April 08, 2004

A pumpkin hat for you!

While we're on the subject of hats...

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!*
Honk if you love that movie. [Honk, honk!]

Knit using Cotton Fleece in orange and Arabella Zodiac in dark green. This, like the berry hat I knit last week, is a Fiber Trends pattern**. Very quick knit and a well-detailed pattern. I admit: Some might find the band to be rather fiddly with the number of circs required to put it together, but I like it because it makes for invisible seams and allows the leaves to sit straight up. I also like how the decreases for crown shaping never interrupt the pumpkin pattern, and there are instructions for creating a crook in the stem. Very clever. Une vraie citrouille!

He was drinking a bottle when I snapped the shot...
[Click here to see the top of the hat.]

I've already given the hat to its recipient, my knitting friend's son. He wore it on the very same day I gave it to him, and I got to see the hat on his little noggin as his mother and I walked to pick up my son at school. How fun it was to see parents compliment him on his pumpkin head without them knowing that I had knit the hat. Hee!

On another note, I have to show a snail mail surprise I recently received because it is just too funny not to share here. Click to view the surprise:


A set of custom-made Skinny Rabbit note cards with mailing labels from Morgan! Notice how the rabbit is wearing a tutu, cape, holding knitting needles and flying like an action hero? Hehe. I cannot begin to describe how much it made me smile when those cards came in the mail unexpectedly. And that, my friends, is why Morgan is a golden goddess.

*It is one of my favorites, although Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown and Have a Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown give it competition.

**After I showed photos of the berry hat, I was surprised that not everyone knew about these hat patterns. They've been around since 1995! You can get purchase them from Fiber Trends and I recommend them for a fun, quick project.

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The hats are adorable but those note cards are priceless! Damn, I wish I'd thought of them first! Morgan is a genius. (Everyone around here makes those fruit caps from the Ann Norling patterns. I like yours so much better. Much more detail to them)
How fun!! Adorable hat and snazzy skinny rabbit cards and labels! Cute, cute, cute!! Very sweet!Lil' Pumpkin.
Such a cute punkin' head! Another adorable item by you.
Wow, I can't believe how fast you turn out the projects! And I was proud of myself over the winter that I finished a hat in 3 nights, but it was with huge needles and fluffy yarn and not shaped like fruit! The fruit hats are super cute! I'm in the finishing stage of a blanket that I've been working on since the beginning of February, and since it's made in 4 panels of stripes, I have about 4 bajillion ends to tuck in. :( How about you share some of your project-zippiness with me?
You inspired me to buy both patterns. They are just too cute!! Have you seen the pineapple one, though? The stem on that one is just awful! Like some form of child abuse!! :)
Morgan's gift cards are too cute! And the hat isn't bad either ;-) I have both of those patterns in my stash, too. It just never occurs to me to knit for little people. The pumpkin is much cuter modeled than I would have thought. Maybe I will have to do one for my niece...
Okay, the rosy cheeks on that child are just too adorable for words. And your pumpkin hat on him? Perfect! What a gorgeous hat. Those cards are precious too...what a thoughtful gift!
I already had the berry hat pattern but you pushed me over the edge with that pumpkin hat and I ordered the pattern and DB cashmerino aran last week. (For my newest nephew -- I am feeling terribly guilty that with the backlog of baby knitting there was no knit baby blanket waiting for him when he greeted the world in January, so this fall he gets both a Phildar bear cape and a pumpkin hat!)
Cute hats! And note cards! And I love Charlie Brown too!
Awwwww, what a cute punkin-head! Thanks to you for taking the picture, and to him and his mom for letting us see him!!
HONK!HONK! We are big Charlie Brown fans at our house(that is why we have a beagle). LOVE the note cards, what a clever idea. I bought the berry hat pattern last week but now after seeing the pumpkin hat, I must go back and get it. The child model on the pineapple hat is so funny, she/he does NOT look happy to be wearing it. Great Job as usual!
Thank you! :-) I had forgotten about the pineapple hat, but I just went back to the Fiber Trends site to look for it and laughed so hard I think the whole neighborhood heard me. The girl modeling the hat has an expression that is priceless, absolutely priceless. And the hat makes her look a bit like Carmen Miranda. Chica chica boom!
What a cute little pumpkin head, or citrouille tete! Those cards are fabulous, Morgan's a star.
That note cards are great. As well as Emma´s new colours on her blog :)
Great hat! I ordered both patterns after your last hat. Think I am going to start working on them soon for a friend of mine due in a few weeks! And those note cards are the best! What a great idea. Too cute. Honk, honk! We Love Chuck!
I love the pumpkin pattern. I made one of these for my nephew last October and my sister got tons of compliments on it. I think this pattern is much more appropriate for a boy than the Ann Norling fruit cap pattern. Looks great!
Oh my gosh with all the cuteness around here lately!! What a beautiful baby, and the hat is terrific. And what a coincidence -- just this morning my friend posted a picture of her baby wearing the eggplant hat I knit for her. Now I'm working on a lilac blossom hat for my daughter, and of course am compelled to go get those patterns... the pumpkin hat was practically designed for my orange-haired little boy. Hm, I wonder what kind of fruit or vegetable I could convince his 15-year-old big brother to wear. That way all the offspring could have produce-covered heads.
"Hey there Pumpkin head" -- is that from a song... hmmm if it's not I got a tune from a song that goes very well with it. What an adorable little cutie - lovely brown eyes. The hat is superb! Hooonnnk! Honk! Sasha is honking too!
Honk honk! I love the pumpkin hat. I made one for my son a couple of years ago. I can't figure out why I made the stem orange though. Your green stem looks much better :)
The pumpkin hat looks gorgeous and I absolutely adore the notecards. :)
Honk honk! I love Chuck and Snoopy!! I still have my Snoopy doll from eons ago! It is still in great condition and is being loved and looked after by Diva. What a cute baby! I have that berry pattern and am tempted to get the pumpkin pattern for a little one I know born in Feb.
The leaves really make the hat....definitely worth the extra effort. The Action Hero pose on the note cards is the best. Here she comes to save the day!
The hats are uber-adorable! So are your cards. I'm assuming Morgan drew the motif herself. You are one lucky lady, rabbit!
My friend and I have a running joke about dressing children up as items of food. She is abhorant about dressing kids as food or animals (No one ever dresses their child up as a pork chop.) I think it's kind of cute if done right (but have you seen the ear of corn bunting from Lion Brand? Gads!) I think her kiddo may be getting a berry hat. Yours have been adorable.
The hat is soooooo cute!!! Just, how cool is it when somebody speaks in your knitting in front of you without knowing you did it??? Happy Easter (+ egg hunting with a red sweater for your captain destructo)!
That's a fabulous hat! I call my fiance "pumpkin" in honor of the Peanuts. (Really!) Did you ever see "Snoopy, Come Home"? It's a semi-sad one but a favorite of mine. And I adore the notecards. How fabulous are they?
Cute, cute, cute! I have that pattern but haven't made yet (ended up using the Ann Norling fruit cap pattern instead). Now that I have my Denise circs I will have to make it for my kiddos for next fall. Thanks for the inspiration!
I love the hat!! I also heart Peanuts -- my favorites are Charlie Brown and Linus!
You forgot to mention the 'story' behind the cards Becky .. the fact that you are always coming to our knitting rescue. Figuring out different and better ways to do decreases or increases, caston's and offs and all that other glorious knitting information you have shared over the years!!!
Becky, I love these hats, they're soooooo cute, I'll have to have a hunt around and see if I can locates the pattern somewhere. I would love to make them for my nieces.
There is are matching mittens pattern: pumpkin, berry and pineapple, all in one pattern.
Your hats are just beautiful and have inspired me to get out that pattern and begin! I have lots of cotton fleece that I kool-aide dyed a few years ago and still have not used - a berry mix hat?? Denise

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