April 14, 2006


Wanna see a Holey Sweater sleeve cap? Well, here you go:

Pardon me, my top edge is curling.
Blocking board, take me away!

First sleeve down, second sleeve on the needles. And I promise not to procrastinate on it because SPRING is definitely here (at least my allergies tell me it is) and I gotta get off this winter knitting, already. I'd like to get some cotton and linen blends on the needles, like, now.

Footnote: I knit the above sleeve cap while reading The Devil Wears Prada because I like a dose of chick lit now and then.

And I'm now on three day weekend! Happy Easter Weekend! We love Easter! To celebrate I will update my blog every day from here to Monday. Yes, even though I have to work on a BIG school project that's due next Friday and even if I have so little knitting to show I resort to gratuitous shots of my Captain Destructo in order to distract you. Like, this one:

Captain in costume rides vintage car in a parade.

A gratuitous photo of my boy riding in an old car during a parade held by my fashion school at a vintage fashion market last Saturday. He had a blast riding around and waving at all the people there, and basically getting enough attention to last him for the rest of the year.

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Happy Easter Becky!! Love the cami's on the Captain!
Happy Easter to you ... and of course to the Captain!
entries every day, wohoo! You'll better get knitting then :) Happy easter!!
awww...he's so handsome. Look for a little somethin somethin coming your way via le poste!
What a cool looking car! Joyeux Paques! Are you going to be eating lots of chocolate this weekend? ;-) I feel like stashing cotton blend yarns too. I don't enjoy knitting with it as much because some cotton yarns can be so scratchy. I end up with rashy, dry fingers!
Happy Easter to you and yours!
Holey Sleeve Cap, Batman! It's a Fluffa post! Glad to have you back even for a few days.
Mm....chocolate. I'm still a little sicky to my stomach, but I hope to get 100% better by Sunday so I can eat some chocolates. Preferably, of the cream filled egg type. YUM.
Too, too cute! Happy Easter Skinny Rabbit (and family)!
A long weekend here too...gotta love Patriots Day (a/k/a Boston Marathon Day).
I listened to the Devil Wears Prada on my Ipod a few months ago while knitting. I bet you can't wait to get some cotton or linen yarn on your needles! Happy Easter back at you!!!
Ah, a good book. And a nice sleeve cap. I can't wait to see the whole sweater. Cap't is adorable, as always. Happy Easter to you too.
I'm sure the Captain had a ton of fun in that cool car!
What is it about sleeve caps that is so much fun to look at??? I could admire that sleeve cap all day. Happy Easter!
You busy Rabbit, you! I'm amazed you've been able to turn out an entire sleeve between school and being sick. I hope you're feeling better pdq so you can enjoy Easter chocolate. Captain looks so cute in that car! Is he eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny? Is coloring Easter eggs a French thing too?
I am looking forward to see this Holey sweater off your needles... Have a Happy Easter!
The sleeve cap looks just great! I can't wait to see the sweater. It is my favourite of all your recent projects. I think I will get a copy of the pattern and knit it too. Yours looks so good! Tendances automne 2005, right? The model wears a pink sweater on the cover? Happy Easter! Go easy on the chocolate. max
The captain's so cute! Get well in time for chocolates!
how much cooler can cap. destructo get?! that ride is pretty swank and you just know he's working some faboo knitted garment by none other that you! bon weekend!
Jennifer's right! The Captain was wearing underneath the army jacket - which was just too thin for early spring weather - the blue cotton jacket I knit for him last year. http://www.skinnyrabbit.com/projects/spring2005_cottonkid.php [Awwwww! :-)]
May the bells be nice with you and bring you not only plenty of chocolate but also time enough to finish the second sleeve! (Here in Alsace, the bells don't come. We have the Easter Bunny instead. But it's OK, he brings chocolate too).
Well, you could tell us what you're making with the Cork instead of distracting us with cute pictures! Really, the suspense is killing me!
your captain is the cutest captain ever! he might have to be the new tin tin with his little white dog and sidekick knit frog. the frog needs a name!
You can read while you knit?! Wow, I'm impressed!I hardly find time to knit these past few...um...months. I'm fighting a lose-lose battle of guilt between studying and my unfinished knitting projects. Now if only I could read while I knit... Happy Easter!
That's a cute pic of Capt. Destructo! I love it.

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