April 15, 2004

Scenes of a sweater.

Somebody got to wear a new hand-knit sweater for an Easter Sunday in the country...

Mommy, can I go pet the burro now?
[Click me for a big view of the sweater.]

Easter Sunday, Chaumont. A small town outside of Vienne (about 40 mins from Lyon) where cousin Mari Jo has a house perched on top of a hill with a KILLER view. So killer, the kid stared outside of the window at it while he waited patiently for lunchtime. "Patient" is not usually a part of my son's character.

I wonder if we're having chocolate eggs for lunch?

We had many an aperitif. After our aperitif, we had gazpacho, chicken and [gasp!] R-A-B-B-I-T for lunch. I had a double helping of the gazpacho and chicken, but passed on the [gasp!] R-A-B-B-I-T. After lunch, we discovered that the kid's hand-knit sweater withstands the rigors of the scooter. Oh, sorry. I meant "trotinette". Whenever I call my kid's scooter a "scooter", he "corrects" me and insists that it's a "trotinette". He also insists on riding it through every single puddle he can find. Bless those big wheels on it.

NOW can I go pet the burro???

After the rigors of riding the trotinette through puddles, my son took his new hand-knit sweater with him to a nearby house where there's a burro. There are no pictures of the burro, as Mommy, a.k.a. Camera Lady, decided to stay behind and eat orange cake* and drink espresso with Tata Fifine.

Best of all, the kid didn't want to take his sweater off at all during the day. He loves that zipper on the side of the neckband. [Awwwwwwwww.] As always, there are a few additional action shots for you:

Project specs: This red raglan sweater was knit using Aviso. Pattern from Phildar Pitchoun Spring 2004. My son is three and a half years old, but I knit it in the six year old size and added a two extra centimeters in length, for good measure. Finishing consisted of knitting a double neckband separately and sewing to the neck using free-loop backstitch on the right side. I then hand-sewed the zipper in, folded the neckband inside and sewed down. I am very glad the neckband is constructed this way because the inside of the collar remains neat, and the kid insisted on opening and closing the zipper so the inside shows a lot. All in all, I give this project a thumbs-up. The husband even wants me to an adult version for him.

*Bonus: Tata Fifine has shared her orange cake recipe with me! Here you go:

Tata Fifine's Orange Cake

[Measurements are in metric.]

250 grams flour
200 grams of white sugar
3 eggs
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
1/2 cup of milk
1 "sachet" of baking powder
1 "sachet" of powdered vanilla
1 whole orange - both the juice and the peel.
Note: 1 sachet of baking powder here contains about 4-5 level teaspoons of baking powder.

Heat oven to 180 degrees (celsius). Grate orange peel. Squeeze juice from orange into a glass. Put flour, sugar and baking powder into a bowl and mix together. Make a well in the center and add oil, eggs, milk, orange juice. Mix well until smooth. Stir in vanilla and orange peel. Pour into cake pan and bake for approximately 45 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

NOTE: I have not used this recipe yet; I've only eaten the cake Tata Fifine makes using this recipe, which she dictated to me from memory. Enjoy!

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Heh - I would wear that sweater - how cute! All I need to do is do the math to upsize it for a grownup :) And Fifine's orange cake recipe looks yummy, and a good sight easier than my Aunt Betty's - I'll definitely try it!
Your son looks like bags of fun! Photos of him in his knits always make me smile :) My absolute favourite is the one where's he's on his trotinette/scooter. And I LOVE his sweater! I've wanted a sweater with a zip on the raglan for ages and never got round to making one!
Oh Becky, that sweater is just fabulous. And your son is what we call "frajer", means very very cool. He reminds me my best friends son, he is 6. Will try to get his picture to show you. I could do with a an adult version of that sweater too :)
What a great sweater and great pictures! I've been waiting to see the finished product! I always look forward to reading your blog!
A voice from your past, Becky. :) You are absolutely amazing! Your knitting is perfection and you are so fast! I've been visiting Skinny Rabbit for a while and enjoy all your projects and especially the pictures. The latest round of photos of the Easter sweater prompted me to comment because your son is so adorable and the sweater is terrific. I am so impressed by how fast you knit and by the perfection of the stitches. :)
Wow, inspiration in two fields today. The sweater is fantastic and I can't wait to make the orange cake. I've been reading your blog for ages and I'm so impressed with all your projects.
Your son is adorable as usual and that sweater is fab. As much as I love that sweater and truly want to knit an adult version for myself, I have to say your son steals the show. His expressions are priceless. I love the ribby sleeves and that side zip is too hip. I will definitely have to get a hold of that Pitchoun Spring 2004. I had no idea the sizes went up that high. Your trip sounded lovely and I have to try the recipe you provided. Thanks!
What a cutie! Red is really an excellent color for him, and it doesn't hurt that the sweater is brilliant. Does it really match the scooter that well? He looks extremely well-coordinated from here. Maybe he needs a red bucket hat, too.
She does it again! Another gorgeous sweater for the kid. And here I thought it was no fun to knit for boys. Makes ya kinda want to go out and have a couple little ones. And maybe make a bit of orange cake.....
I couldn't wait to see pictures of the red sweater. It looks fantastic. I'd be working the zipper all the time as well.
The sweater looks fab--love the zipper. I might try an adult version for myself too. I love raglans and somehow it never occurred to me to try ribbed sleeves with a stockinette body, but I love how it turned out.
Un autre super pul Becky! You are inspiring me to attempt knitting something with a zipper - oooh, scary!
Your son is too cute! And that sweater is wonderful - a great color for him in a great style. I'm also feeling a need to go home and make some orange cake.... that also looks yummy.
HBomb loves the pic of CD. Red looks very good on him. The scooter oops! Trotinette is great, I wish HBombs had the big wheels. He would love puddle play with his scooter.
Bravo!!! The sweater is just so lovely on him and I am glad it is "CD proof"! Thanks for the recipe... It looks alot easier than my mum's orange chiffon cake!
oh! the cutest!
I love that rebel with a cause shot on the trotinette (9 times out of 10 the French word is cuter--this seems to be the 1 time it's not--scooter is cuter). Love the attitute dude...the sweater is great too!
What a fine red sweater ! The captain looks so handsome in it.I bet he had that lovely fresh air smell after his fun day in the country. :0)
boy looks wonderful in his newest handknit! you have a nice life there, dont you? now, my question is this...did he ever get to pet the burrow? AND!! I LOVE ORANGE CAKE!!!
Why aren't you exploiting that boy as a child model? Think of the yarn you could buy. What a cutie!
The sweater is fan-tastic! I have become addicted to your blog and am not suprised you have so many fans. It makes me wish I had kids to knit for! Unfortunately I must finish law school first...
does hubbo want his in red as well??? :)
That view is to die for - thanks for sharing! I adore the sweater on your son. Man, he is growing fast! I look forward to trying out the recipe for Tata Fifine's Orange Cake - Merci Tata Fifnine and thanks again for sharing.
I am so jealous, of the beautiful country, that beautiful kid, of that lovely sweater, and those great great photos. You have a nice life, Miss Becky. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into it.
SPECTACULAR job on this daring red sweater! I think the zipper sends it into orbit! Beautiful finishing and execution mon ami. The burro comments on the bike picture had me ROFLOL...
OOPS, trotinette / scooter not BIKE?!
Your son quite looks adorable. I am also tickled you shared Tata Fifine's recipe for orange cake. I love orange cake and try any recipe I can find. PS We share a birthday. My comments on our shared birthday were lost in cyberspace.
Ach! How cool is that jumper? CD looks marh-vellous in it. And your Easter lunch looked like fun as well. Now, if only I weren't so pregnant, I'd get my own scooter out and trotinette on down the street... maybe I will anyhow (or just a few sly laps up and down the loungeroom)!
Damn fine sweater. Kid's pretty good too. How much did putting the zipper in suck?
He's quite the cutie in his read sweater. I bet he and his dad would make a dashing pair in a pair of matching sweaters. But let me guess... Monsieur Le Husband wants his to be grey or dark blue or green ;-)
Hey, this red sweater looks like a must in every little boy's wardrobe. So. How Imagonado with 5 nephews? ;-). Great sweater, cute boy, and you seem to have had a fine day out in the countryside, that's nice! Now I'm going to read the recipe...
What a cute kid and the sweater is just lovely. In Israel we call them Corkinette, don't know why? it's not hebrew...but than not all words are in our language...like Television, is Tele-vis-ya. Thanks for sharing the orange cake recipe. I will need to try it. Makes me think of my mom. I once made her an orange cake for her birthday and she really liked it. Alas, she's no longer with us...well...anyway...great picks, looks like spring has arrived to France.
FAB red sweater Becky. It's nice to see such lovely boy's jumpers, especially as I am a proud auntie now! Your son looks wonderfully full of the joy de vivre! I think you should persuade monsieur le hubby to have a red one too and then you can wear your audrey and it'll one whole matching skinny rabbit family!!!
This sweater is great. I'd like to knit one for my son, but I'm afraid of the sizing thing and ending with something too small. Are Phildar patterns smaller than usual French sizes ?
What a cute sweater! And a great Easter!!! Sometimes I really miss Robin's Eggs and sometimes I think this Easter in Europe thing IS all it's cracked up to be. Visits to the countryside, Swiss and Belgian chocolate in le Easter basket and in-house espresso!! Glad to hear you guys had a nice weekend! Cheers from Germany, Kathleen
What a cutie. And I love the zipper. I will need to find the courage to add a zipper to a sweater. Perhaps it will be one for my youngest, Owen.
Hi Becky, the raglan is lovely and the view is really stunning. Do you find French patterns sizes to run small for children? I find the English patterns seem to always run big. Reason that I ask is, your son seems to be a normal sized 3 and a half year old and that raglan is lovely and looks to achieve the kind generous fit that the Rowan and Debbie Bliss patterns aim to.
Wow! The sweater looks so great on the kid, and I must agree with him...I LOVE the zipper. And I love the pic of him with the scooter -- his facial expressions are priceless. I bet your family functions are a hoot.... Great job, as always!
I'd wear that sweater. What's a "sachet" of baking powder?
The zipper is definitely the best part of the sweater!! Thanks for the orange cake recipe! I will have to add that to the list of desserts to try out this summer.
I've been looking for this exact sweater to make for my boyfriend! So, has anyone found the adult version? Maybe Becky can author one for us some day. I love it.
Hi Becky! That orange cake sounds yummy-- I'll have to give it a try sometime. I always love your photo sequences of your son-- I hope to have more pics on my blog very soon. A camera is on its way!
What a happy boy he is in those photos! Love the sweater!
such a great little model you have for your very stylish knits. he is growing like a weed though - can you please request that he cease and desist immediately? ;)
Your blog is awesome! I've been visiting for a little while but haven't commented. Your son's sweater is so cool! It's great that he didn't want to take it off at all. I love the neck zipper. I also love reading your site because it makes me think of the year I spent in Bordeaux. Unfortunately, I only started knitting in Dec so I missed all this yummy French yarn!
Great sweater :) What size cake tin did your friend use?
What a handsome chap - and one of my favourite reds too ! My 5 year old daughter would be extremely impressed with the trotinetting (?!) skills - "Hubba, Hubba, wingding, that boy's got everything", as she would say !
The sweater looks great! Can I go see the burro? ;-)
OMG that is SO CUTE!!! You make the most amazing things for your little guy. I want one!
Awesome sweater! And how great is it that he loved wearing it?! That zipper on the side is way cool. Those Phildar folks sure do know what they're doing. And so do you, lady! :) Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.
Thank you so much for the kind comments! I didn't realize how much the sweater coordinates with his scooter until I saw him riding it while he was wearing the sweater. You should see how it looks when he's got his red Mickey baseball cap on. Talk about ultra-coordinated. Maybe I *should* knit him a red bucket... Wynne: A voice from my past I am very happy to hear! How great it is to see you in my comments. Welcome chez skinny rabbit! Froggy: The Pitchoun contains designs for children aged 2 to 10. It's the only one I use for my son now. The baby catalogs only go up to size 24 months. Stephanie: Putting in the zipper wasn't bad at all; it's just the hand-sewing I find rather tedious :-) Polly: I don't find the sizes to run small, but my son is taller than average. The average height for a four year old child here is 102 cms, and my son (who is three years old) is 105 cms tall. I always add on extra cms in length even if I'm doing a larger size, but I leave the widths as are. A lot of Phildar's children's patterns are fitted, but this particular raglan is supposed to be bell-shaped and has a lot of ease. Claudia: Baking powder over here is sold in small envelopes. A sachet is one of these small envelopes, and it usually contains about 4-5 teaspoons of baking powder. (I'll check later to make sure.) Pamela: Aunt Fifine uses a 9 inch round pan. Not a shallow one; a deep one. P.S. to Elisabeth: He got to pet the burro :-)
Your best dressed, beautiful child looks dashing once again. The sweater is terrific!
Man, that kid is CUTE! Looks great in red! What an adorable sweater.
The usual: beautiful job on the red sweater, and boy, he's a great-looking kid! I'd like the exact same sweater in a ladies size L, please. :)
Another wonderful sweater, Becky...you're a pro! I especially love the ribbed sleeves and the zipper. I'm thinking of how many times I go to pull a sweater over my head with my glasses on and I end up stretching the neck and smooshing my glasses against my face instead of taking them off...Someone mentioned resizing this for an adult...sounds good to me! More compliments on your blog...a must read everyday.
The red sweater is wonderful. My daughter has requested I make matching ones for her son and his cousin. Please tell Tata Fifine the cake is delicious. I can't wait for strawberry season so I can use it as a base for strawberry shortcake.
Hi Becky, I'm late to post but wanted to say how GREAT that red sweater looks. Your work is so professionally done and you pay such attention to little details; those are a few of many reasons why I love your site. I was hoping we'd see a picture of the Easter sweater soon, thanks! And, your son is such a charmer. I think you are in for it... ;-)
Your sweater is awesome. You really make ribbing look beautiful!
Hello! I REALLY want that red sweater with the zipper to be my next project. Do you have *any* idea how I can buy that pattern in the US? I can't find it with any google searches.

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