April 25, 2005

See? I told you I wouldn't dawdle.

Tada! The beginnings of the second sleeve.

That's right. You're looking at the beginnings of the second sleeve of my son's cotton jacket because I finished the first sleeve already! It was completed over Thursday and Friday nights, which makes me rather proud as I rarely get a chance to knit on Fridays. I take dance classes on Friday evenings (and again on Saturday mornings), and don't get home until 9:00. I'm usually too tired to think about anything other than putting on my jammies and reading a book before crashing for the night. But I am determined to finish this jacket, I tell you! So on Friday night around 9:45 I picked up the half-completed sleeve and decided to knit the whole thing through in a fit of frenzied knitting. It was fun because I felt like I was running a ribbing marathon: "Just 10 more rows till Rabbit makes it to the sleeve cap shaping! But it's all 3x1 ribbing in slippery cotton...will she finish the sleeve before her hands give out? Apparently not. She's just turned the corner and has started the sleeve cap shaping. But it's tough, folks. She looks like she's ready to call it a night and go to bed. Wait...what's this? Reruns of dubbed versions of Nip/Tuck? She's just gotten a second wind! Knit, Rabbit, knit!"

Block me! Block me!
(The sleeve cap is shaped via double decreases.)
[Click to see the whole sleeve!]

I managed to finish the sleeve right before I started seeing double and decided to stumble to bed. I'm going to have to find a way to knit on Friday nights from now on, though. Reruns of Sex and the City come on after Nip/Tuck and that would make a nice lineup of cheeky t.v. knitting.

Saturday was a no-knit day because Monsieur Le Hubby and I decided to have an evening out: Dinner and drinks at a restaurant in Vieux Lyon. It wasn't raining so we left the car parked in the Place des Terreaux parking lot and walked across the bridge to Vieux Lyon. Just because, here's a night photo of the bridge I took while walking back from Vieux Lyon to Place des Terreaux:

Click to ENLARGE.

I wish I had pulled my camera out of my handbag earlier. About twenty minutes before I took this shot we had crossed paths with a group of young guys. One of them was dressed exactly like the alien from the French movie La Soupe aux Choux, and was making the same strange noises the alien in that movie makes. And much earlier in the evening, when we were walking to the restaurant, we saw another group of guys and one of them was dressed like a black and white cow, complete with ringing cowbell. We always see groups of kids walking around like this, and one of them is usually wearing a wacky costume. It's like Mardi Gras, everyday. I love living in a city full of university students.

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It sounds fabulous where you live! I love that vibe. You are so fast, I can't wait to see his little jacket. He must be getting very excited now.
It's a great vibe; this city is one of the coolest in which I've ever lived. The knitting of the pieces themselves go rather quickly, but the finishing is going to be a time-eater, I think. I have a doubled neckband AND a zipper [complete with zipper bands...ayayayayaya] in the finishing of this jacket. Margaritas will be de rigeur.
I agree - Lyon (that's where you live, right?) sounds amazing. I love your photos of the city too. Can't wait to see Captain Destructo in his jacket! I'm sure he'll love it.
I look forward to seeing CD model his new jacket!
I am knitting a fast knit with Baby Cashmerino. Is it fast because they are smaller pieces, for kids, or because the fiber is so luscious you don't mind knitting it? Anyhoo, I don't envy the finishing on yours. Mine will be a yoke style sweater and as much as can be done in the needles is being done. Little seaming and no zipper on this pup.
Blue for Cap'n D...looks good. How come all my sweater sleeves never look that perfect. sigh* Hey, I ripped and re-did 3 times. I have printed out yer email and will have it next to me when I attempt again. Did manage one cable twist before ripping.
I wouldn't be surprised if you had smoke coming off your needles since you are so fast. That jacket is looking mighty cute. Captain D. will be so proud!
You are not dragging your feet at all on this one - gorgeous blue color - I can't wait to see it all finished up. Little boys are just too handsome for words in handknits. Particularly edgy, ribbed, asymetrical zippered jackets!!
that is going to be one baaaad jacket. can wait to see captain jazzin' it up in your pics. he picks the coolest out of the mags (must've got that from mom) lovin' those ribs and that's some city you live in. very cool.
Hi Becky, Care for a Kir Royale for all of that knitting? I too wish you could have taken that picture of the guy in the alien costume. Besides the U.S., Mexico and France, where else have you lived? One day I hope to have the same opportunity. :) Love the pics and all the knitting. And will Skinny Rabbit and Captain Destructo be dancing together? A duet maybe?!
Of course, you have a great goad when you to maknig items for the Captain, don't you? I mean, dilly-dally too long and the sweater will be outgrown and will have to be handed down to a petit cousin. Talk about incentive! I am scared of zippers. Oh, not when they're neatly installed in garments, mind you. I'm not that fruit loops...but I am scared at the thought of trying to install one myself.
I love seeing pictures of France. Keep 'em coming!
We're Nip/Tuck and Sex and the City watchers, too. Oh cable tv, how I adore thee! Lookin' forward to seeing Captain Destructo model his finished jacket. That color's beauteous!
You are the Mistress of Finishing! And a far braver woman than I to tackle an asymmetrical zipper. But the best thing about skinnyrabbit.com is the Double Wish-Fulfillment Fantasy Action - pics of fabulous knits AND alluring vignettes of life in France!
I feel all warm and fuzzy now having seen beautiful Lyon at night... I love love love your pics of France!
Even though I never walked around in a crazy costume, I definitely had a lot of fun when I was a student in Lyon. Ah, the good old days! Glad to hear that there is some good trashy American shows on TV to keep you knitting!
Thanks for the pictures of Lyon. When we visited last spring in March during a heat wave, everyone was outside. During the evening we dined outdoors with a jazz band strolling down the sidewalk playing beautiful music and women handing out daffodils. It was great! Can't wait to get back there in October. I will be happy to bring you goodies from the U.S.
OK, Speedy B, you are zipping along! Can't wait to see yet another FO. So glad you had a night on the town, too. I am laughing just picturing the alien and the cow. That's good stuff.
OMG!!! You just gave me a major flashback!! Unbelievable as it may sound, every now and then I remember Louis de Funes and am bummed that I cannot see reruns here. I probably wouldn't find the movies that funny anymore, but just for nostalgic value ... priceless.
I don't envy you all of the 3x1 ribbing. I used to think I hated using cotton, too, but I have since realized the error of my ways. That cotton you are using looks absolutely luscious. Almost as luscious as that dark-haired doctor (Julian something-or-other) on Nip/Tuck.
re: your description of the marathon Makes me think of Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
Go you! Love the running commentary. Beautiful picture :)
I'm wondering what kind of dance lessons you take. I'm a swing dancer and I hear there's a really great swing scene in France. And I join in the envy of the fast needles and French lifestyle. I'm trudging away at slow moving projects in not-so-colorful-unseasonally-cold Chicago.
Wow, you must knit at hyper-speed! Very impressive! Lyon is impressive, too BTW
That's it. We need speed knitting as a TV show, complete with color commentary just like cycling. We could get Phil Liggett, he does the Tour de France. I LOVE IT. Oh, yeah and the sleeve looks good too! That yarn looks way dreamy. I wanted to grab it through the screen.
You probably know that, but just in case you don't: the guys you saw in the street are having a bachelor party, the groom is the one in the costume and must do all sorts of silly things and get drunk... and the bride probably do the same with the girlfriends, voilą! Anyway the Captain D jacket is great!
Fabby sleeve Becky. I bet the captain is jumping around waiting for the finished article! Looking forward to the pics. Lyon looks fantastic by the way. Definately on my must-visit list!
Speedy Becky! I knit like that sometimes, and then it's all slow for a bit, then really fast again - knitting madness!
Rockin' photo. You knew I would say that. ;) And what are you knitting on, toothpicks?!
Guess I'm not too late to comment this time. I get your drift on cotton yarn. Once upon a time this yarn was going to be Audrey (of Rowan fame) but it just didn't make it (color wasn't right). Now it will be a cap sleeve sweater from the current issue of Vogue Knitting (hint: the front detail is the crossing effect). Alas, it is not as forgiving as wool and wool blends and tire me poor digits quickly. I don't envy your 3x1 ribbing. I've done the back and the left front (on to the right front and sleeves!). You're a Sex in the City fan too! It unfortunately reruns on Tuesdays and Wednesdays here on cable.
Somebody who specializes in ergonomics should study you Becky, and explain how you pull off hours of speedy knitting in cotton without destroying your hands, arms, shoulders and neck. I think you could sell the resulting instructions video very, very expensively (and we would all buy it!). As for the zippers, you are a true inspiration. Without your slide shows, I would never, ever have dared putting one in a garment I made. But I lost my zipper virginity a couple of weeks ago, and I'm so happy to have taken that step. The next one is to make it look good!
The last time I was in Paris, I saw groups of young adults roaming around (usually all men, or all women) with one of them dressed up in some wacky outfit, and everybody half drunk. I assumed they were bachelor/bachelorette parties. Is that right? I always wondered what was going on.
That cotton has such a nice smooth texture--it looks great, Becky! Hope all is well :)
What gorgeous pictures! Your story just made me laugh out loud... I'm about to be moving away from New Orleans next month, and there's so much of that kind of vibe here too. Lots of random Lord of the Rings/ clown/ goth/ other circus performer-type action in the streets all year round. :) I'm nostaglic already... The sweater is super-impressive too! You have more will-power than I do... ribbing for me greatly increases the chance that the project will end up half-finished in a basket somewhere, despite the fact that I love how it looks. Go Becky Go! :)
I love college towns! They have the best vibes. What a gorgeous photo of the bridge. I'm sure ribbing is not the most stimulating of knits. But the double decreases look very nice, indeed. I bet the Capt can't wait until you're done!
Wow! sounds like a trippy place what with aliens and cows and such. Those college kids. You go girl with that ribbing marathon! love that yarn color.
Thank you for all the kind comments and encouragement! The ambiance here in Lyon is definitely lively. A lot of the groups like the ones I mentioned are bachelor/bachelorette parties, but some are just plain student wackiness, like the losing end of a bet or getting the lowest grade on a test. There are lots of street performers, too. On weekends, when the weather is nice, you'll see students and other people doing everything from being statues to juggling in places like the Presqu'ile and Vieux Lyon. It's endless entertainment. I've been here for six years so I don't pull out the camera as much as I used to when I see it, but I'll snap some shots next time so I can share them here. P.S. Annette is too kind! I use circs and that keeps my arms from getting tired when I knit [I'm a right-hand thrower, bay-bee!]. Plus, doing upper arm weights at least twice a week gives me strong knitting muscles :-)
can't wait to see the little jacket! Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day...it made my day! Do you recognise the sweater in the picture? It is demi from vintage style. salina is on display in her sad state today...
Sex and the City is my favorite thing to knit to! I've seen every episode a million times but if I'm on a knitting spree you better believe I'm watching them again!! :) I love your pictures of France!
Great pic. I would love to visit one day! Woohoo for sleeve caps. I love that part too. As far as Sex & the City...I LOVE that show!
half the reason i read your blog is for your france photos - coupled with your amazing knit creations and unbelievably good taste...it makes fluffa a regular must read! love the pics - bring 'em on
Of course you have a fabby knit sleeve!!! How could you not? What I really want to say is...I love Nip/Tuck! How sexy is Christian? Even in his smarmy-sexy-every-woman-he-can way?!?! I miss Sex in the City too...who's to make me covet more shoes?!?! I'm mad at The Gap from dropping SJP as their spokesperson...grrr!
What a fun place to live! You are really making great progress with that jacket!

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