April 23, 2002

Shaping the ostrich's head.

The ostrich's body was fun to knit, and went without a hitch (check the pictures for a peek). The body is knit using two different yarns held together, so I decided to cast on using the sling-shot method (or double cast-on) for a firmer edge, which will be hidden in the seams anyway. Did you know that the sling-shot method casts on your foundation row and works your first row of knitting at the same time? So when you start knitting, you're actually knitting the second row. Works for me.

Now I'm starting the ostrich's head, and am having a hard time. The pattern's diagram for the head calls for two extra stitches at either edge, every first six rows. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to increase evenly across these rows (doing so would look awful...the cotton is thick and the increases will definitely show), or if I'm supposed to add on stitches at the end of each row (using the knitting-on method, which will look equally ugly and probably make sewing the seams a pain in the arse). The pattern only shows the diagram, without specifically detailing how it should be done. I've started and unravelled my work about five times. I'm stuck.

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