April 21, 2002

The finished garment!

The white cabled sweater has been sewn, blocked and finished, and I'm pleased to see that out of all the projects I've made thus far, it is among the nicest. No errors (I had corrected a few and even ripped out an entire piece after it had been cast off to fix a stitch), straight seams, and neat-looking buttonholes and neckline. It's a custom fit, because I modified the pattern to suit my son's long torso. The cotton itself is gorgeous...it's perfect for cool yet sunny spring weather because it's lightweight, and the color reflects the sun so beautifully. Yesterday my son wore the sweater, and he came with me to the knitting store and to the mercerie where I get my supplies, and there were compliments all around. I am definitely proud of this one :-)

Now, on to the next project. I want to use up the white cotton I have left over from the sweater, so I am making a stuffed ostrich, about 18 inches in length. Yesterday I bought the toy filling and yarn that looks like feathers. My first toy ever. How fun!

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Glad it went so well! The little bit we can see in the pic looks great.
You find the greatest patterns! The sweater looks terrific. And your kid is adorable with those big brown eyes. :o)
Click the pic, Katnea, to get to a few others. The one you're looking at is a thumbnail only. Thanks, Theresa. Phildar really has some nice patterns! I always end up buying at least two or three catalogs every season.
If you like knitting with cotton, I highly recommend Mission Falls cotton. http://www.camillavalleyfarm.com/knit/missioncotton.htm I've knitted a couple sweaters from their Wee Knits book. They go together really fast, and they're just different from everything else out there. That book only goes up to 24 months, so I don't know if it'd work for your little guy. I see there's a new book out--maybe that has toddler sizes. Or, you're so clever, maybe you can figure out how to adjust the patterns to make them bigger. (I definitely flunked that class.)
I'd love to get my hands on some of that cotton. I don't think they deliver to France, though :-(

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