April 22, 2008

Want to know what became of...

...the mindless knitting of the Plassard blue and white variegated yarn otherwise known as "Rhapsodie"?


Oh la la. This yarn knits like a dream!

I knit and knit until it became a mini poncho. Or capelet, for those who have issues with ponchos. I have no issues with ponchos as I used to wear them when I was a kid (ponchos were "in" during the 70s), and I am cool so ponchos are, too. Because I say so.

That's not all. No, I have no other finished projects to show you. If I did I'd write about them today, promise. It's something else. I actually went to the yarn store again (remember, the last time I went I learned that I hadn't been there in over two years), just to look around, and found something that made my eyes pop out.


Dude! Let's shoot some hoops.

Looks like nothing special, eh? It's a huge ball of 200 gram yarn that is equivalent to four skeins, all wound into one. It's by Schoeller and Stahl, and it's called - surprise! - "Big Ball". When I saw this little monster sitting on the display stand, I asked the yarn shop owner if it was a basketball. (Yes, you may have already seen this Big Ball of Yarn. But remember that I rarely darken the doorstep of a brick and mortar yarn shop now as I enjoy the comforts of ordering yarn online from Rike's Wollmaus, so seeing this honking big ball of yarn in person is big entertainment for me.)

Of course, I bought the Big Ball.

Is this a pillow?

Okay, I have one more little shocker. I am knitting something else. It's no specific project, I just cast some yarn on my circs and started knitting. It's entirely mindless and freeform, and it is telling me that it wants to be another simple accessory. I will show it to you tomorrow. So you all come back now, ya hear?

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So sorry about your Lucy :( ... but very happy to see you posting again :)
Oh my, it's bigger than the Captain's head! So sorry about Lucy, she was a cutie. :(
I'm so sad to hear about Lucy. I always loved your entries that included her, she was such a cute dog. Love the poncho/capelet. Did you make the flower on it, too? That ball of yarn is wild! The picture of it with the Captain looks so weird, my mind wants me to believe it's forced perspective. Either that or he's actually a distant relative of Tom Thumb and all these years you've been fooling us into believing he's normal sized.
Whoa, that IS a big ball! Crazy! I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy . . .
Glad you see you back. So sorry about Lucy.
That is one big ball! Any plans, or will it be an art installation? I'm sorry to hear about Lucy.
So sorry to hear about Lucy.
I have never seen a ball of yarn that big! Think of all the time saved on weaving in ends. I'm sorry about Lucy.
That's a fantastically big ball of yarn. I like the little bits of black wound in. Can't wait to see a swatch. Also, I'm sorry about Lucy.
I'm sorry to hear about Lucy. We just lost one of our beloved cats. Perhaps they're up there together, chatting about their humans who craft. (((hugs))) That is one serious ball of yarn!
My condolences on Lucy.
It is so hard to lose pets. How sad for you guys. Hugs for you all! And that yarn! Wow, it is big. I love your poncho/capelet. I often think of making myself one and then I just make one for someone else. So nice to hear from you!
glad to see you blogger again, miss you.
I can't wait to see what the Big Ball will become - that's an entire yarn planet right there! I hope Lucy's last days were peaceful and painless, and I'm so sorry for your family's loss.
Beautiful work, whatever you call it. But, no dancing shots? ;) Glad to see you back. I've been wondering how fashion school is going for you. Will we get to see more of your design projects soon?
So sorry- so hard on a child, too. Your Lucy had a happy life, I'm sure. So nice to see you blogging!
So sorry to hear about your loss. Lucy was an adorable pet. I am happy to see you posting again & am looking forward to seeing what you create with your new sewing machine.
Always happy to see you and your knitting ideas, but sad to hear of your Lucy. We lost our Lucky in January and come home every day and look for him to come say hello.
hey there. it's lovely. sorry to hear about Lucy.
welcome back sorry about Lucy that ball of yarn is wonderful, can't wait to see what you will do with it, your son is a young man!!
I'm sorry to hear about Lucy. That is a huge honkin' ball of yarn. I've never seen it before.
Very, very sorry to hear about Lucy.
The poncho is very nice. It's a practical length too! And the big ball is too funny.
Very sorry to hear about Lucy. Glad to see you posting again.
I am very much into the mindless knitting myself these days; love how that capelet came out. Oh, I remember my poncho days! I'm doing a simple one now with Biggy Print. Many hugs to you all for Lucy.
Rest in peace, pretty little Lucy. She always looked like a puppy!

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