April 19, 2004

Why, it's a Bubble Gum Bucket Hat!

Hello. Please block me.
[Click thumbnail below for wacky model shots.]

Hat número 1 is finished! I used the Bottom's Up version and Sugar Babies 100% cotton in pink. This hat is going to be blocked and then sent overseas to my niece, but my son kindly modeled it before he went to school [hence the pyjamas] so we can see how it looks worn. He is, as always, a ham. As customary, there are extra photos because they make me smile.

I love the Bottom's Up version for children's hats. The garter stitch on the brim reminds me of the stitching on the brim of a denim bucket hat I bought for my son. I like the yarn doubled, it truly creates a stiff brim. However, I've read how some have found knitting the doubled yarn for the brim to be hard on the hands. I personally didn't find it to be hard on my hands, but that might be because the yarn didn't seem stiff or because I used to go mountain climbing when I was in college. Yep, I've got a crusher of a grip. The only thing I didn't like was purling in the round for the garter stitch. Next time, I may just knit the brim flat and then continue in the round for the rest of the hat. As for needles, it's probably a good idea to use aluminum or metal needles (I went with Inox aluminum) because I think that bamboo or wooden needles might not be strong enough for some cotton yarns used doubled.

I'll be doing several bucket hats for the entire duration of the knitalong, so expect more to come. As for the other knitalongers, we've got some more finished bucket hats! Katie has finished a Bottom's Up, Stine has finished a "Bucket of Fireflys" using Firefly by Cleckheaton, and Linda has knit a Bottom's Up using Berroco Cotton in a beautiful coral. Snazzy! I always enjoy seeing how others take the same pattern and personalize it. Now, knitalongers, have you any questions or updates to share? How are you coming along with yarn choices? If you've started, how did you find knitting that doubled brim?

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Actually, I finally got to the yarn store over the weekend and bought 16" circular needles in US2, 3, and 4, since I couldn't get gauge with US5. I was so excited to begin, because I have this cotton yarn in shades of yellow and white that I love. I got gauge with the US4 neddle, and so began the brim on the 3. It was very tough on my hands, but the cotton I'm using is that kitchen type, which has absolutely no give at all. I was loving how the colors were working out, when I realized (at the first row of decreases), that something was not quite right. Somehow, even with my near anal checking and rechecking when joining, I had twisted the stitches. Which brings me to a question: When I pulled the stitches from the needle, the circumfrence was... very large. I think I could have worn it around my hips (but maybe even then it would have fallen off). Historically, everything I make with yarn like this comes out gargantuan, which is why I went down so far in needle sizes to get gauge. So my question is as follows: Is it normal for the brim of the hat to be so large? And if not, should I perhaps forgo the second strand of yarn and stick with the US3 needles, or go down even more? Or should I give up the dream of the yellow yarn and just move on too another yarn (I bought some awesome orange Debbie Bliss Cotton Casmerino this weekend, along with the needles)? Fellow bucketeers, please council!
It´s so cool Becky. The hat and the model :)
Gawds, he's adorible.
Your sone is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen modelling knitted garments (next my own), and the hat gives inspiration to make one for my own miss pink, and maybe for her primadonna big sister too.
What a great model!! Gotta be carefut with pics on the internet, though - he'll be snapped up in no time to appear on the cover of Vogue!! Speaking of bucket hats - I am in quite a sad state. I have gorgeous cotton yarn that I'm dying to knit with and it knits to 22st/10 cm. I tried that this winter with Ivana bucket hat and the top of it is all wonky :( So.....I'm trying a top-down bucket hat. I got the idea from toe-up socks and Wendy's cat bed. Cast on 5, join, knit a round, knit in the front and back of each stitch, knit a round and then I "undo" Marie's pattern. Round 1 knit-increasing 5 stitches (just like you decrease in the original pattern) Round 2 knit - then I figure I can do one decrease round (the "pick up every 4 stitches out of 5) round, knit down to the brim and then add in a second yarn. This is not me trying to be cute and outsmart Bonn Marie's pattern. This is me with gorgeous and soft cotton yarn that knits 22 st/10cm and I don't feel like doing the math ;) Except I had to do some 2piR=Circumference nonsense to figure out how big to knit the top.Does any of this make sense to you? What do you think about it? I'm still increasing on the top and quite honestly, I'm not in a hurry - the yarn is THAT soft and fluffy that I just like knitting with it. Might be the start of an addiction, ya think?
Thanks Eva, Maud, Nikki and Kathleen! :-) Marlena, maybe you wrapped the yarn under when purling the purl rounds? That could be why the stitches were twisted. To fix that, you can knit through the stitches through the back loops on knit rounds. Re the size of the brim: What gauge is the yarn you're using? The brim IS very large, especially with garter stitch (which is wider than stockinette, but shorter), but definitely not large enough to fit over someone's hips. Unless they belong to Twiggy, maybe ;-) Kathleen: I would think that you'd need to increase until you reach the size circumference of your head, then you work even for the hat part until you reach the brim. It'll be interesting to see how your hat comes out!
Very cute hat! And your son is definitely born to be in front of a camera; he's got the attitude right! :-)
What adorable pics! Your little one is such a silly head, and I love it. Just like his mom. :) I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for my hat, and I think it might be a little too soft for the pattern. It still looks good, but it's pretty floppy for me..I think I want my bucket hat to have a little more stiffness. I didn't mind the double-strands for the brim at all...I like the Bottoms Up pattern better than the regular old Bucket O Chic because it's all in one piece and I don't like finishing!! I might try another hat in some Lion Brand cotton or maybe even *gasp* acrylic. But don't tell anyone...
Speaking of a grip. I must say I used to have a pretty good grip before I had my son, I could open almost any bottle, but when I got pregnant and even now 15 mos. After I delivered I still feel my grip is much weaker than what it used to be, only recently I have successfully opened a few bottles. Your hat looks so lovely, I’m very tempted to join the knit along and make one myself, and perhaps for my son I’ll think about it. Love the pics.
Thanks for the tip, but really I am referring to the "Moebius of Doom," as I've heard it called. There was no saving it. I got gauge with the cotton using stockinette (20 sts= 4"), but I'm not sure what gauge I'm after for the garter. I'll try going down two needle sizes instead of one for the brim, and I'll be sure to share how it works out! (Considering my hips are about 36" around, I thought the brim might be a bit floppy... I'm really not going for the Holly Hobbie look.)
Great hat! It's good to see a couple of successful bucket hats to give me motivation to give mine another try. I'm sure it's all about the yarn and my attitude. I hope that I can upgrade both and then have a bucket success story of my own. :)
I finally made it to the yarn store and found its equivalent to the variegated pink Plassard of yours. I'm using Plymouth Yarns Fantasy Naturale (#9318). I already made two hats in Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton (a cone that I had in my stash) and I found it *really* hard to work with. It was really stiff and unyielding. The new yarn is much better and I am almost done with my third BOC. Pictures to come!
Gorgeous bucket! And I always love your photo shoots. Hmmmm . . . I feel another spring bucket coming on. I've got the yarn for it, sitting at home, just waiting for me.
Love that pink hat! I bought some Cotton Classic to start my first Bottoms Up hat, and the brim is almost done. (I love quick knits!!) As for the doubling on the brim, I don't mind it. I do have to agree with you on the purling in the round - can't say I like that too much...
This might be my favorite post of the kid - and that's tough, because I love all his photo shoots. Now that I'm done with my fancy winter hat, its time to move on to the bucket (or in my case the bottoms up). I'm going to attempt the felted version in light pink cascade 220. Wish me luck!
I finished my fist attempt yesterday, with Bernat Cotton Tots yarn in the Jelly Belly colorway. I -loved- the way the variegation came out -- it made this really fun stripey swirl pattern -- but the yarn was, I think, too soft. My hat was really floppy and I wondered if the sizing was right. I'm going to cast on for a second Bottom's Up hat tonight, this time using Sugar'n'Cream kitchen cotton, to see if that gives me more of the heaviness I'm looking for. By the way, I, too, found that knitting with double strands was really tough on my hands. Once I got back down to a single strand of yarn, my knitting went super-fast and didn't hurt me, but the brim took forever and a lot of breaks. (I have somewhat weak hands & bad carpal tunnels to start with, so that might be part of the problem!)
It's fab that your son is so game to model things, even when they're PINK! The hat looks great. I'm waiting for needles, when they arrive I'll be making the hat straight away. I'm recalulating for length shrinkage with the denim, and if it all works out ok when the hat is washed I will post info on my blog with the photos - you can link to it or put the info on your blog if you like in case other people want to use denim yarn.
can one of you experts help me? i just mindlessly started knitting the smallest size, because that's what I usually need to do for garments. Now I'm five rows in, and realize, DUH, maybe I should be making a larger size. I am a slow knitter and loathe to undo it. Tell me, are all you ladies making size mediums or larger for adults? I am neither a pinhead or a punkinhead.
I am still in a quandry over yarn choice for my hat. I want something cute and fun, but nothing jumped off the shelf at me when I went to the LYS. I have a notion to do one in Rowan Summer Tweed to match my Amber sleeveless top, but I have to swatch and see if I can get the gauge. Progress will be updated on my blog.
What a great model! I love that last shot! Now I want to make a bucket hat of my own! I would definitely wear a bucket hat like that!
Could he be any cuter? I think not... also, the hat looks wonderful. This is for your niece, right?? I'm sure she'll loooove it! :0)
The pattern mentions the importance of not using a yarn that is very soft- which I am doing despite the warning: Manos Cotton Stria. The softness meant the doubled yarn for the brim was not too tough but it also meant my first attempt was a total flop. Should have completed shots up by tomorrow though.
Great hat and pics. Your son is really a dream to see in photos. That last shot is truly the cover shot. And that is such a great pink. It's really hard to find the right pink. Your niece will love it. Can't wait to start my bucket. Once I finish Kate I will have enough cotton-ease for a bucket. Your hat is so cute, I may have to dig in my stash to make my mini a bucket. She saw your pic and quickly put in a request.
Thanks for hosting, Becky - this has been my first knitalong! I've finished my first hat, and I loved the Berocco cotton twist yarn I used so much that I'm using it in a different colorway for a second hat (with two different colors). The yarn had a slight tendency to split so I did need to watch what I was doing, so this not a good "subtitled movie" project for me. I did find the two strands were a bit hard on my right hand, especially the index finger, but I think I was making too much of an effort to get my brim rows snug. I used bamboo needles as I had them on hand, and I just bought a bunch of needles for other projects, and I wanted money left over for yarn (sheesh). Addi turbos would have been preferable for me I think. The hat perches on my head in a great position, and feels very comfortable. I didn't block this hat. The yarn colors did pool in the mid-section; when I noticed I joined the second skein and switched off so that I wouldn't have coral/fuschia on two sides and lavendar/pink on two sides. This wasn't a problem with the brim as I purposely didn't match up the color runs on the yarn. I've finished the brim on the second hat with minimal right hand fatigue, as I quit "tugging" on the yarn after throwing and just did my normal tension. In addition to two strands for the new hat brim, I used a carryalong yarn, so the brim is quite firm (and quite colorful). ~Linda (redsquid)
I definitely found knitting the brim with a double strand hard on my hands -- I'm using Mission Falls cotton because I thought the texture would look great for this hat (which it does) but that brim *was* a killer. Glad that part's over. Had to take lots and lots of breaks. Metal needles really do help, and I agree that bamboo needles couldn't handle that type of abuse. I have a feeling this one's going to turn out a little too big but I'm hoping that a hot water wash after it's done might shrink it just a tad (?). I can be talked out of that if anyone has any horror stories from similar attempts... I'm a little over halfway done -- it definitely got easier after the brim. Your pink hat and smilin' model are just adorable!
I finished 2 hats and just posted pictures on my site. I used Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora and Noro Lily, which are both quite soft yarns. They are floppy, but I don't like a stiff bucket. I also think that having the softer yarns made the double brim easier to knit because I didn't have any problems. Your boy is adorable as always and I really dig your cute pink hat. Your niece will love it!
I LOVE the Vogue pose and the bucket looks very chic (Lucky niece)!!!
Your little boy is the best model! All my son wants to do with the things I knit is take them off. I guess he's just a born strip tease ;) I've just started knitting my bucket hat. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. It does require a good strong hand to knit the brim with doubled-up cotton, but it seems to be turning out nicely.
Boy in Pink Hat is very cute. Save this picture for blackmail when he is 16.
The "Vogue" shot is priceless and the hat's pretty great too. I love your blog and have lurked around it for a long while. Thanks for sharing it.
The Captain is in top form! We really love the nose picking shot. Hat is very nice, of course.
You're making me want a bucket hat and I don't even wear hats!
oh, cute hat! and great pictures of your son, what an adorable kid. i loved the easter sweater too-- he is the perfect model for your great work! i just finished the chickami (does dance of joy) after ripping it out oh, 7 or 8 times... argh. can't stripe and shape at the same time. but leftover yarn means time to start the knitalong! yay! i'm using cottonease.
Brilliant hat. Your observations about the garter stitch brim looking like one of those cute denim buckets convinced me to stick to the pattern as written. I had been considering a stockinette brim like Mariko's from last spring. I tried Cotton-Ease but switched to Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Naturale, because the blend just too soft for me.
Thanks to everyone for the kind comments re my wacky kid and the bucket hat! It looks like a couple of people are using Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Naturale and Cotton Fleece. I am really interested to see how those are going to come out. I'm thinking the Cotton Fleece might create a slightly wavy brim, but I think that's desirable. Not all the store-bought buckets I've seen over here have stiff, straight brims. They have wavy brims, which looks really charming when the hat is worn. As a matter of fact, the denim bucket hat I bought for my son has a wavy brim. Re the doubled yarn being hard on some knitters' hands, I'm wondering if maybe knitting one strand of worsted on a slightly larger needle instead of the doubled yarn on a slightly smaller needle would still work. I think the brim won't be as stiff, but the garter stitch will help it flare out and if it's a cotton that has enough body to it the brim won't flop down. It might be wavy, if anything. But, like I mention enough, I see store-bought buckets with wavy brims...
well I finished my bucket hat. I do have a lovely model for my hat. Needless to say I will cast on for another bucket hat today in a much smaller size. I have a pic of my hat on my blog.
Lovely bucket! Any chance we'll get to see it modeled on your dah'ling niece? :-)
Where am I in the knitalong ? .... well that would be nowhere, as I haven't started yet :( Love the bucket - that boy even looks chic in pale pink !
I've posted a pic of my first finished attempt on my website. I started my second attempt last night, and I'm eager to compare the two yarns! I'm also loving this pattern so much that I think a felted version for cooler weather may be on my project slate for the future! (I'm thinking felted and kool-aid dyed, all in one attempt!)
loving the pink-hatted captain destructo. he is just too cute for words. (as is the hat!)
Your bucket is wonderful. I like it much better than mine! Maybe I will have to make another in a spring color...pink?
The second-to-last photo is my favourite! "Yeah, that's right, I'm wearin' a handknit pink hat. Wanna make somethin' of it?" Great job, Becky!
See, I think you should just get on a plane right NOW with the little man (and the big one if you want) and come meet us all in DC. Or MD. Take your pick. Bring the pink hat. We can take turns wearing it.......
I finished my first Bottoms Up using Peaches & Creme. Has anyone tried the Bottoms Up using Classic Elite Premier Cotton? I was wondering if it will be to soft. Love to hear your comments.
That Vogue shot is perfect! Kudos on the pink bucket, Becky!
I'll be using Lily Sugarbabies too. I have a bunch of it I grabbed on clearance when I first started knitting. It'll be perfect for a couple of hats for my daughter and our friends' daughter! I'll be adding straps, since my daughter refuses to keep hats on her head unless they're strapped on.
Your little boy is so CUTE! He is so photgenic. Amazing. By the way, the hat came out great. Okay, I will stop gushing about yout son. :-)
How cute! I might have to join this one too. Sigh.
I finally tried a Kir after hearing you talk about them all the time. What the hell is Creme de Cassis? I can't even pronounce it. Anyway it was fruity and tart and yummy, but I think I will try the Kir Royale next. (Starting small).
I finished my daughter's blue bucket hat and took some pictures of her by the blooming azaleas. I used Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton and it was a bear when doubled. I'm finishing up a pink variegated hat using Fantasy Naturale and hope to have pictures up soon.
The pink turned out great! What a photogenic darling your son is too, looks like a charmer :) I'm only done the brim but have bought more cotton for another already (can you say addicted?). Where did you find the variegated Plassard? I have been searching the net without sucess so far...
Hi Becky, I had a crazy question about your swatches - how do you get the border around them? I did a swatch for my bucket-o-chic hat and I did it in stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border, but the garter stitches on the right and left edges were huge! Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?
I am done! One down, two to go! I dont want to share mine with my daughters.
so....it turns out you have to do eight increases (not five) to get a FLAT circle - in the immortal words of Homer Simpson "D'oh!" But the top-down bucket hat is still on track (albeit it a teensy bit slower with the smaller gauge) Will keep you updated on the adventures of the patternless in Krautland :)
Thanks again for the kind comments! :-) I'm seeing some nice finished bucket hats out there. It's really interesting to see how the hat changes simply by the choice of yarn. And for those who haven't started, don't worry. There's still lots of time!
Gorgeous little hat! Your chick looks such a cute little man wearing it *G* reminds me of a childhood rhyme - "Pink to make the boys wink" can not remember the rest of it LOL *G*
Question for you Becky - is it a case of *if at first you don't suceed, try, try again*? My first attempt is okay but a bit on the big side so I'm on to another. Just curious if we submit any hats or only our choice for the contest? Regardless I am loving this knitalong concept and seeing all the results :)
The contest is a part of, but not necessary for knitting along. That means that I'm linking to all finished bucket photos, even those aren't going to be considered for the contest. But I'm not linking to every finished bucket out there. Only those of people who sign up for the knitalong (preferably with a link back to my spring bucket hat knitalong page if they have blogs), knit a bucket hat after signing up, and point me to the finished photo.
My hands ached until I got to drop on strand!! Too bad I hadn't read more carefully, because I could have droped it one round sonner than I did. I am on my second hat, this time for me, in Suger n' Cream. It is going so much faster now! I can't wait to block, but I've never done that before... I am a little scared...
Lovely pink color! I'm still working on my brim. It's taking awhile, both due to the double-stranded brim that everyone else has been having problems with and due to the yarn I chose. It will be quite an accomplishment when it's finished. I'm just hoping that it will actually fit, because I don't want to go through this again!

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