April 15, 2006

Look at what I was knitting while riding in the car today:

In this photo, I'm just about to start the sleeve increases.
(I love it when we gotta ride in the car for 15 minute stretches.)

Sleeve numero deux of my Holey Sweater. And funnily enough, knitting this second sleeve is turning out to be rather entertaining even though I just finished knitting one exactly like it. Know why? Because this is now a CHALLENGE, bay-bee. It's a showdown, between me and Mother Nature: If I finish this sweater before the weather hits 25 degrees celsius I'll be the champion and award myself with a nice long visit to the yarn store. [Insert drum beat.] Sing it with me now, friends: "We will, we will rock you..."

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Wahoo! Sleeve #2!!! I know your dress form won't be wearing this now! ;-) A trip to the yarn store is a great incentive.
Ah, yes, we will all start singing the Queen. Go, Rabbit, go!
Woo hoo! :-)
::singing:: We will, we will rock you!
25 celcius? Come on...make it a real challenge and go for 20! You can do it! lol I just love that stitch! I'm sure I've seen it before, but I can't seem to find it anywhere...do you know if there is a name for it? Can you believe that Queen is touring again? They were on American Idol, too. I just doesn't seem right to me without Freddy.....
Every time I read Holey Sweater, I want to follow it with "Batman" LOL.
You can do it!!
How funny that you're knitting "Holey" sweater during Easter break...hee...very pretty it is dear...
You are the champion, my friend... and you'll keep on fighting... to the end.... ;-)
Hee hee! You guys really crack me up. Who loves ya???
my money is on you rabbit ^_^
Too funny. Seriously though, get out there and kick some sleeve butt!

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