April 07, 2007

Speaking of picot...

I started a new project! It's a silk top with lacey center panel and frilly edges that look like pie crust, a.k.a. picot. The design is from Rebecca 33 and I'm knitting it in GGH Silk in black. Of course.

Love the silky silk!

This little number is knit in the round and for now I've got about 5 more cm in straight stockinette stitch to go before I begin the lacy center panel. Straight stockinette. In the round. Using 3.5mm needles. In black yarn. (Granted, it's silk. But still.) Need to make yourself drowsy? I prescribe about ten rounds of straight knitting on this piece. I can't WAIT to get to the lacy center panel part so I can start having some fun. Until I get to that point I'm entertaining myself with The Devil Wears Prada on DVD. Miranda Priestly (not the one in the book...detested the one in the book, and YES I know it's supposed to be Vogue editor Anna Wintour) is now one of my favorite movie characters. Meryl Streep, Skinny Rabbit loves you!

I've also got another new project on the horizon. I want to make this ruched top from Rebecca 22 that I mentioned a while back. I just love that ruching and, well, the fact that it has no sleeves because I'm feeling lazy about knitting sleeves right now. This one is knit using GGH Soft Kid and I'm so undecided on a color that Rike's Wollmaus sent me their Soft Kid color card (which I'll send back to them) so I could pick one already. There are so many pretty colors! What to do?

On another note entirely, I'm currently on a handmade jewelry kick right now, especially unique and quirky jewelry produced by independent designers and artists. [Let's support indie designers!] I especially like pieces that are made with vintage or flea market finds. If you've got an etsy shop or ebay shop where you sell JEWELRY that you make - particularly pendants, charms, necklaces and bracelets (no stitch markers, please) - dude! What are you waiting for? Let me know about your work. Show me the jewelry!

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I totally agree about Miranda Priestly! The book version of her was totally unfathomable. The movie version was so much more engaging. What a perfect movie for some good weekend stockinette knitting.
A lot of people watched The Devil Wears Prada for the clothes. Did you find yourself doing that? I can't help you with the color choice, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you pick. (I hope somebody else has an idea, otherwise it'll probably back to standard black. Which is never bad.)
Very cute tops! I like the ruched top as well, but can't help with the color. If it were me, I'd be all about the pinks or purples. I'm working on bead jewelry for the reopening of my Etsy store. I've got some pictures up of what I'm doing on my latest blog post. I'm working on creating enough stock to reopen my shop at the end of the month. If only I had a few extra crafting hours in a day!
Soft Kid is sooooooooo pretty. I think my store has half the colors on the card (see picture at [edited]) and I still want all of them.
I like the dusky blue and the dusky green colors. That's a very cute top.
I watch that DVD twice. The second time just only to watch the clothes :)
B l a c k s i l k, I'm drooling!
just a note to thank you for continuing to find time to share your creative process on this blog...whether it be knitting, designing, sewing...your energy shines through in all that you do..... barbara ======================================= Note by Becky: That's so nice. Thank you! And thanks to everyone who comes in to see what I'm up to :-)
On a Rebecca kick? I love that magazine, but I've only knit one thing from it! I watched The Devil Wears Prada after reading the book and have to agree that Meryl's Miranda was much more marvelous (the aliteration started and just wouldn't stop). In fact, I wasn't that impressed with the movie as a whole, but I would buy it just to watch Meryl again!
I love the new projects and especially love the Rebecca 33 pattern. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Devil Wears Prada.
yay for new knitting projects! and black! You'll get to that lace section before you know it :)
Soft Kid - oh how I love it so. I have been hoarding a box and I finally cracked into it to make a scarfy-sleeve thing a la Nigella Lawson on the cover of her Feast cook book. Yes you know you are crazed when you start buying cookbooks on the basis of knitted items. And Meryl? Oh yes. The whole movie belongs to Meryl. Maybe she shares it a little with Stanley Tucci.
That's so nice of the store to send you the color card--makes ordering online so much better. And I loved Meryl Streep in TDWP too--she's amazing!
If you like handmade jewelry, I think you might like my button rings and pin jewelry. Check them out on my etsy site: www.annakukuchek.etsy.com. Let me know what you think. Thanks! Anna
The Rebecca 33 top looks very pretty - is the front as interesting as the back? I don't think I can help with the Soft Kid colours either - they all look yummy!
I'm in awe of you knitting black on small needles. I love to wear it but never knit it. Actually, I have some black Calmer that seduced me into buying it, but it is still in the stash shouting "knit me" at me.9Especially when I want a black cardigan and don't have one!)
Hi Becky, I've been on blog reading hiatus for awhile, and I just got to catch up on about 6 weeks of in one day. What a treat - I've missed seeing what you've been up to. You just so happen to be writing on a subject I've been contemplating myself. I'm working on my Crinkle, and I have been wondering, what would you think of a crochet picot finish instead of the knit picot cast off? I've never tried either, but I know the knit one is subject to curling. Glad to be back with you! Happy Easter. ==================================== Note by Becky: The picot edge on my Crinkle never curls, and I used a knit version for that one. It relaxes with use. (Crinkle is one of the few knits I wear constantly. It's so lightweight and comfortable.)
re:color - my vote goes for the green that is the fifth one in from the right on the top row.
Mmm, that ruched number is adorable! I love etsy. In fact I have a bit of an etsy problem. Once I start I can't stop. It's like slot machines in Vegas to me...
hurrah for supporting independent artists!! i am always amazed by the gorgeous work on etsy... so lovely and original. i just took my first (hopefully not last) jewelry construction course and i was really inspired by the work of abigail percy; have you seen her shop/blog? also i heart honeybee jewelry. happy searching :)
We at Blue Garter love Meryl as Heinous Bitch, too. It may be my favorite thing she's ever done. :) And bring on the shexy black tops - can one ever have too many? I'm thinking there's not enough black in my stash...and definitely not enough black silk. Pssst...it's high time for a Captain Destructo feature! My husband asks about him every so often, having lost his heart to the wee laddie during the Roboraptor sweater request period.
That new project looks great! I am sure you'll zip along while I trot with my knitted lace top :P
I've got jewelry (http://corvuscorax.etsy.com), but don't do too many vintage reconstruction sorts of things. I know I've got a bunch of sellers bookmarked that do, though (for the day when I am not a broke college student). I'll go find a few and comment back. :D
Ok the ruched top!! All I have to say about the colour is that I do not recommend black, you need a lighter colour so the knitting details pop out, especially to your admirers that only see the work on the internet. As for colour recommendations...you seem to like neutrals. There appears to be a toffee shade on your sample card. The colour and the ruching may give the finished top a fluffy melted caramel look.
lol, I just watched The Devil Wears Prada like 2 wks ago, and came to realize something about my self, that I sort of knew already...I really don't dress well 8-0
That is a hard choice. That blue [it looks like 78 or 79] and some of the purples are looking really pretty. At least you can see the colors in person and decide what will look best on you! I know you'll make the best choice. Also, I meant to e-mail you, your boyfriend Keanu Reeves, held open the door for me and my girlfriend...we were exiting Morton's after dinner. One of the first things I said was: 'I have to e-mail the Skinny Rabbit!'

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