the voice. Gets me every time.
You know what I've noticed about all the bichon frises I know? *They* seem to be the ones who have perpetual eyeliner under their eyes. (You do know that he used Keith Richards as his inspiration for that role, n'est ce pas?) What is Lucy's secret? Is there doggy eye makeup remover? She doesn't have that "I fell asleep without washing off my makeup" look like most frou frou puppies I know. Just an observation.
oh how i love to regress to age 13...i have loved loved loved johnny depp since 21 jump street. tamara mentioned once upon a time in mexico... he is FABULOUS in this movie...there's one scene in particular...let's put it this way, johnny depp is the ONLY actor who could actually look *hot* with no eyeballs & blood dripping from the sockets. beat that, keanu.
Well, you were always one of my daily blog checks, but now that I know you love Johnny Depp, you are primo number one! My question is, how can you take your eyes off him for one second, to check you knitting? I just get dreamy thoughts over JD, which makes me lose count, even on a simple stockinette stitch! I have some calmer in jewel just waiting for my needles, but no way during Pirates. Bravo for you, Leslie
Johnny Depp on a treasure island filled with Calmer. That can work. :)
Hooray for Calmer! I am loving working with it too. I'm just doing plain old stockinette, but as you say, it's all a pleasure with Calmer! Your Audrey is looking great. (But I keep routing for the grand finale of hubby's ribby sweater. ;0))
Bella and Chili wanted to let Lucy know that her new do is fabulous. Arf! What a cutie! Your Audrey sleeve already looks delicious...Can't wait to see the whole thing! What a great pattern! And that red....you will look so very French with your danish, your doggy, and your fab sweater. P.S. Keanu is HOT in the Matrix. He may sound like a surfer dude, but dude, he looks GOOD in leather.
Yay! Even more Alan Rickman fans. It's definitely his voice and manner of speaking. I didn't much care for him as the Sheriff of Nottingham, but he probably plays a big hand in the reason why I've seen the Harry Potter films, oh, about 10 times each. I had NO idea that Johnny modelled his role in Pirates of the Caribbean after Keith Richards! That's a fun bit of trivia, and he was spot on in his acting, I might add. Now I'm an even bigger fan. Evelyn: Johnny is well-known in France, but his wife is probably even more well-known than he is. She's young but has had a long career in films and music. Leslie: If it's straight stockinette, ribbing, or a simple pattern I can look at the t.v. while knitting. [Although for this sleeve I did find a couple of knit stitches that should have been purled...too much Johnny, I think. A crochet hook is my friend :-)] P.S. to Jackie and Carrie: Lucy says "woof woof!" to Ty, Bella and Chili. She asked that I post that picture 'specially for you ;-)
Lucy is really cute! And calmer is a wonderful yarn, I love to wear it. I have also knitted the Bobbie sweater from Rowan 35 (pretty boring knitting), and together with Audrey are they my absolute favourites right now.
Okay, today I ordered the ingredients to knit Audrey. I blame you. :-)
That sweater is so pretty (I think I'll have to convince my daughter she needs me to knit one for her). When POTC came out I saw an interview with Johnny Depp where he said he modelled his pirate character after a combination of Keith Richards and that cute lil' cartoon skunk - Pepe LaPew! Whatever he did, it sure worked for me!
Becky, I am using Calmer in the same shade for my Vogue Knitting Goddess Tank. I love it! JD is great. I'm fond of both Keanu and Alan, but Colin Firth does me in... Actually, my top 5: Viggo Mortensen, Ralph Fiennes, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan and Sting...
Awww, Lucy is a doll. I have a bichon too. His name is Vincent. He's very rarely THAT nicely groomed, though. Boy, does he hate being groomed! And my sister just got him a new cousin bichon...she's a baby bichon from Quebec (we live close to Montreal, in Vermont) and her name is Jasmine. Unfortunately, my Audrey is growing dusty as another birthday project has taken center stage and that darn "w" word -- work -- has gotten in the way.
Calmer & Johnny Depp are both soooooo yummy! Did you know Johnny's going to play Willy Wonka in the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Hmmmm, I wonder if he has a thing for chocolate?
I liked the first Willy Wonka film, but methinks I'll like the second Willy Wonka film even more if Johnny is going to be in it. He's got just the right amount of "quirky" to pull it off.
Lucy is so beautiful - she looks just like my sister's poochette, AKA 'the babe magnet.' Much as I love JD (I hold him ENTIRELY responsible for being subjected to two hours of Heather Graham's atrocious accent in 'From Hell'), Willy Wonka IS Gene Wilder. First, last, always, full stop. And Alan Rickman is the only actor I can think of who could be dead sexy in an...um...anatomically challenged role. Who else screamed during that scene in 'Dogma'?
see johny in chocolat. and, your pooch will look even snappier with you on the end of her leash wearing your fab audrey
Hi Becky, I have a question about the increases on Audrey that I hope you can answer. I would post it on the knitalong site, but you can only post once a day. How do I make a purl increase? Also how come your stitches look sooo incredibly smooth? I know, you have magical hands!! ;-) Thanks in advance!!
I'd be afraid I'd drop too many stitches if I watched Johnny in Don Juan DeMarco, but I must try knitting to POTC. I just clicked on your page after reading your bio in Stitch N' Bitch, and wanted to say how much I enjoy it. I haven't finished many projects yet, so it's kind of cathartic to see someone who actually has, and the entire page is just so well-done.

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