April 10, 2004

Of anniversary presents and chocolat...

Happy Easter weekend! My husband has been on vacation since Thursday, and we've taken in an old-fashioned puppet show (the "Moisson d'Avril" puppet festival in April...if you're in Lyon, check it out at the plaza in La Croix Rousse and the Guignol Theater. Make reservations!), visited family in Vienne (we're going back for Easter Sunday), and decided to give ourselves an early anniversary present by buying a new DVD player. Hello home movies in English! And speaking of anniversary presents, I cast on for the front piece of my husband's ribbed sweater:

All that ribbing has the effects of a valium.
Watch Chocolat.

I cast on and knit a good part of what you see above while watching Chocolat (dubbed in French) on Thursday. Boy, oh boy was I thankful I had the movie to watch because all that 4/2 ribbing is one great, big valium. Monotonous as can be, but coupled with Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche and spicy hot chocolate, the back piece became a party. And wasn't Johnny perfect for that role? He probably schleps around the South of France looking like that all the time. I bet he didn't even have to come in early for makeup and costume; he probably got up everyday at 8, dressed, put his hair back in a ponytail, had his tartine and café, kissed Vanessa and the bébés good-bye and headed off to the set ready to shoot his scenes.

But wait, there's more...

I love backstitch collars when it's a worsted cotton.
P.S. The rows in contrast yarn were provisional.

Get ready for it: My son's sweater traditional Easter sweater for this year is finito. Terminado. Fini. All done, bay-bee! The above shot shows how it looked right after I sewed on the collar using free-loop backstitch (hence the contrast yarn), basted in the zipper, and had a kir. Now the sweater is seamed, zippered, blocked, and ready to wear tomorrow. As it turns out, Easter Sunday will be a double Mommy knitwear day: He'll wear his fancy Bouton d'Or sweater for church (so glad I knit it in a large size!) and his red sweater for the afternoon in Vienne with family. The day will include, of course, lots of chocolate Easter eggs brought from Rome by the church bells. (No Easter bunny over here. Hippity Hop!) And yes, there will be pictures.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

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The sweater looks great - I hope someday I can do something like that. I have been telling all my friends down here to check out your site - they are all fledgling knitters. I am amazed by your prolificity!
Lucky kid! Lucky husband! I hope that as they slip into their sweaters they realize that Fluffa is the mark of knitwear excellence. I wish I had your patience with finishing. happy easter!
Goodness, Becky, I love the way you do ribbed collars separately - I plan to do the same for my nephew's sweater - I can. not. stand. casting off a ribbed collar that's picked up to start in the body stitches. Not stretchy enough. I always cast on a ribbed hem, or ribbed cuffs, with a needle that's .5 to .75 cm larger than what I use to knit the ribbing; same for socks, and I always get a nice, stretchy edge, but collars are le bane de mon existence!!! (I'm sure you have a better phrase for that, lol.) Thank you for reminding me of that method again!
Johnny Depp. Mmm-mm. Watching him in Chocolat was even better than chocolate itself. How can a man be that beautiful?
Cannot wait for the pictures of Captain Destructo in his new sweater. And of the hubby in his! I know it's been said a thousand times, but, boy do you knit fast and beautiful! I have a double celebration tomorrow too: it's my b'day! Yay! ;-)
Happy Easter too! And yes, Johnny Depp was PERFECT in that role, and Pirates of the Carribean, too, if you haven't seen it! :)
It all looks beeee-you-tiful! Looking forward to seeing the pics of CD in his red jacket. Pity about the Easter bunny, though.
That sweater is looking fabulous! Happy Easter, Becky!
Love the colour of your hubby's and son's sweaters. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter and safe travels.
Congratulations on your new DVD player AND getting CD's sweater finished (like there was any doubt about that one). I too love Chocolat, great knitting movie. Happy Easter!!!
Hi Becks, Happy Easter to you and yours. I just love the movie Chocolat, it's excellent. I've seen it a few times and it always makes me hunger for some good Chocolat. Your son will be the most handsom at church and after, what lovely sweaters. You do mean Vienna, Austria, right? or do you mean a different place in France?
I just love that neckline technique. I hope to be able to try it successfully real soon. As always your work is perfection a stitch at a time. Great pics! Saw them the first time around and I am still awed by how wonderful the finished sweaters came out! And Depp! Oh la la! Depp, Binoche, chocolate. So many of my favs in one movie. Gotta love it!
Happy Easter, Becky. Hope you have a wonderful day! Looking forward to fun easter egg shots of the little guy in his new sweater! And I'm glad to see hubby sweater back on the needles - I was starting to feel bad for the big guy! ;0)
Happy Easter! Can't wait to see photos!
That's kinda perplexing -- a skinny rabbit in an Easter-Bunny-less country?!? Perhaps I'll think on it over another handful of Jelly Bellys....
Happy Easter to all your family :)
The ribbed sweater looks great! I love that speckled blue. And your son is a lucky little frog to have his mother knit him such beautiful sweater in no time! Congratulations! And thank you for the free-loop backstich - I am about to make the collar on a sweater, and I will sure use this method! Happy (belated!) Easter to you and yours! :-)
Happy Easter to the Skinny Rabbit herself! I'm sure the kid was smashing in his Easter sweaters..they are so lucky to have a knitting goddess like you in the fam. And oh, I needed your finishing powers this weekend...seaming up a tank with Cotton Fleece=many, many mistakes... :)
i just saw chocolat for the first time a couple of weeks ago - what fun! if i remember right, though, wasn't the imaginary pet a bunny in the book? how funny that they kept the pet's name (bunny slippers, no?) but changed the pet to a kangaroo!
that is one of my all time favorite movies -- both he and Juliette are gorgeous. I loved everything about it - the fabulous supporting cast, the scenery, the story. Now that you got me thinking about it I am going to watch it again!
Becky -- The yarn for your man's sweater is soooo nice. You have v. good eye for colour!! Hope you had a happy Easter.
Chocolat....gotta have it. I'm involved in the West Coast Chocolate Festival here in the Vancouver area and last year, I organized a gala chocolate buffet and showing of 'Chocolat'. So I watched the movie several times to get some inspirational quotes. My favorite is from Pere Henri's sermon towards the end "We can't go around measuring our goodness by what we don't do, but what we deny ourselves, what we resist, and who we exclude. I think we've got to measure goodness by what we embrace, what we create and who we include." We had that quote and a few other's printed up and incorporated into the decor of black, burgandys, and coppers. Then after the movie we served the homemade spicy hot chocolate from the movie. MMMMMMMM Just thought I'd share that with you :) Happy knitting!

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