April 17, 2003

I see the light at the end of the seaming tunnel.

If I only had a neckband.

My husband has been home all week on vacation, and yesterday we decided to go to Place des Terreaux for a stroll with the kid, and then for lunch at the Arizona Grill, which can only be described as the Sizzler meets the Grand Canyon [and there was a saddle mounted to the wall at my left. Giddy-ap!]. I treated myself to a strawberry margarita and decided to make an afternoon of it by eating a whole rack of spare ribs. All by my lonesome. And I think I'm still digesting them. But the ribs gave me the energy to complete seaming on the blue raglan last night! I've just now finished blocking the seams and might start on the neckband and wristband facings tonight while I watch a French dubbed version of The Talented Mr. Ripley starring Jude Law [vroom!] and Gwyneth Paltrow [yawn]. And, of course, I'll be doing all facings - which are in double rib [oy, ribs] - with a tubular cast on. Then I'll leave a row of open stitches on the facings and sew them onto the sweater using free loop backstitch on the right side because, apparently, I haven't gotten enough of sewing.

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and again it totally pays off for me to visit your site midday. it looks so fun!! i can't wait to see him wearing it. again that is something i would like a dupe of in my size. woo woooooo.
you work so quickly!! and it all looks so perfect. wish i could say the same for my argyle socks. tis fun to see the design emerge but there are a few particularly "homemade" touches near the beginning when i was still getting used to the pattern. i can only bear to rip it out once and then i need to let it go. but your flawless pieces give me inspiration. i especially love that gorogeous jacket you're making for yourself. envy here!!
Sew on!
I keep thinking that your son's sweater looks like a small version of my Janda. If you get some Mission Falls, you can make him another one, if he really, really likes it. (Or for when he outgrows it, which is probably rather quickly, yes? I don't know much about children, but I do know they grow with great speed.) Gwyneth=yawn to the nth power.
My daughter just got voted "Looks Just Like Gwyneth Paltrow" for her high school yearbook. I don't think G's such a yawn, but I might be biased. :-)
Nifty sweater, even without the neck band. The side to side sleeves really are a clever touch. You pick all the coolest patterns.
wish my 6' 3" sons version was this far along, but it is working so far, and i am in great free loop backstitch anticipation.
It looks great. Such smooth seams, even if you did have trouble with them. You are the masteress(?)!
What a lucky little boy to have a devoted mom hand knitting him beautiful articles of clothing! I like the color combo and the stripe on the arm.
Sewing sucks. I'm only halfway up the first side of the zipper to Ribby Cardie and am already bored, bored, bored.... May the force be with you.
Looking great so far! Can't wait to see the finished version. Have fun sewing. Well, try anyway!

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