April 18, 2005

Not one, but TWO sleeves. Now gimme chocolate.

Gratuitous photo in the car while raining shot*.

Now this is the kind of weather that makes one say, "Yep. Better stay inside on Sunday and do nothing other than make pancakes, watch Tootsie and Jumping Jack Flash on DVD and knit the Popcorn Jacket." So I did. See?

And there's another sleeve! Really, there is.

I love it when I get to the sleeve cap shaping on sleeves for set-in armholes, mostly because i) I know I'm almost done with the sleeve, and ii) I get a kick from seeing that little cap get rounded through decreases or bind-offs. (I know, I'm easily amused.) In this case the sleeve cap is shaped through gradual bind-offs. I thought I'd have to cut and weave the ends for color changes (as that's what I usually do when I have to decrease or bind-off several stitches at once) but I decided to just go ahead and keep on carrying the yarns up the edge because, to be honest, I was just too lazy to cut in and weave in ANY ends at all. The yarns were carried up the right edge (shown in the photo above), and hey! The edge looks pretty neat, if I say so myself. The secret is to not pull the yarns too tightly and to carry them as you bind-off (I stranded them in the manner of color knitting as I bound off so that there wouldn't be any loose yarns at the edge).

But that's not all! I finished both sleeves, one after the other [click here to see both sleeves], and then I cast-on for the back piece. It's the tufty popcorn-y goodness of this jacket, I tell you. It makes me want to keep knitting. Plus, I want to wear the jacket already. And if the rainy weather continues for just a little while longer, I might be able to.

In Sweet Tooth news, I had a reward for myself for not procrastinating with the sleeves of the Popcorn Jacket:

Further proof that Evelyn is a golden goddess.

A box of nuts and chews from See's Candies and some posh Bollicina cashmere/silk yarn! Evelyn thoughtfully sent this to me last week and I kid you not when I tell you that all that is left of those nuts and chews is the photo you see above because - get ready for this - they've already been eaten. Tee hee!

*I took this shot while riding in the car [NO, I wasn't driving] over the bridge on the way back from Tassin, where I take a dance class on Saturday mornings. The buildings in front are mostly restaurants, and the one on the far right is a Chinese restaurant that has the best spring rolls I've ever eaten. Once, two years ago, I jokingly told my husband that for my birthday I wanted 35 (yes, THIRTY-FIVE) spring rolls from that restaurant. I was joking, really I was. Well, on my birthday my husband came home with all thirty-five of those rolls! I feel like popping an alka-seltzer just thinking about it. But mmm, boy.

P.S. Wait! There's more! I just put up a new eighties-inspired design for this site. (Stuck in the eighties? Like, TOTALLY.) Check out the skin here. (I know, I know. I was four months late in getting the yearly design up; skinnyrabbit.com turned 4 years old back in January.)

Big thank you to Theresa for browser checking, and to Nikki (longtime friend and queen of clean css layouts) for cross-browser and platform checking and for going in and looking at my css without laughing. If you have a problem loading the new skin, make sure cookies are enabled, clear your cache, hit refresh or open a new browser window.

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42 comments to this entry:

mmmm. See's candy. That indeed is a very round sleeve cap. So satisfying.
Nice progress! And, I have found a shop over here selling American candies. So perhaps I will have the chance to actually get a taste of what you are blogging about, when you are getting those sweet tooth packages!
You CAN'T need dance classes! We have photo proof that you know every dance under the sun already! Love the jacket in progress!
Wonderful sleeves and yummy chocolate. I'm hungry just reading about your adventures.
This jacket is going to be done fast! I'm glad you enjoyed the chocolates! My hubby once got me a case of spicy pickles for my b-day. One of the best and most surprising gifts I've ever received! You take dance classes too? What type of dancing? I take tap!
CHOCOLATE! Yum! That's definitely a great incentive!
Love this jacket! You got silk-cashmere yarn AND chocolate?! She is a goddess. :)
Love the new skin! I need to learn how to do that :). Nothin better than Sees Candy, I swear. mmmmmm.
gnarly. totally gnarly! rad, even. ooh...that sees candy...mmmm I just ordered stroop-waffles. oh man. oh man. and i just finished sewing in my sleeves on Rogue. DONE. pics later you know what this means? cast-on tomorrow? x/o h
Oh, but I absolutely love the 80s (and your new skin, of course)! Great job on the sleeves and I must say, that yarn is so interesting :-)
I like the new layout! Can't wait to see the dancing shot of the Popcorn Jacket. :)
Cool new skin, dude. Those popcorn sleeves are like so totally cool man. Like, oh my god!
Wow, the jacket is looking great! Can't wait to see it finished (which I know in your case will be quickly.) The new skin is the best yet. I have immediately switched to it. I am nowhere near doing skins in my movable type skills, but it is wonderful to see a master at work. Thanks!
That is some fantastic new design! Of course, I changed over immediately, and feel right back in grade ten, stuffing my socks into shoes like that. It'll now take me a few days to get over memories of the accompanying claw bangs. . . .
Welcome back 80s!! I want that skirt and those shoes and a time machine dang it!! Fun new skin - I immediately tried it on of course. The popcorn jacket is moving right along and (as expected) looking fabulous...can't wait to see the end product!
Becky,You should do a big sa-lute and raise a highball to your parents gene pool since you are fortunate enough to eat all this candy and still be skinnyrabbit!! I would be a fat toad. Skin is cool, but where is Sixteen Candles on the movie list--or did I miss it? It's a classic! Punkie
I just watched Ferris Beuller's Day Off the other day, and those 80s fashions are startin' to look pretty fresh... Can it be long before I have to have an oversized sweatshirt back in my wardrobe?
What fun! I love a re-skinning opportunity. This one reminds me of Desperately Seeking Susan (fun fact: Madonna and I are the same age). My favorite 'moment' is when she dries her underarms using the hand-dryer in a public bathroom. Those were the days! xoxoKay
Mmmmm....chocolates. Mmmmmm....spring rolls. Mmmmm...Chinese food. Wait a minute. What's this blog about again? Oh yes, knitting. Nice knitting and Mmmmmm....cashmere. Someday I should send you some Rhebs chocolates from the East coast. Not as well known as See's but mighty fine. But they won't ship if it's warm.
Dancing, dancing...I took tap for years and want to get into it again. (Flamenco and swing are also on the list of "I want to dance".) Right now I'm taking hip hop, modern jazz and modern dance fitness classes. Great way to have fun and relax. I list absolute favorite movies that I own on dvd AND watch while I knit. I don't have Sixteen Candles yet, but I do have it on VHS and it is one of my favorites. I agree that 80s fashions are looking fresh again. My husband put on some REALLY old tennis shoes that he owned back in the eighties, and my four year old son called them "cool". That's saying something. (But I say we draw the line at Sun-In AND spiral perms. My hair draws itself back into my scalp at the mere writing of those words.)
I love the new skin! It's, like, totally awesome, Becky! Totally. And the chocolate looks yummy. as do your sleeves.
I resisted last year's skin because I really liked the ballerina, but the 2005-2006 model is a must-have! She makes me feel like dancing... We're into that phase of Chicago weather that veers between 50's and 80's. Daily. (Or sometimes, just by walking around a corner. We live near the lake, which means our neighborhood experiences the infamous Lake Effect in all its freaky glory.) So if it warms up too fast in Lyon, swing by the Windy City. Guaranteed we'll have more than one day between here and June where you could wear your new jacket!
i love the new skin! just brilliant as always. popcorn...is looking good enough to eat - but I would expect nothing less from the very talented Mme Becky!
I'll be so thrilled to see 80's fashions come back. Those were my 'glory days' too. I really didn't like the 70's fashions the first time around when I was a tot, so I've not enjoyed them this time either.
Becky, I love your new Skin. That is my new favorite! Stop torturing us with pictures of chocolate! I think that I spied some nut clusters in there. I love nuts covered in chocolate! Ahhhhh...I gotta go get a chocolate fix.
Oh-mi-god Becky! I like, totally love the new skin. I'm like, not stuck in the eighties or anything but can like appreciate it, ya know. *giggles, and starts to play Valley Girl on itunes* Thanks for the like, flashback. Now I need to go and do a totally-tubular cast-on or something. Later
Now, I know I said that I didn't think Popcorn would suit me, but you've got me itchin' to knit it. Those sleeves are so short and cute! And I luuuurve the new skin. Makes me wanna whack dance now!
That new skin is HOT! I am putting it up straight away :) Your Popcorn Jacket is just so rad!
Mmm popcorn and sees candy...springrolls..uh oh! Dinner time. Love those sleeves.
Irresistible Popcorn! Now, all I can think of is 1) Making this jacket (despite the fact that I'm usually working my yarn in "the other way", you know, the one involving a hook). 2) Trying this recipe: http://bakingsheet.blogspot.com/2005/03/shf-6-stuck-on-vanilla-caramel-popcorn.html Nice thinks on my mind this bleak and rainy Tuesday morning... Thanks Becky!
Did you hafta show the chocolates??!?!?!?!?!??!??? I mean, I can't even get my mind back to that faboo sleeve because I'm drooling over those choco nuts and chews. And I even have a See's 10 minutes away. Love the 80's look, pink, too. :)
Gorgous jacket! Love the yarn... I like knitting in the car too by the way, though I can only do simple stuff with bigger needles. Hmm... chocolate... I am an addict. :)
Oh dear, now I have to find some chocolate to make it through the morning. The fluffy, puffy sweater looks like a blast!
See's Nuts and Chews.... MMMMmmmmmm.... That's a fun looking yarn by the way!
I'm very curious to see how you will seam that popcorn-y texture! What an adventure, you might need a margarita. I hope you take close-up pics (hint, hint) :).
Totally awesome skin!! All this 80s talk gets me thinking about Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary and Flashdance and Footloose and....
Love the new skin - have adopted it immediately. Quelle surprise! How could I not since I was totally a sunin & desperately seeking sarah kind of a girl..... Now I will have Haircut100 songs playing in my head for the rest of the day!
How dare you show pics of chocolate covered sweets! And you, never gaining an ounce! And yet, I also like to reward myself after a particularly tedious session knitting (or weaving in ends!). I think I'll just sneak into the kitchen and.... Also, love the wacky skin. Will have to try it out.
As lovely as the sleeves are, with those clever sleeve caps to boot, I must admit...I adore the chocolate.
Anything for my Goddess of Knitting.
I have to laugh, because I recognized that as a box of See's candy before I read that is what it was. Mmmmm...
See's chocolates are the BEST. Yum...I lopve them. Very cool skins. I decided to change your look for something different. You talented wabbit you! :-)

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