April 17, 2006


[Click here to see a full shot. We like the full shots.]
I like to call these sleeves "yarn hogs".
(Keep reading and you'll see why.)

I finished both Holey Sweater sleeves. Woo hoo! All I've got to knit now is the neckband, which I'd really love to do but CANNOT because I don't have enough yarn for it. People, there is nothing more frustrating than pulling a Holey Sweater sleeve off the needles while whistling happily, skipping over to the yarn closet in search of yarn for the neckband, and then discovering that all that is left in the Holey Sweater project ziploc are a few Quietude labels, 1/4 measly skein of Quietude, a wee bag of sequins for the decorative flower....but not enough yarn for the 200+ stitches freaking long neckband! Argh! So close, yet so far. Please excuse me while I stamp my feet in frustration.

A pitcher of margaritas and a skein of Quietude in the same dye lot, stat.

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Ohhhhh, I SO feel your pain! (my first sweater had a lack of yarn problem). Will you be able to get more yarn, or do we need to mobilize the Yarn Seach Forces?
That is a major bummer...I am sending the margarita vibe your way!
Well, look on the bright sides: 1. yarn shopping! It's REQUIRED! 2. You can sneak in a quick small project while you wait for the yarn, without feeling like you're neglecting your sweater in its nearly finished state! Can't wait to see it finished. I'm going to be making a blanket for a friend of mine, and I was delighted to see that one of the pattern squares uses the same stitch pattern as the holey sweater. Good to know it's a yarn hog, though.
Arrgh, that is so frustrating? Hopefully you are able to find more yarn, yes?
:( Hope you get through your neckband crisis soon!
Sorry to hear about the yarn shortage. Will you be able to get more?
I'm dying to see some whack Rabbit dancing shots--arrrgh!
I will be able to get some more yarn, so that's no problem. (Whew!) The only thing is that I'd have to go to the yarn store to buy it, but I have a HUGE project due on Friday and can't go until next week. (I guess it's for the better. I won't be able to knit much this week anyway. Sob!)
That happened to me too with this sweater, I ended up taking some off the bottom (it is pretty long anyway). Good luck!
Oh no, I HATE when this sort of thing happens! I'm glad to hear that getting the yarn won't be a problem, but . . . jeez!
Yay! You did it! Practically done! Woo hoo! Congratulations. The neckband will be finished in no time and a preliminary celebration is in order.
oooh! That stinks! A friend translated that pattern, so I might try to give your Holey Sweater a chance!
What? Not enough yarn? That sucks! What are you going to do? Get some more from LYS? Or shorten the sleeves?
No, no. I will NOT be shortening anything! I like the sleeves and body at the length they are; I think having them longer gives the sweater a "chic" look and offsets the low neckline. I'll be hauling myself to my local Phildar store next week so I can buy the remaining skein (and probably a few more things, too. Hee hee!) Unfortunately, I can't go this week as I'm too busy with school.
OOOH-That sucks! I hope the margarita helped ease the pain. The sleeves are gorgeous.
Well, crap. I hope you can locate the required ball of yarn. A pitcher of margaritas will make the search so much more fun.
Oh sucks! At least it's still available so you can finish up this holey terror.
Oh no! That is such a bummer. I hope you find what you need soon!
Hm, the worst part is having to revisit the Phildar boutique, eh? I am fascinated (again) by the difference in appearance of the near shot and the far shot. Up close it's all stitch pattern and yarniness, from a bit further it's HOLEY!
Hehe...you know me too well. Like, I need to get my arm twisted in order to go to the Phildar boutique. (Yeah, right!) This sweater is definitely a most Holey One. Next time I must remember to get a shot with white as the backdrop so you can see how much ventilation it really has.
The Holey sleeves are looking good! Salt or no salt on those margaritas?
ARRRRRGH! my heart goes out...start scouring!! grrr!
I have some Quietude in Kraft for this sweater too and think I have extra balls. Let me know if you want me to check the dye lot for you (I bought mine in Canada so I know it's a long shot, but you never know!)
Oh no! But I'm looking forward to see what new projects you sneak into your shopping basket in the Phildar shop.
That's a bitch. I'm betting you can get more. Nothing stands between a rabbit and her yarn.
You betcha!
Doh! Well, at least it will be one gorgeous hog...
ohhh blast! Soooo close! Hope your able to get the dye lot your looking for! Can't wait to see it complete!
it really is looking lovely! i'm sorry you have to put finishing on hold. but you know that when you get back to it, you will crank it out in like, negative time!
Well that is a bummer! I hope you are able to find the same dye lot!
YIKES! all that work and you need more yarn! drink up! but at least now you have the awesome-est excuse that you absolutely MUST go to the yarn store as soon as you possibly can! Yay!
Holey sweater crisis Batman! That really sucks! Nothing is worse than being psyched to finish up and knowing that you CAN'T. Hope you get to the Phildar shop soon...
I love the sleeves. I don't know if I would have the patience for all those cables. Good luck with the yarn search
Give my regards to the wonderful ladies at the LYS. I still remember the instructions one of them tried to give to me. . . . and I have drawings to prove it ;) In fact, I think I need to accompany you to the store!
That sucks!!! So close, yet so far! Well, I know you would have finished it. Enjoy your trip to Phildar!
I am sending you matching dye lot vibes RIGHT. NOW.
Good to know that it's best to buy some extra... The more I see of your holey sweater, the higher up on my project list it gets!
At least you are getting so close to finishing it. It's Margaritaville time!
Shucks! ;-)
aarrrgghhh !! Not enough yarn and not enough time.. oh what a bad combo. but you can get through this.... :)
I can't comment on the holey sweater because I took a look at the butterfly camisole which is probably the most beautiful one I've ever seen and your gorgeous, gauzy yarn caused me to put my hand on the computer screen to touch it (the yarn.) Very beautiful.
That is going to be one amazing sweater. And I will force myself to join in on your seaming party with a couple of margaritas and when you're modeling the finished product, a couple more margaritas... is it happy hour yet?
"Oh, no! The horror of having to go back to the Phildar shop! Those scary, soft balls of yarn might jump out at me (or into my shopping basket!)" Hang on, it won't be long before the well-ventilated sweater is done!
Much luck on your quest for that nasty last ball (skein?) next week. Will your local Phildar shop put one (or two) aside for you or is it pretty much if we have it we have it, if we don't WE DON'T, first come first serve? I have a spring/summer project on the burner (VK #18 wrap sweater) but unlike you I'm still on the last sleeve (yawn). But I also have classes (yes, back to school) and exams next week. To the races.... One sleeve and one neckband du jour, s'il vous plait.
Had you ordered the required number of skeins Becky or did you begin with the yarn and then find the pattern? Oh and please don't say "margaritas" o.k.? I love margaritas and its been a while. I now have visions of driving down to the tequila store...smile. The sleeves are looking divine. I hope you get the same dye lot, but you know even if you don't it sometimes makes the project look even more original when you don't.
Oh no, that's a killer! But the sweater, the sweater is looking goooood!
I went crazy when I left all my knitting projects at work and was without them for nearly 40 hours. I hope you have enough school work and small projects to keep you busy for a whole week! Does this mean you'll be showing us your fashion school projects this week instead? (please?) Can you get the rest of the finishing done without the neckband?
Just love your blog! The holey sweater looks great - can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck finding the right dye lot!
Ooh, that's the worst. You should have two pitchers of margaritas. And some cookies.

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