April 23, 2007

Mooom...she's knitting in the car again.

Not much knitting going on here. Oh, wait. I lie. I did some car knitting, bay-bee!

Ah! Light so bright!
My eyes! My eyes!

That black blob you see sitting on my lap is the silk top with lacey center panel and frilly edges that look like pie crust, a.k.a. picot. I know, I know. The sun is so bright and I'm wearing white trousers which has resulted in photo lighting that has probably caused your pupils to shrink into teeny tiny pinprick dots, so I'll show you a picture that better shows off the black blob:

See the beginnings of the lace?
That's the fun part.

april_park_thumb.jpgGood news. I finally finished the endless rows of stockinette - in the round, on 3mm needles - and have now reached The Fun Part, a.k.a. lacy panel portion. We're really rolling on this project now, pally! And to celebrate The Fun Part, here's a gratuitous photo of a a pretty little park in Vienne, which we visited on Sunday and where I got a whopper of an allergy attack. Oh, how I love spring :-)

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aren't allergies the worst? I was sick for WEEKS last summer and I couldn't get over it and I finally went to the doctor and he was like, eh, just allergies. GAH! Can't wait to see more of the fun part - that top is seriously cute! ===================================== Note by Becky: I hear ya! Yesterday's attack was a horror. My eyes got all puffed out and I couldn't wear my contacts today. Just call me Rocky Balboa :-) xo!
That is exciting! Can't wait to see more of the "fun part"...
Thanks for the glimpse of flowers. We had snow a week ago, and it's just starting to get sunny! I saw my first flower this weekend and practically trampled the poor thing trying to get a nice photo. We don't even have buds on the trees! I do feel for your allergy attack, though. It just seems wrong that flowers should make people miserable. ============================== Note by Becky: Fortunately, it's not flowers that give me allergies. It's tree pollen!
Yay for fun parts of knitting! And as a fellow allergy sufferer - poor us! Antihistamines are my salvation from April to about October (beacuse I'm allergic to all pollen - aren't I lucky?!)
Oh, very pretty. Can't wait to see what the fun part looks like!
nifty! i can't wait to see the lacy part done. and maybe some rabbit dance shots? = )
Becky knitting in the round... What's next? Bustier dance shots i hope. Still waiting you know...
Ahh, spring. I love that shot and all the flowers. I had pretty spring tulips until my daughter picked all the 'roses' for my wedding. Stockinette can get so boring. I'm glad you are past it now.
spring is busting out all over! hee hee
I have to tell you that I just experienced a bit of creative reading. I thought you said you had a whopper of an energy attack! :op Hopefully, you had antihistamines available... Once it is completed, that inky "blob" will look smashing when paired with white trousers.
Perfect lacy spring-y top!
Hmm, I'd risk allergies for such a pretty day in the park.
I thought I was coming down with a cold last week. No such luck, it's officially allergy season. Yay for the fun knitting!
Nice to see you back! :) I can't wait to see the top finished.
Nice to see you! (I enjoyed the other posts as well, fyi.)
good luck with the fun part! I just had one question...what does the front of the sweater look like? ================================ Note by Becky: It has the same center panel as the back. (There's a photo of in the mag, but it's pretty much the same thing.)
Knitting en plein air - got to love it (minus the allergy attack)and silk, how scrumptious!
Can't wait to see some lace action shots! I feel for ya for the allergies. This time of year is nice for the weather. But it sucks 'casue I am sneezing too hard to enjoy it. And that's WITH using the antihistamine and nose spray....
Down with Tree Pollen! I'm glad to see you post. I'm looking forward to you finishing your semester so we can see all the beautiful things you've created. Here's a Virtual Zyrtec for you!
Thanks to your mention of Rebecca magazines, I decided to order my first one. I went through it and picked out a couple of things I wanted to knit, including the little lacey top. I know you mentioned it before, but I didn't really clue in on it the first time. Then I opened up your blog today and saw that you had picked out the same top (first, of course). It made me feel like I had very good taste! And I get to watch you make it first. Gotta love that.
I just got allergy tested... I am super dooper allergic to cats. And my dad has one that I visit every week :( I have tried knitting in the car like you, and I end up getting car sick. I will not give up though!
Yay! The fun part!
Yes, I see the lace - enjoy! It looks beautiful so far.
Car knitting is always a good thing :)
I thought of you, for some reason, when I read this story yesterday: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/29/arts/music/29pare.html Bjork is a knitter! And she's wearing some amazing knitwear in the photos. ======================================= Note by Becky: Holy smokes! That's some seriously cool knitwear she's wearing in that photo. That stuff is right up my alley. Thank you for that link!
I have been a little keen on making cami-type tops. Can a Momma-Styled chest wear this? You know, the ample bosom? But it is the thing to knit here in Southern California. ...and in the round? really? I have to hunt down this pattern. Thanks for making my planets align with you posts.

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