April 16, 2006

Happy Sunday! Happy Easter!

I managed to knit a bit more on my Holey Sweater second sleeve last night:

Sorry...my work table is a mess right now.
Schoolwork got shoved out of the way for this shot.
(Bring back fashion school memories, Sil? :-))

And in Happy Easter news, we got Easter treats galore thanks to the thoughtfulness of my friend Mrs. Pilkington. Yesterday's post brought Cadbury eggs, Reese's peanut butter eggs, Nestle Crunch creme eggs, Cadbury mini eggs...we're talking major Easter goodness. But that's not all: There is also a cute Japanese comic book, vintage sewing booklet and a 1960s apron pattern from McCall's for me and some Glitter Putty for the Captain. People, the house is officially rocked. Thank you to Mrs. Pilkington for sending some big time sunshine my way in time for Easter Sunday!

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Gracious, am I first again? What could it all mean? Happy, happy Easter to you and your family! Thanks of years of cheerful knitblogging, and enjoy the candy! :-)
Have a peaceful Easter!
happy easter! funny that you're working on your "holey" sweater on easter weekend! also, i love all the easter treats you got! creme eggs...yum!
Creme eggs are my FAVORITE. I'm telling you, Mrs. P is a star :-) Thanks for dropping by and saying "hi" this Sunday. Have a good one!
The sleeve looks great!! Happy Easter !!!xx
HAPPY EASTER!!! Hope the Easter Bunny was good to the Captain :) Just caught up on reading today.. Holey sweater is looking good!
Congrats on finishing that first sleeve! Gotta get that second one done! Hope your family had a happy Easter1
Happy Easter to all at chez Rabbit!
That Mrs P really is a sweetheart. I think the candy must be helping you in the knitter v weather battle. You can do it!
Happy Easter!!! Sounds like the Easter bunny got you some good eats.

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