April 13, 2004

Swatches for breakfast.

Time for...bucket hat swatches!

I swatched my yarn potentials for warm-weather bucket hats, and all turned out to be winners. The variegated pink is Plassard Grand Large, the blue is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, and the light pink is Lily Sugar Babies Cotton. I like 'em all, and I think I'll be using the Grand Large and Cotton Ease for a Bucket-o-Chic, and the Sugar Babies for the Bottom's Up. I went ahead and started the Bottom's Up in Sugar Babies yesterday afternoon, and before I knew it I was ready to play a game of pick up sticks:

Fancy a game of pickup sticks?

WHAT a fun and quick project. Cleverly constructed and from the looks of what I've got so far, I don't think I'll have to exercise the powers of blocking to get the hat into shape. It does it on its own. I can't wait to finish this first hat up and send it to my niece, the very She of All Things Pink.

And we've already got a finished bucket in the knitalong! Wendy has finished up a Bottom's Up Bucket, and added a crocheted flower as a special touch. Snappy! Now, knitalongers, what yarn do you plan on using? Any yarn suggestions to share with others?

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I am sure your niece will look fabulous in that hat :)
Love the pink bucket! I made my hat out of a cotton that had a heavier gauge than the pattern called for -- Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. I went down a couple of needle sizes to get gauge. It was stiff to work with (especially held double for the brim!) but made a nice heavy fabric with enough body to hold it's shape.
WOW, I wish you were my aunt :-). I love the baby pink and the blue...I'd like to know how soft are these two yarns? as I'm looking for a nice soft cotton that isn't too pricy. I'm afraid I will not be joining the knitalong for a number of reasons...mainly time that I don't have right now but also because I don't wear hats and don't know anyone that might like one of these. My hope is to be able and knit a blanket for the Critters Knitters when I'm done with all my baby projects.
I have lots of bits of Cotton Big Sport by idena/Almedahls left over from Sweetness ... I'm thinking stripes, perhaps? And I've got a pair of nephews who really need some Buckets. ;O)
Ok, I have so many projects going right now that I decided to cut myself off on new projects. Unless, of course I have something in my stash that will meet gauge requirements. And lo and behold I have two projects in the works right now that are both using Lion Brand Cotton Ease. And I think I may have enough left over to do a bucket or two. I'll try to force myself to finish one of the two first as I will need a set of needles from one of the projects most likely. Your pics are too inviting not to join in. Well Iím off to chicknits. Gotta get that pattern.
I'm using light pink Cascade 220 and (possibly) felting the spring hat and then making a raspberry cotton fleece summer hat. Viva la Bucket! Can't wait to see the Plassard Grand Large in particular, since its a yarn I'm not familiar with....
Yes, please sign me up! I already miss my winter bucket of chic and definitely need a snappy spring bonnet. I will visit the yarn store to see what cotton catches my eyes.
I'm planning on using Mission Falls cotton too. It's been sitting here staring at me but I've been busy trying to get a few things finished before I start it.
Ooohhh your swatches look so tasty! I already have the pattern so I see no excuse not to participate. Please sign me up. I love spring colors!
Love the pink! It's neat seeing how the bottoms up works up. I've got my pattern so now it's all about the yarn. And I almost got some Mission Falls cotton for my bottomsup hat over the weekend! Seeing Wendy's hat is my punishment for being sensible. :) But I've got plenty of other yarns and should do some bucket hat swatching myself tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!
I bought some Sugar N' Cream cotton in a lovely light olive green, some Bernat Cotton Tots (?) in lime green, and have some pink Cotton Fleece in my stash that I'm going to try to use. I started swatching last night with some stash cotton (this beautiful local stuff that looks so beachy), but I'm afraid it won't be sturdy enough. I plan to make at least a hundred bucket hats this summer (or, you know, somewhere around ten). :)
That pink hat is looking so pretty! I had to order the circular needles and received them today, so I'll definitely be bucketing this weekend...
Oh! I have some Bernat Cotton Tots in hot pink in my stash! I forgot I had it. This might be my chance to use it. I also have some of that Cotton Fleece left over from the other hats I recently knit...
That pink bucket almost looks edible, like bubble gum. What a lucky niece.
Your niece is a very lucky girl!!! She will be ever so stylish with her pink tank and cardigan ensemble plus hat.
It really does look bubble-gummy! The bottoms-up bucket has got me craving one, too-- and after all your comments about Cotton Fleece, I found a skein in my stash. I think I really do need a hat... ;)
Ooh...I want to get Sugar Babies. I love the candy pink color. Great looking bucket Becky
I'm using Rowan Hand Knit Cotton DK for my bucket. It swatched up just fine on the 4.5mm needles. However, I have to tear myself away from my current sock project in order to finish casting on! :-)
Yikes! I'd better get started. I'm using Rowan calmer in blue & stone - going for some stripes. Your niece will be so sweet in her pink ensemble!
Believe it or not, this Florida gal has NO summer hats!! So I'm joining this fabby knitalong! I bought the bottoms-up BOC pattern last night and I plan to use Rowan All Seasons Cotton in either Remote (lt. blue) or Giddy (lt. lavender) or BOTH :) as soon as the yarn arrives! I am using this Aran weight yarn cause like Wendy, I would like a stiff fabric. Can't wait to get swatching!Woot! Love ALL your swatches too, Becky! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest!
I'm just getting started on my Bottoms Up. I found 2 skeins of Patons Cotton Colors in my stash in a blue/purple multi colorway. It's pretty old--I have no idea where or why I even got it, since I'm only now starting to enjoy knitting with cotton--but my daughter likes these colors and it's for her.
I'll be getting started on my Bucket Hat hopefully tomorrow..I've got one of those cones of Denim Cotton in yellow that's been sitting in my stash forever. And as soon as I'm recovered from my wisom teeth removal I'll be hitting the local yarn stores..
Wait wait! Mines done too! I'm just waiting for my mom to come back from Hawaii with a fantastic picture of her wearing it!
Ooh, looks great! I'm tempted...
I was reading another one of your pages - the fluffy vest you knit for your son, and wanted to know what "selvedges" are. I've seen this before and can't find an answer... I'm excited about the knitalong - I finally got spring yarn!
My favorite has got to be the Grand Large. But I'm a complete sucker for variagated yarns. I really like the way the colors work together in your swatch. Any chance you'll be giving us a peek at that lovely blue variation you we saw a picture of not too long ago?
Terrific !!! ... May I ask you where do you find the patterns for the Bottom 'Up and for Stawberry, Pumpkin and some other fruit hats ? I didn't find this information in the previous posts ... I am fond of your blog, beautiful pictures and funny comments are so
Ooh. I've been ogling this pattern for a while, and so I may have to join the knit-along and finally make one. I'm not really much of a hat person, but I wore my friend's bucket hat all over Chicago one chilly weekend and loved it. It was also just about the only hat style that I felt flattered me! I shall have to wander off to the LYS to investigate my cotton options. I'll email you once I've figured out when/if I'm joining the knitalong!
Sounds like there are going to be some neat bucket hats this season. I think it's interesting that a few are going to be using stash yarn. This hat is a good way to stash-bust! :-) Riane: You can obtain the bucket hat patterns from ChicKnits.com. Theresa: I am VERY eager to start one of those variegated hats! I'm going to be doing the blue variegated Plassard next, so keep your eye out.
Very pretty hat, Becky! Your niece is a lucky girl :) I'd like to join the knit along too. I'll have to visit a yarn shop since my stash is low on cotton right now.
I just picked up my yarn today after buying the pattern. I got GGH Samoa in white and Filatura Di Crosa in orange. The picture I have in my head for it is so cute, so here's hoping it turns out that way!
I just finished my first attempt, in Bernat Cotton Tots. Not only did the yardage on the label not -quite- carry me through, but I think it might be too soft. I will commence attempt #2 (now that I have the hang of it) tonight, in a different, stiffer cotton. (I think it will be Sugar'n'Cream, though I do have some Cotton Ease here.) Here's hoping it works better the second time around!
I used Bernat cotton. This is my first bucket, so I think it is fine as I have nothing else to compare it to. The brim is nice and stiff (had a pair of crampy hands at the end of it!). And the crown is fine. Looking forward to some warm weather here in Toronto so I can wear it!

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