April 17, 2002

Piecing together.

Am I the only one who moves like a snail when it comes to piecing together a garment? It's not that I dislike doing it, but boy oh boy am I sloooooooow as molasses when it comes to piecing everything together. I procrastinate like crazy.

But! I'm nearly done with this project (check the photos for my recent update in visuals). All I've got to do is sew on the neckline and bandes de boutonnage on the left shoulder stitch by stitch, and the sweater will be set for blocking. I decided to block the sweater as a whole after piecing it together, as opposed to blocking it piece by piece like I usually do. When it's sewn together, I'll throw it in the gentle rinse cycle for a few minutes, than place it on a flat surface while I gently pull it to the shape and size I want. It's easier that way and besides, I'm pretty sure that using hot steam from the iron on the cables would not be a wise idea.

I can't wait to see how the sweater looks on my kid!

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you are definitely not alone on that one! I avoid it at all costs. This sweater is absolutely lovely and your kid will look adorable in it! I'm anxiously awaiting a picture of him in it... does that help motivate ya? ;o)
It looks great Becky. I'm still slacking off on my scarf...
Thanks :-) Just finished sewing on the neckline. Now I'm going to reknit the bandes de boutonnage (the strips for the buttons and buttonholes that go on the left shoulder) because it looks like they're a tad too long, but that's quick. Still a pain in the arse, though. Argh.
This sweater is absolutely stunning! I hope your little guy wears it proudly... and doesn't eat popsicles while wearing it :)
Kristi, if my son weren't only 18 months old and still wearing a bib when he eats, there's NO way I'd knit him a sweater in white ;-)

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