April 24, 2006

Froggy pieces!

Ribbit. Like my stripey trousers?

How does one pass the knitting time when one has no yarn to knit the neckband of a Holey Sweater? Hm. Lemme see...

Knit the beginnings of a toy frog for Captain Destructo - CHECK.

Knit the frog some stripey trousers, even if the stripey trousers are in fingering yarn with teeny needles - CHECK.

Go to yarn store to buy one single skein of Quietude to knit the neckband of Holey Sweater - CHECK.

Buy a project's worth of yarn while you're there. You know, to make the yarn store trip really worthwhile - CHECK.

Oops! I stashed again.
See the skein of Quietude?
Holey Sweater, here I come.

Now that it looks like I've got a finished project known as the Holey Sweater on the horizon, I'm organizing my warm weather "Want to Knit" list and there is so much on there I must think 1) I knit faster than the speed of light...you know, like a whack knitting superhero, and 2) I've nothing else to do except hole myself up in my apartment with a pile of DVDs and knit 24/7. As this is (sadly) not the case and I would like to do some SEWING as well, something from my knitting project list got the boot. Remember the pretty cardigan from Rebecca 29? I even swatched for it last summer, but for some reason I can't motivate myself to actually cast on for it. My pokiness has prodded me to put it out there for anyone else who'd like to knit it. There are almost ten skeins; 9 are intact and one was used for swatching. There is enough to knit the largest size given in the pattern, which is European 36/38. So, who wants it? Almost 10 skeins of GGH Scarlett in Eisblau. [Click here to see the yarn.] No swap this time. All 10 skeins in exchange for the price I paid + shipping to you. Pattern included if needed. Write me if you are interested. [Edited to mention that the yarn is going to la fabulosa HEK Jenny in the US. Enjoy the yarn, Jenny!]

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TOY FROG?? OMG, can't wait to see it, hurry up and finish!! I just love useless knits :) Holey sweater can wait til later.
Hehe...I knew you'd get a kick out of this one, Helene. How could I forget those adorable little pastries you knit???
I'm also anxious to see the frog...I love the stripey trousers already. I spent the weekend helping Rachel make a stuffed zombie...and he turned out pretty darn cute. I am a knitter, not a sew-er, but you should have seen us, modifying a pattern for the head and body and drawing a pattern for the (detachable, of course) limbs...and figuring out how to do buttonholes on my enigmatic Husqvarna sewing machine. Not a lot of knitting got done.
All of that new yarn is so very fluffa.
And the new project is...? Looking forward to see Holey of course, but most the frog. I have made a lot of toys, sewn, not knitted, and love to work in that format. Since my kids are quite old are teddy clothes what is mostly on the agenda now adays.
Those are some snazzy trousers you are making for Mr. Frog! I was thinking about making one of those dinosaurs I have seen on the net but I don't know any kids that like dinosaurs. Maybe I'll make one anyway just because they are so cute.
I don't know about anyone else, but I've GOT to see the stuffed zombie!
Must... see... frog... I'm loving the knitted toys these days.
I'm really glad that I'm not the only one who is ready to pounce on summer knitting. Of course, you're being realistic about it by offloading that yarn; I, on the other hand, still have delusions of knitting at the speed of light. I'm anxious to see what the new project is for l'ete.
I absolutely love this frog already. Stripey trousers! You're a genius. : )
I've seen knitted toys popping up all over the blog-o-sphere! I'm getting the itch (for needles and wool). Thought it best to clarify that, I guess!
Gosh, Becky, I was on pins and needles about that quietude yarn. In fact, I was downright fearful that you would not get it!!!
So pleased you got the skein you needed for holey! Please finish it so I can admire (and envy) your incredible knitting skills. Can't wait to see the frog either!
Can't wait to see the froggy in his clothes! I love the color of the new yarn! BTW are those frogs legs? mmmmmm :)
I'm excited to see how the frog comes out! I'm knitting the Rebecca doll right now...and can totally see how knitting toys can be addictive!
I know I am just going to love this toy frog with it's cute striped trousers!! Can you link us the pattern or are you making it from a book?
The frog will be ever so cute! The stripey trousers are so cute, I love it! I know, I've been coming up with some warm knits for the springtime and I think I must think I have 24/7 to knit items. It's nice the craziness we put ourselves through. I've had to be pretty diligent about what I think I can reasonably accomplish too. It looks like that Holey sweater will soon be finished and if it doesn't get much wear now, it will certainly be ready for the winter season next year, which is always a plus!
I'm so glad I've got some fellow toy knitters out there :-) I'm knitting the toy frog from the latest Pitchoun from Phildar. They always include at least one whimsical toy in their children's pattern books.
I like that color green - that's going to be one well-dressed froggie - ribbit ribbit!
Since I love food, I immediately thought of stuffed frog legs! Weird, eh? But really, the frog's body looks nice and healthy! What project do you have in mind with your new yarn?
mmmmm, yay! I have a knitted toy on the to-do list, and definitely need to organize my summer knitting. Even w/o so doing, I'm sure I don't have time for it all, unless you share your secret super-power (and we put the sewing machines away... they can be so addictive!).
Cute froggy I haven't been by in awhile...too busy dyeing yarn...and haven't had even a moment for anything else...LOL
love that green...i can't wait to see the froggie. perfect spring knitting!
A frog? With striped trousers? What's cuter than that? I can't think of a single thing. I can't wait to see Mr. Frog all assembled.
Those frog pcs. makes me thing of 'the fimbles' and 'Rocket'...yeah, I've been watching too much tv with my son. Love the stripy trousers.
I'm a sucker for knitted toys. Can't wait to see Mr. Frog. Is he your own pattern? Tanya
What a cute grenouille! See how I figured out the google translating thing...Hey! Where are the frog legs? Doesn't look like they'd make a good meal. See how dorky I am.
Awww Froggy is going to look sooo cute! Can't wait to see him and a finished Holey Sweater!!
too late AGAIN - that eisblau is super yummy! hope you are well, b!
I love the GGH. If I hadn't been busy at work I would have tried to snag it! Also, I love your word "stashed". An active verb! Mrs. Honen from grade 7 English would have loved it.
The frog is gonna be so fun!
Yay! Now we can get ready to admire the Whole Holey Sweater! Hee hee. Btw, it's NOT stashing if 10 comes in and 10 goes out. ;-)
don't mess up or you'll have to frog the frog. not pretty. i'm dying to see the holey sweater. and bravo on the stash enhancement!
Ribbit ribbit! I wanna see :o)
Just finished knitting Monsieur Cat from Lucinda Guy's book for a friend's little boy, and Msr. Cat is so cute that my preteen son immediately demanded another knit toy for himself. (He already has Jess Hutchinson's "Squarey" and so has requested "Spherey" as Squarey's little brother.) Toys are gratifying knitting, aren't they? I'm on a break from sweaters for a while. Toys, blankets, shawls, mittens, hats, socks, yes, but no sweaters. As always, I admire your discipline. I am clearly under the very delusions you mentioned, but it has no effect on the stash!
A frog!!! I cannot wait to see this. toy frogs are so cute.
Frogs are my favorite! And yours makes me think of a historical biologist who made an early hypothesis about how fertilization occurs - he decided he could test his theory by sewing tiny trousers with tight drawstrings for his male frogs to prevent their sperm escaping. Anyway, I can't wait to see M. Grenouille all sewn up!
:0 You are soo clever - I can't wait to see how froggie comes out!! I have been working on some froggie knitted items myself - but your progress far outweighs mine. Ribbit!!

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