April 12, 2005

She's knitting in the car again!

I just love me a good car knitting session, don't you? Here's what I've got this time:

I hereby christian thee: The Popcorn Jacket.
Close-up! Close-up!

It's the beginning of a sleeve of a fringed jacket [Phildar Tendances Automne 2004] which shall hereafter be known as the Popcorn Jacket thanks to those puffy little tufts in the yarn that remind me of popcorn. For this jacket I'm using Phildar Oxygene and tufty Phil Pompom, which are two yarns that would probably make a yarn snob twitch. We're talking wool/ACRYLIC and NOVELTY yarns. Together. In a trendy jacket. With fringe, no less. How could I not knit this? You can bet your high-end yarn I'm going to wear it, too. And don't you want to see a close-up of the tufty popcorns in the novelty yarn? Oh, go on.

I've worked with Oxygene [such a wool/ACRYLIC blend 'ho] before so I didn't swatch for this one. On Sunday morning I put my yarn and needles in a bag, cast-on, and giddy-ap! Worked on the sleeve on our way to Vienne and before I knew it, I had nearly reached the sleeve cap shaping. It's a relaxing, mindless project. Knitting striped reverse stockinette stitch on 4.5mm addi circs makes me feel like dancing, dancing, aaaaaahhhh...

And here is something else I took to Vienne:

The completed baby sweater for a new baby cousin!
[Click, make BIGGER.]
[Wanna see some CLOSE-UPS?]
[You know what? There's a HAT, too.]

Quick summation: Baby sweater and hat using 100% fingering wool "Baby" by Tiboodoo's (by the makers of Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or yarns). The baby sweater is in reverse striped stockinette stitch with stockinette stitch cuffs and hem. Pieces were lightly steam-blocked before seaming. All seams were joined using mattress stitch. Stitches were picked up for the buttonbands and neckband, which were worked in garter stitch. The hat [finished photo here] is in striped stockinette stitch, and was knit flat because that's the way I prefer to knit striped hats. Both were enjoyable knits, and I love the softness of the finished garments. My one complaint: I ran out of cream-colored yarn from the sweater kit and had to use a small amount of yarn from the hat kit so I could finish the neckband. Oops!

But wait...there's more: On Saturday even more Peeps made their way to Lyon! They must want to try the Beaujolais and saucisson.

Peeps Chick at the circus.
Slideshow! Slideshow!

A very big thank you to Cambria [psst...a snail mail thank you is on its way soon] for surprising us with a load of belated Easter candy: Marshmallow Peeps, malted milk eggs, Cadbury creme eggs [!], a chocolate bunny, jelly eggs...we're talking serious Easter Bunny goodness. Heck, I could BE the Easter Bunny with all these Easter sweets. And you just know that my wacky camera happy tourist self couldn't resist taking the Peeps with me on the road to Vienne, right? So here you go: Another gratuitous Peep Show on the Road slideshow!

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that baby sweater is too cute and the popcorn will be fun and fast I know it! keep knitting and entertaining us!
love the button detailing on the baby sweater, digging the popcorn sweater too! reminds me of the fringy phildar brumes and steppe jacket...could it be the fringe?! :)
Hi Becky, The baby sweater and hats are lovely ! I love the colour combination.
Oooh, I love that jacket. I'd knit one myself, but I know it just wouldn't suit me at all. However, I bet yours will look mucho nicer than all the versions in the shops here. Nice job on the baby sweater, too. For some reason I see you smiling as you sew on the buttons. Keep on peepin' on!
That jacket will be ACE. The yarn is really cool and very fun :) And the baby sweater/hat combo is adoreable!
That popcorn sweater is so you. I love the stitches.
I couldn't help myself with this one! I had bought the yarn last Fall but didn't get around to knitting it. I'm really into the fringe right now, and I like how this jacket is short with three quarter sleeves. Even if we're in Spring I'm thinking I could wear it in the evening with sandals...
what cute lit' baby hat and scarf. and that popcorn sweater is just soo fun!
Becky, I vote Fluffa, No. 1 Knitting Blog. It always makes me smile AND makes me want your life in France!
oh and that peep slide show was great!
Pop Pop Pop! Love the new sweater!
That baby sweater is adorable. Hope you got some pics of the baby modeling it! :) Becky, I LOVE that you're not a yarn snob! There are too many people like "omg, acrylic? gross me out!" Your popcorn jacket is going to be fab-u-lous!
The popcorn jacket is gonna be so funky :) I love it. Those baby items are so cute!
What are those decreases on that hat? Makes a nice detail there. Popcorn, hmmm, time to go see a movie!
The baby sweater is gorgeous.
Movie! Movie! I'm on an 80s movie kick lately. Ferris Bueller, anyone? I forgot to mention those decreases: They're simple s1, k1, psso decreases worked on top of each other. I like how they make a starfish-like design on the top.
I am really keen to see that popcorn jacket all finished! I think it is going to look just fabo - having just ordered the pattern last week I love checking out the dancing version.
Love the cut of that Jacket. I can't wait to see it modeled! Also...those world travelin peeps have got me busting a gut...I'm thinking your peeps need a passport! :) April 24! I will be ready. x/o
Awwwww, that sweater and hat are just TOO CUTE! Positively darling. Hey, how do you know that Peep is a chick? tee hee.
Jealous of a peep. How could this happen to me??
Oh Rabbit!! I've been admiring the popcorn jacket and was thinking of knitting it too!!! It looks so yummy!!! Now I have to add it too my stash!!! And the lucky baby, not just a sweater but a cute little hat too. You are so good, the peeps are still with you .. they would have all been in my stomach by now!! : )
a big "awwwwwww" for that cute baby set...and that jacket is funkEE! the texture is great. you really know how to "knit fun", and i love that.
I love the baby sweater! I'm also a huge fan of Oxygene, although it seems sort of silly to knit with imported acrylic. It's just so soft...
Love the sweater and the baby clothes! Love the herringbone pants you're wearing in the car. Mmmmm....heeeerrrrringbooooonnnne....
The popcorn sweater is going to be quite lovely when you get it finished. I'm always impressed with how Phildar manages to uses their fun novelty yarns in a way that is fashionable rather than just flashy-trashy. I'm also beginning to think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little acrylic in a yarn... I wear my Phil'Onde sweater all the time, and part of the reason is that I know I can wash and dry it without too many hassles! To every yarn there is a season...
Honey, you've got the best taste!
That baby set is just absolute sweetness. I love the choices you make for your projects. So much fun reading here!
What a lucky baby to have such a cute sweater and hat set! That popcorn jacket looks like so much fun! Is it fun to knit though? With the constant popping? ;-) Hmm...I wonder how the peeps were able to tour so many places in Lyon without being eaten?!!? I was looking for some mini Cadburry Creme Eggs this easter but I couldn't find any. Bah!
Now we require an on-the-baby photo shoot! And of course you're going to be the chicest thing in Lyon in that popcorn jacket.
Wonderful name for the jacket! I'm sure you are going to have a lot of use for it, in spring as well as in autumn. And the baby sweater is lovely. It even looks soft.
Popcorn, miam! Yarn snobs, beurk!
The baby sweater is sooooo cute. And the hat is great with it. Good job! i love to knit in the car, too. I once made a sweater out of a popcorny yarn and I love it. I wear it a lot! Looks like your jacket will be wonderful.
Your Popcorn Jacket sounds interesting..looking forward to seeing you progress on it. The baby sweater turned out just lovely!
I love the peep slideshow! Your peeps are better travelled than many people I know. Also, that's a beautiful baby set. I really like the way you seamed up the hat! Is that a technique you picked up from a book?
Love the popcorn yarn. The Peep Shows are becoming a family affair here.
Is the popcorn sweater as fun to knit as it looks? I did a scarf with the Phildar Pompom carried with merino as my World Series knitting, and the little tufts just cracked me up. Something about their squooshy, polartec character reminded me of the Muppets, so I still think of that piece as the Muppet Scarf.
What a lovely baby sweater. I love that popcorn jacket. I am seriously thinking about knitting it also. Of course when I see your finished knit...I will HAVE to make one. It is soooo Chanel!
Hi, Love the look of that popcorn! Just wanted to say hi, I'm new to your site (found it via SnB, the book). Am re-discovering knitting after years of ignoring it and pursuing other, ridiculous, time-consuming goals. Your site is very motivating for me! Cheers!
Hi Becky - So glad you've taken on the popcorn jacket because I thought I was the only one on earth who bought the yarn for it. I didn't start yet but will do so shortly. It will be a pleasure to watch your progress.
Becky - wow, I love the baby sweater. Baby things are so cute, and somehow, this one is very elegant, too. Very French. Who would thunk it - reverse st st makes cool stripes. I will have to use that in the future!
I love the Peeps Shows! It's like a photo series with a traveling garden gnome, but better :) Parikha
Oh the stripes and the baby - I can just imagine the round belly filling them out! ...and love your "christian pom-poms"! Pastor in CA
O.k., now I can FINALLY understand how you could part with the yarn for the pink and white fringed chanel-style jacket! The black and white version was waiting in the wings! (There's a clever reference to the Peeps waiting somewhere in there...)
The traveling peep is making me giggle at my desk this morning! And the baby sweater/hat is adorable...knitted baby things are so tiny cute! Three cheers for wool/acrylic blends! The Popcorn Jacket will be so stylish!
Props for knitting in the car--I couldn't do that without copious doses of Dramamine (which would render me unable to knit). I've only recently discovered Phildar (I belatedly caught that "Cardi Raye" virus that was going around awhile back) and have become a true believer. Although I've been able to get the English translations for the patterns, it makes me want to learn to knit in French. "Le Tricot pour Les Nuls" for me! Truly love your site--lots o' Phildar and fun.
I can't wait for dancing shots of the popcorn jacket! You've got great taste rabbit!! Baby sweater is adorable too - I really like the reverse stockinette - I've never done it before so I'll have to add it to my list.
Hi Becky, cute stuff again...as usual! Baby sweater and hat is very sweet...the popcorn jacket will be fun too. Sure is a long peep season in Lyon, my husband and I suffer from "peep burnout" as they were mailed to us for every holiday for 3 straight years. I'm glad to see they are making their way to France and not my house!
Those Peeps sure get around. I've think that Popcorn jacket is adorable, am quite jealous that the rabbit gets to score that one. I see it with new shiny black boots with some new skinny jeans.
hey! i'm making that sweater too! kind of, i ordered the pompon yarn and will use some random cotton in black and white to mix with it, since it's summer... and actually i lost the link to the free pattern so i made up another one... ok, so we're actually not making the same sweater... but using the same yarn, it's so cool to see it knitted up! i haven't made a swatch yet... or bought the yarn yet... so technically i'm not making anything right now... nevermind!!!
Go chick peep! Go! Run for your life, because Monsieur le Hubby will eat you soon!!!!! I have good friends that documented their entire recent Grand Canyon trip with gummy bears. Good stuff. Oh, yeah, and the knitting is great too. ;-)
Who cares if the yarn is acrylic and novelty...it looks soooo cool. Can't wait to see the finished prize!
Oh, you're such an iconoclast! You go! Something about those tufts makes me want to run for a sweater shaver, though. ;o)

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