April 22, 2003

Stretchy boy's new sweater.

I finished my son's raglan sweater in time for Easter! I may not like seaming sweaters, but I really don't mind investing the extra time it takes to do finishing. And this sweater required a lot of it: joining those curved raglan seams together, knitting separate wristband and neckband facings, sewing them on using free-loop backstitch...it seemed endless. But I completed the finishing touches on Saturday evening while watching an episode of Smallville [I have a little crush on Lex Luther; make fun of me, and I'll poke you with a size 10mm needle], so my son was able to wear his new sweater while hunting for chocolate Easter eggs on Sunday afternoon. My efforts were rewarded when he kept admiring the stripes on the sleeves as he moved his arms, and pointing the stripes out to everybody who greeted him. What a funny kid. (Incidentally, this is the second sweater I've knit for him to wear for chocolate Easter egg hunting. Here's the one I made last year, so it seems like I've started my own little Easter tradition.)

(The sweater is a good fit, but it's still a little long because I decided to make the sweater in the four-year-old size to ensure that my son will be able to wear it when he starts pre-school in the fall. He's exactly 2 and a half, but at 98 cm [!] in height he's a stretchy boy. Nothing wrong with being stretchy, but boy oh boy do I foresee longer and longer knitting sessions in my future. Send taped episodes of Smallville.)

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I have a thing for Lex, too! He's all cute and misunderstood, and he dresses well. And I think he'd treat a girl well, if he found one who wasn't about to double-cross him. Right--like that'll happen.
That looks great Becky! I knew it was worth popping in here before I go home for the day. Great job. And I'm spotting another little trend in your Easter sweaters, stripes and more stripes. Can't wait to see what you think of next year! And talking of stretchy - Brooke is 96cm. They'd make a lovely stretched out couple wouldn't they?
a) sweater = gorgeous of course. b) C.D. = also gorgeous. wow, he has changed in a year hasn't he? such the little "boy" now, while last year still a little baby-faced! c) stripes, primary colors. hello he is right in style w/ me!! d) your "saving" box as he grows up is going to be just chockfull of all these precious handmade sweaters. hopefully you will wind up with a grandson to pass them down to! (or to my kid 40 years from now when i finally have one!). it is so fun the pride HE takes in YOUr work too isn't it? "momma made! look stripes!" love it.
Deadlines like your Easter egg hunt are so great for helping one finish a garment, eh? And the tradition will be fun to work with in the future. Easter is a wonderful time for new clothes. I remember as a child I would happily shiver in my short-sleeved flowered dresses during a Canadian Easter in March, pleased just to be wearing something so joyful. Dr. Destructo looks equally happy in his stripey sweater.
Very nice job finishing that sweater! It looks marvelous on your little one.
What a handsome little boy in his fantastic new sweater. I love your meticulous finishing.
The raglan sweater rocks! I am in awe of the collar. How great that every sweater you make is worthy of that attention to detail.
Love the sweater it is so cute.
your son looks adorable in his beautiful new sweater!! :)
The pictures are great. What a cutie! I loved those deadline projects. I would stay up until all hours of the early morning!! (thanks for the memory moments) Aren't Easter Egg hunts the greatest?
Very nice! Sweater & boy both. He may be quite tall, but he still has one of those adorable little toddler tummies. So what happened to your stylesheet & the pink links?
mmmmmmm...Lex Luther.....it's the long black coat that does it.
Wonderful job on the sweater. It looks great. Congrats on another amazing project! I'm liking that backstitch more and more for collars. And I think you've convinced me to give the tubular cast-on a try. Thanks for always inspiring me to become a better knitter!
what is tubular cast on anyway? i'm sure it's the right thing to do bc your pieces look amazingly put together...just lovely. is there another name for it? bc i can't find it in my big book of knitting (k buss) and, becky, i think you've referred to this book before. i feel inspired to learn the tubular cast-on. if only i could incorporate it into the argyle socks i'm making...
Becky, it looks awesome! I bet Captain Destructo is absolutely stoked with it!
Me too with the Lex thing......I think it's the no hair combined with bad-boy undertones!! Gorgeous sweater on your son.
Kinda off topic here, but I just wanted to say that I love your site. Great design and great knitting to boot. The side column of tips and links is wonderful. I'll be coming back here to read more.
I was drawn to the stripes on the sweater also. Glad to hear your son liked them a lot too. It's a great looking sweater for a little boy.
just wanted you to know I finally added your button to my blog!
Thanks for such kind comments, everyone! And thanks to those who admitted on having a crush on our cool dresser bad boy Lex. [Hee hee.]
Great sweater and great site! How's the new spring jacket? Et j'ai une question: puis-je copy votre code pour les popups? Ok, my French may not be up to techno standards, but I saw your little note in there about copying your code, and I do like you pop ups. I don't want to make mine the same as yours, but I do want to have an on click that shows a large version of the photos on my site. I'm just starting and know a little Java, but I haven't used it for a while and thought asking might meet a friendly answer!
Francesca, I built this whole site myself from the ground up so having others copy from it is not something I welcome. You did right to ask and for that I thank you. I write my own javascripts and place them in their own files (which, as it turns out, are not up for the taking), but why not try this popup window generator? It'll work just as well and will write the popup window code for you. http://javascript.internet.com/generators/popup-window.html
What a great sweater! I'm still counting on you to teach me to knit someday and your needles don't scare me. I know where to getcha! Give my Godson a kiss. I miss you both terribly. (p.s. I'm not completely biased, but this site is wonderful--for even non-knitters. I like the way you show the progress of your sweaters and all the stories behind them).
Thanks, little sis! When you guys come back here I'll pull out the needles and teach you. Let's just hope that you-know-who doesn't grab them and pretend to be a toreador again. Hee hee.

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