April 12, 2007

Cheeky Bustier!

Hey dudes!* I've got a finished teeny bustier to show you. Gigi is doing the modeling for me. She loves showin' off on the blog.

It's very hubba hubba.

Details, again: Shexy Bustier from Phildar Eté 2006, knit using a very chic silk/merino blend that the luverly Claudia sent me. She picked the color, which further substantiates that Claudia is brilliant because she picked a color that she knew I'd love and wear. All hail Claudia.

It's sheriously shexy. (Yes, just like that.)

spring2007_bustier_finished_picot_thumb.jpgI really love how the top of the bustier is shaped; it looks really delicate and feminine. But my favorite part is the picot edging, and not just because it looks like pie crust. [Yum, yum.] I just love how picot looks. I do believe it's my current favorite edging. (Subject to change later. I am fickle, after all.)

I haven't debuted this bustier yet because it's loose on me and I want to wear it layered over another top, so I'll be shopping for one as soon as I get a chance. Plus, I love any excuse to shop. Viva shopping. (I'll put up modeling shots as soon as I get the top.)

*That's how I've been greeting my friends at work and at school lately. "Hey dudes!" Just like that, in my very American English. I love that most of them answer me back in the same way. Hee hee. (I live in France and work only with French people, for those who don't know that yet.)

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Good job - and poor you with having to shop. It's so hard! ;)
Very sexy indeed! I can't wait to see the modeled shots.
Claudia IS a smarty! She must just KNOW you or something. That top looks absolutely fabulous and I want it. I want every top or sweater I see. It is an obsession. Can't wait to see how you pair it!
The shexy top is fabulous (as always!!). I'm looking forward to seeing it on someone other than Gigi -- although Gigi does have a beauty all her own :) Also, I love that you've been saying "hey dude" to your co-workers. I adopted "hey dude" as my official telephone greeting after seeing Bill and Ted's in high school, but most people didn't start responding with the same until after the Big Lebowski came out in '98. To your co-workers and you, I must give a "most excellent."
Oh, wow, that bustier is "hot"!. Umm, it's not really hard to pick a color or "noncolor" for you. I would know to get you black! The bustier is very lovely and shexy.
Hey dude! Love the shexy top. You need Mr. Fluffa to take you somewhere worthy to show it off!
ooh! it's sho shexy, for real. Well done!
The one you knit looks soooo much more flattering than the one in the magazine. The variegatedness was too much. And. The silk you used is delish. On a different note, what's the story of your American sounding English? hmmm... It makes me think about schooling in Europe as well, where, I hear, English (as in England) English and English accents are taught. IE. I was writing to one of my penpals, when they started using all these wierd British expressions... =================================== Note by Becky: Well, it could be that I speak American English because I spent half my life in California. Hellooooooooooo! :-)
Dude! It's totally awesome! :)
LOOKING GOOD! Can't wait to see it on skinnyrabbit in person, I'm sure she's even better at modelling than Gigi ;-)
Agree with a previous commenter--the version in the magazine is too obscured by the variegation. Yours is gorgeous and very shexy. Yet another knitted item of yours that I covet! =) (At least I get to have a couple in the mail, though. Hee!) =================================== Note by Becky: And they should get there soon. I took them to the post office last week. Like, excellent :-)
hubba hubba!
Claudia's never sent me yarn (pout pout pout)...Nice bustier chica! Here's to some good warm weather so we can see it in action.
Very pretty, I love it!
That is really cute, dude!
Shexy indeed! Can't wait to see the whack skinny rabbit dance shots.
Do some shopping for me, k? I have seriously got to lay off the shopping for a while. One of my favorite LYS's had a 50% off sale (50% off everything - yarn, needles and books!), and then boden and anthropologie had sales, too. The shopping over at Chez MOW was outta control. I love the shexy top. Very nice. Have you caught up to my machine start on our lacey tuxedo top yet?
I love it! Very cute. I'm about to picot the edge on a sweater I'm finishing up...it's my first time! aUgH! I hope my edging looks as yummy as yours does! [and if you have any suggestions, I'll be forever grateful!]
I'm always so impressed with your knits,Very Nice :)
Dude, *love* the bustier! Very shexy indeed. ;) Can't wait to see the dancing rabbit pics!
Sheriously dude, I love this top..and cannot wait to see it layered. It looks great!
Hey dudette, that is one great looking pie crust,err, bustier!
I LOVE THAT!! That is my favorite knit tank like, ever!
i love your bustier. hopefully you'll have some good weather to show it off.
It looks great, Becky! Btw I just remembered, one of your other knits that I really love, the Buttoned Camisole, also has picot edging. Yay for picot! :)
You can never go wrong with silk and wool. That is a plain fact. Lovely, shexy bustier Ms. Rabbit.
Great top! Your work is impeccable. I've been usinf dude/dudes a lot lately, too. I mean, it was always lurking there in my vocabulary, but now I use it all the time. On Easter, I had dinner with my family. My two nephews were sitting at the table, but instead of eating, they were loudly playing a card game. Frustrated, I said, "Dudes, come on!" The youngest (3), looked at me and said, "We're not dudes." Poor little dudes thought I insulted them! A couple of other crusty expressions making the rounds, for sure, and totally.
love the picot - it's one of my favorites as well. i used it on some fingerless gloves i have for sale on etsy. and congrats on your etsy shop - i sent you an email but i'm not sure if you got it. i hearted your shop and i sent you a link to mine. i have some cute knitted hi-top booties (similar to the crochet ones you have in your side bar) in my shop. how you have the time to do all the amazing designing and knitting and sewing you do, i will never know. you must not sleep very much.
It's lovely! What kind of top are you going to wear underneath it? Sheer and simple?
Rrrowr! What a great top! And welcome back!
it's stunning, becky... beautiful work! i am so excited to see how you style it. your layering is such an inspiration... always makes me think of wearing knits in new ways!
Dude, shexy! Love, love the picot. I swore off knitting tank tops, but you might get me back on the horse yet.
gorgeous as always. Can't wait to see the modeling shots.
Yo Dude!....Duuuuuude.....very sexy. looking forward to the wacky rabbit dance :)
That is lovely! Can't wait to see the modeling shots!
Duuuuuuuuuude. You ROCK. Knit on!
oooh! i love it! and i love that you greet your french friends with "hey dudes." hee hee!
I love the top! Hey dude, how come you haven't come to visit me lately. I need all the support I can get right now...smile!!
va va voom! you'll be a hot tomata in that! hee hee
absolutley adorable.
Another winner! I love it!! Perfect. Gotta laugh because when I am speaking to my friends I would say "Hey dude"...I also named one of my fish "Dubbies" since I kept saying to him "hey dude". LOL
Wowza! That's gorgeous! Great stitching & impeccable taste, as always.
Oooh so pretty! I just got that mag. Seeya, dude!
son magnifique ! ! ! I wish I could wear something line that.
What a very, very beautiful bustier this is! It looks so elegant and unique - perfect indeed! Congratulations!
Your bustier is gorgeous - so delicate and elegant. Lovely job. I'm a total dude-sayer - glad to hear I'm not alone. I even say "dude" in class sometimes when I'm teaching.
Ooo la la. That top is very hot Becky!
Dude, that is beautiful. Really beautiful. A great blend of pattern and yarn. I'm really looking forward to seeing it styled!
Wow, that's beautiful! It's amazing the difference color makes -- I agree with all the comments on the variegated sample from Phildar. This is "grown-up" (which is NOT to say un-sexy!). What kind of top are you looking for as an under-layer? You should get one of the trendy fluffy white pirate shirts! Shexy pirate.
DUDE!!!!! Love that bustier! It is totally fierce!
Wow, that is sexy! I'll be keeping the pattern in mind.
that's beautiful! you have fabulous taste, i love seeing what you're making!

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