April 20, 2005

Before you start thinking...

...that I was neglecting my son's cotton jacket with the funky asymmetrical zipper, looky here:

We got fronts, bay-beeeeeee!
[Wanna zoom out? Sure you do. Click here.]

One can't tell from the photo above, but the left front piece (pictured at right) has neck shaping, too. I tried to photograph it but the edges kept misbehavin' by curling insanely inwards. Shall I block the dickens out of it? I think so. [P.S. That was a rhetorical question. Wacky curling edges or not, I always like to give my knits a spot of blocking. Such a blocking 'ho.]

And of course, before I even started the fronts, I had completed the back. All 42 centimeters of it in 3x1 ribbing on size 3.25mm needles:

We got back, too.
[Wanna zoom out? Sure you do. Click here.]

Coton No. 4 creates a gorgeous, glossy fabric but there should be a little disclaimer on the yarn label that reads, "Hi! This is pretty cotton. 100% pretty darn fancy French cotton, to be precise. The fabric created will knock your knitter's socks off, but please note that chanting mantras and wishing for a hand massage may occur after you work 5 straight cms of ribbing. A hand massage given by, preferably, Alan Rickman, Keanu Reeves or the guy who comes out in those Hugo Boss cologne commercials."

Now that I've got two fronts and a back, I will not dawdle over the sleeves even though they are also in 3x1 ribbing. My son is so eager to wear this jacket I refuse to let the month end without my finishing it. Every time I completed a piece I showed it to my son, and he'd get excited and run over so I could hold it up against him. "Mommy! It's gonna be cooooooool," he said. That was so sweet it actually made my heart hurt. People, I would knit my kid a TENT in this cotton because that's how much he manages to wrap me around his little finger with his enthusiasm for my knitting.

In other news, stash enhancement (well, kinda) time!

With a surprise treat of chocolate! Sarah rocks.

I had 20 skeins of Rowan Calmer in Calm, and my friend Sarah W. across la manche kindly swapped 10 of those skeins for 10 skeins of Calmer in Khaki so that I could vary the look of my projects. (Sarah always comes through for me; last year she traded me some Rowan Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze so I could knit Elfin, and went to the trouble of shopping for it and picking out the color combo for me. Merci encore, Sarah!) With these 10 skeins of Calmer in Khaki I want to knit the cardigan with tucks - called "Whisper" - from Rowan's Calmer Collection. I can't wait to start this! It's been on my wishlist for over two years now. That's some serious want.

P.S. Speaking of want, I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to knit a project from Rowan 37 this summer. I like Pippa, Elspeth, Jenny and Gemma from this issue, but I've still got my eye on a couple of designs from last year's summer issue 35: the Iris bolero and China. And then Kim Hargreaves goes off and creates Glint in Rowan Summer Tweed. If I could, I'd knit them all. Ah! The agony of trying to decide. I should be given a quota of browsing only two mags per season in order to avoid Greedy Knitter Syndrome.

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Woot, first comment! I've never had this distinction. Anyway, that's so sweet that your son is so excited about his knitting Mommy. Also, if I were you, I would definitely knit Gemma (although, I may just be drawn to that one because it's one of my favorite girl-names).
Hey! I like that name, too. I usually pronounce the "G" as if it were an "H"; that's the way the name is pronounced in Spanish. It sounds pretty.
Gemma and Elspeth are my favourites (and I've started both)! Enjoy the Green and Blacks chocolate - that is my absolute favourite :)
Cute jacket - the little one will love it I'm sure! I love Jenny - so feminine. Actually they are all gorgeous. Good luck deciding...I don't think there is a bad choice in the mix.
I think I am suffering from greedy knitter syndrome - I want to knit almost everything in Rowan 37 and then I also peeked at Kim Hargreaves new designs Ahhhhhh. It is lovely that your son is so enthusiastic about your knitting - it will definitely make that much ribbing worthwhile!
Thanks for the Kim link - I'm loving breeze! But you have to buy them as kits? It doesn't look like you can just get the pattern. Bummer. Love, love, the calmer.
No, that's not a left front! It's a belt! It's a tie! It's wonderful when someone is so enthused about you knitting something for them. The Kim Hargreaves site is wonderful! Too many gorgeous knits and too little time!
I'd vote for China or Pippa -- but then again, as fast as you knit, you could probably finish them all before the weather changes! It's so wonderful that the Captain loves his mommy's knitting. And what an eye for fashion he has!
Becky, why does your knitting always look so perfect? Mine is so MESSY by comparison. Even in cotton your stitches are even and lovely. I would love to make Jenny for me, but I think you would look great in Gemma!
Thanks, Jodi! I think knitting with circs helps me with my style of knitting. I'm a right hand thrower so having the weight of the knitting on a circ keeps the right needle from dropping when I throw. I do love Gemma! I'm just unsure about which colorway. China is also high on the list. The band at the hem looks fun to knit and is a real eye-catcher, to boot.
The cotton jacket looks fabulous. Now, if you can promise that Alan Rickman will come over and massage my dainty paws whilst whispering sweet nothings in my ear, I'll knit with that cotton . . . Green & Black is my fav. chocolate in the world. More so even than Valrhona.
I love Pippa! My plan is to knit myself a Pippa when I'm done with Elspeth. But then I LOVE Iris! So many knits, so little time.
Do Glint. You will probably be the first to do so. I also like Glimmer. I am kind of bummed that you can't just get some of the patterns...particularly since Summer Tweed comes in so many other groovy colors!
I say knit them all! No just kidding. :) Knit one from each magazine. My pick would be Jenny from 37 and China from 35, if you don't mind baring your tummy (if so, then Iris). Just be warned, Jenny calls for 960 beads! Can't wait to see what you pick.
Knit them all ! They'll be beautiful and you'll lokk fantastic in each and every one. Green & Black...yum !
Let's start a Greedy Knitters therapy group so we can all enable each other! Those designs are all fabulous, so maybe try eeny meeny miney mo? BTW, that jacket is going to be adorable and it rocks that your son digs your knitting! yay!
I am so in love with Kim's new designs (I knew I would be). I find it soooo hard every season not to get carried away. Who am I kidding ... I get carried away every season and always land up with way more than I can knit. That's why they call it an addiction, right?
Thank you so much for the links! Iris is exactly what I've been looking for, a perfectly feminine long sleeve shrug.
Knit all of them! he he... you're such a fast knitter, you can manage to knit all of them in no time (right? that's a challenge by the way :) Great job on the jacket by the way, it looks so cute. Your son is not the only one that's eager to see the finished result.
What Leanne says describes me perfectly! Every season I get carried away and buy yarn for more projects than I can handle because I want to knit it all. (It's a good thing I can't get Rowan locally or I'd get pushed out of my apartment from all the yarn I'd have busting out of it.) I second the motion on the creation of a Greedy Knitters Therapy Group. We can have it in the rules that getting yarn for more projects than we can handle is allowed provided we swap that yarn with other members of the group if we don't knit it in a timely manner. Tee hee!
If only all recipients of lovingly-knitted items were as enthusiastic as your Captain Destructo! You've taught him well!
Do knit Whisper--I was thinking of making it too, but I made "Merry" and I think it's the same pattern, with different yarn and embroidery. The tucks are fun and would look great on you!
sign me up for that group. that would be a great idea, lol. rowans are always filled with must knits. i could start knitting from back issues and never get up to current ones. and your ribbing is just perfect!
I vote for Jenny, though I think they would all look great on you. I am plowing through sleeves on the cardigan I am doing now; I wish I was as fast as you! I would DEFINITELY need to be in the greedy knitters therapy group. The stash based on desired projects has taken over my armoire!
It looks great. It's so great to know that it'll be appreciated and loved...there's no better reaction than "cool" :)
Your son is TOO MUCH. How cute. The knits are looking good. Alan Rickman. [jenny makes cat purring noise]. mmmmm.
I have been ooggling Whisper for about the same about of time, so I am really looking forward to seeing you knit it up. As far as ribbing and hand massages go - I hear your pain (and I feel it too for that matter), but for me it is some serious elbow pain.
I have also been very tempted by the Iris bolero. We shall see....
Elspeth fer sure. And as for the Captain's jackets - c'est chouette!
Can I just make another general comment about how much I love your website? I do. If you knew how anti-web-browsing I am, you'd understand why I'm so suprised with myself and how I've made this a daily read. Its inspiring and if we happen to be knitting the same thing, its wonderfully helpful. I appreciate the time you take to "share the love" of knitting. I'm sure you get that alot! : )
Elspeth looks great in the photo but I saw it knitted up at my LYS and I've gotta tell you, it looked a lot like a dischcloth. Maybe in a different yarn....
If I weren't immune to maternal guilt this post would do it for my poor boys, who won't get anything new started for them before fall. But oh well. This summer the knitting is all about me. In that regard, I've got the yarn for Whisper in the stash, so if you cut loose on that one maybe I'll have to pull it out and get down to business in tandem. (That would make, er, seven cardigans for the summer? Sure.) I'm also game for Elspeth -- seems like the perfect thing to toss on when you're in a chilly office building!
Oh, I just love China! Gemma is pretty sweet, too. I also agree you should just cave in and do them all! :) I would like to nominate myself for the Greedy Knitter's Circle.....just bought 10 skeins of Schachenmeyer in each of 3 different colors, some gorgeous funky cotton from in chartreuse, and some Elann Sonata, all at once, with no particular plans. On top of which, I also bought a few patterns off different websites. Oh, did I mention that I go to school, work part time, and have 3 kids under age 5???? Your son sounds sooooooo sweet.
Definitely go Jenny! I have just finished knitting her and I love it! Had lots of compliments from everyone. It's an easy knit and I did it in about 10 days. Great fit and fabulous colours.
Just reading with my morning tea (at work), not yet awake.... thinking 'yum, that chocolate looks good' when I see Sarah W. in bold text... shocking. Darn near woke me up! I love the captain's jacket - looks so cool! And so sweet that he's that enthusiastic too.
Thanks for the input and for the kind words! Last night I showed the projects I am considering to my husband, and his picks were China and Iris. Elspeth was also a favorite but he feels I wouldn't wear it. He's probably right. I love the design but the crochet edging is probably a little fussy for the kind of clothes I usually wear; I wonder how it would look without it? Or maybe in another color? (Do love the pink, though.) P.S. Whisper is a given; I'm definitely knitting that. Got the yarn, got the pattern, will MAKE myself get the knitting time.
spooky spooky spooky. I'm just about to start my very first Phildar project and it's a ribby with aysymetric zip - 'cept mine's in Oxygene. We have such good taste :0)
I oohed out loud when I saw the Kim H, picture. It's fabulous and femimine and summery. Can't wait to see the finished jacket and the fun sideshow :o)
Oh, to be young and slender. I was one of those, once. All those styles are cute, but the only one I would even think about making for my podgy bod is China and then only if I made it a bit longer. Sigh. I'll have to live vicariously. "Look how cute Becky is! If I were young and smart and lived in France and...." Nope, just too hard to imagine. And enjoy the Captain's excitement about your knitting. My seventeen-year-old daughter, for whom I would love to knit, hates sweaters. I've made her some socks and some fingerless gloves. Oh, and she asked for a scarf, too. Now *she'd* look cute in some of those styles.
Oh, the Kim Hargreaves site is SO awesome. I want to knit it all! And how awesome that the Cappy loves the knitting so much!! and he thinks it's cool! I had to twist Jacob's arm every time I need him to try on his sweater...you're raising a fine lad! :)
Oh! Sarah R is too kind. I like to think I'm young, but I have an 18 year old brother who thinks I'm "old" because I'm his age multiplied by 2 plus 1. (Oops! My age is showing. Notwithstanding, I plan on blowing out no more than 30 candles for the remainder of my birthdays.) P.S. to Carrie: Just wait until you knit him a couple more sweaters; he'll be so eager to keep you handknitting for him he's gonna be going with you to buy the yarn.
That Kim Hargreaves, what a temptress.
Yea! Once again I've been inspired by your site. Kim Hargreaves site is great thanks for sharing it.
Re: Gemma In the "for what it's worth department," I have to agree with your husband's choice of patterns. I was looking over the instructions for Gemma. The color to be used is always on the wrong side of the work. I don't know about you, but that would drive me bats. I vote for China.
Hey Becky...when it comes to your choice of men...you have great taste. Ohhhh, Keanu baby. He's HOT! When I was in LA last September, I saw him walking down Melrose Ave.
Me likey the blog re-design.
how sweet is that son of yours?!?!?! that is so cute.... only YOU could have me add projects to my list when i haven't knit a stitch in TWO WEEKS! i love kim hargreaves' collection, and glint is fabulous. don't get me started on rowan 37. :-)
Lovely jacket. I am obsessed with that color blue! I think you should make Glint from Kim Hargreaves! I think that is super cute....
Fabulous cardi. I love that color blue. Fab new Calmer too. Woohoo for great trades.
You are one awesome knitter. I can't get enough of your projects! One can only aspire to one day be as good as you are.
your knitting is really coming along! i love the color.. mmmmm, you're an alan rickman fan too, huh? he's delicious.
Thank you! :-)

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