April 07, 2005

Queen of Procrastination presents to you:

The seaming party that finally commenced:

She neglected me all week! Bad, bad Rabbit.
[Zoom in, zoom out.]
[Don't miss the rest of my progress!]

Okay, let's see...last weekend we were supposed to go to Vienne to meet the new baby in the family and pass on one gift consisting of a hand-knit baby sweater, size 12-18 months, reverse striped stockinette stitch, 100% wool, yadda yadda. The sweater got completed [yoo hoo...see all progress here], a neckband and buttonbands were added and blocking got done by last Wednesday. I was ready to seam, wrap it up and call it a finished present by Friday. Then the baby's parents called us on Thursday morning to tell us that they had to be in Grenoble on Saturday and didn't know if they'd make it back to Vienne by Sunday, so we replanned the visit for THIS coming weekend. Ah! Another week! Of course, I promptly put off seaming the rest of the sweater and left it sitting on the table untouched. I haven't gotten a chance to finish seaming it until today. Sing it with me now, friends: THE QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION REIGNS AGAIN.

(But I will finish seaming today. Oh yes, I will. It's cocktail hour and Monsieur Le Hubby is home, so it's all about a seaming party tonight. Kirs for everyone!)

In another news, Bunny Peeps have landed in Lyon!

Peeps Bunny poses in front of la fresque des Lyonnais.
Peep Show! Peep Show!

My very thoughtful pal Mariko surprised me by sending me Bunny Peeps (in pink, no less) and Girl Scout cookies [!!!] Oh, pink peeps, thin mints and peanut butter cookies, how I love thee! People, the house is officially rocked. And to show how grateful my cookie lovin' heart is for Mariko's kindness, I've put together a small slideshow of peeps postcards. Please, see the gratuitous Peep Show!

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43 comments to this entry:

LOL @ the Peep Adventure! Nice sweater, will the baby make a formal appearance with it on chez Skinny Rabbit?
Fortunately I'd finished my lunch just before the "peep show" and averted having to scrub my monitor. How freakin hilarious, did you finally eat the little peep? Also, you'll be getting some weird googles with the peep show thing...
Those peeps sure do get around! Next time I think I would like to accompany those peeps myself. Peep on!
Vive la Peep! I am also sending my condolences, as I am sure the little peep was gobbled up. hehe.. eh, baby sweaters...too cute. Procrastination...I know it well. :) Good luck...
That's funny I thought I was the Queen of Procrastination ;). I love that baby sweater! too cute!
Hurray! Peeps! That sweater is gorgeous. I wonder if I can get my hands on one of those sets...
My god, woman, I think you've been hitting the Kirs a little. But the peep walk made me laugh. 6 weeks, Becky! La la la...
What an exciting peep show! That is one bright bunny! BTW, I love the cute baby jumper! Let procrastination reign!!!!
i almost forgot to hit enter on this comment because i went looking for samoas online! :-) loved the peep show... your procrastination=lovely finishing.
Sorry, but what the heck are peeps? Are they edible? This little Aussie doesn't get it AT ALL, but they sure looke cute! Peep on!
Peep show was a good one...was that the same peep in each slide or a NEW model?? Gobble! Sweater is very very cute. Lucky baby has a human knitting machine for an auntie!!
The baby sweater is great! Did you put the neckband and button bands on with backstitch? That's something I want to try but haven't had a chance yet.
Those peeps postcards are great! Did you use the same peep bunny for each shot or did you eat one after each photo shoot?
The peep show is hysterical! And I'd love to see more of Fourviere - how beautiful. I think the baby should model the sweater too! Lovely, as always.
The baby sweater is adorable! I love the stripes. You should definitely get a modeled picture for us :)
I loved the peep show! If you have the will power there is nothing better on hot summer days then frozen thin mints. And that baby sweater is just too cute. I don't blame you on the procrastination, that tiny gauge makes for a lot of little mattress stitches. But we have faith you'll finish in plenty of time and hopefully grace us with pics of the new little one swimming in it next week.
My goodness, that Peep certainly had an eventful day. ;-) Did it end with being eaten? Poor poor Peepie.
Love the sweater
Very cute little sweater....your workmanship is just beautiful, with all those little ends marching up the inside so perectly! I'm with Mariko, wish I could be where the Peeps are....
Is your Peep named Tom? =)
ooo, that reverse stockinette looks so good with the stripes. Do post the information about the kits, won't you? Maybe we can all figure out how to order them from France... And no worries about the procrastination - the baby won't be 12-18 months for a long time yet!
you need a disclaimer: "no peeps were injured during the filming of this slideshow." unless, of course, peeps were indeed injured!!
Loved the peep show! and the sweater is precious.
What a darling sweater! I, too, prefer to carry the colors up the side rather than weave in 8000 ends. Do you know of a way to do the same thing while knitting in the round? Every time I have tried it, it has been visible from the right side :(
You silly wabbit. It doesn't count as procrastination when the delivery deadline gets set back through no effort on your part! Seems to me you are right on time. (Come on, remember those law days.) We're on the last day of our cruise and it's pouring rain. My husband is pacing around like a caged tiger, which is pretty funny because he's actually quite taken with a novel he'd like to finish today. Me, I'm in heaven. All those rainy mornings when I look out the window and wish I didn't have to go to work, and could just stay home with a pot of tea and my knitting. Wish granted! (Besides, who needs MORE sunburn then all of us already have?) P.S. -- Adorable sweater. All the baby will need is a red kerchief and a little navy hat to be so adorably breton!
Even the seams are lovely! Love the collar on 'Salina', too :)
Hi! I'm travelling to Guinea for work but have a stopover in Paris. I know this is a crazy question, but anything you suggest that I shouldn't leave Paris without seeing. I'm staying at the Villa Pantheon. Thanks for any idea!!!!
The peeps postcards are just too funny! I love them. And the baby sweater is very cute. The good thing with baby sweaters, even if they are knit on thin needles, is that hey are still after all small. I finished a babysweater for my niece last Christmas that my mother had started for my baby brother when he was newborn, but of some reason abandoned with a half finished back piece. My brother is now 37... but his daughter got it so it stayed in the family so to speak. It was a funny knit.
Procrastination is my best friend! I do my best work under pressure. :-) The little Peepster sure had a lot of fun in France. I'm jealous.
You crack me up. I was waiting for the last Peep picture to be minus the ears via a big bite.
that little peep show is too cute! and great little ministriped sweater.
Awww. The Peeps Bunny looks so sad. Perhaps he knows the fate awaiting him. Personally, you can have my quota of Peeps...can't stand 'em. But my mom loves them and says they are truly best when slightly stale. So give that Peeps a reprieve! And someone send some Peeps to Liesl...then perhaps we can have the Adventures of Peeps in the Outback. (Peeps threatened by kangaroo, Peeps climbing Ayers Rock, Peeps playing a didgeridoo....) The sweater is adorable. I love the way the stripes look so soft and shaded in the reverse stockinette. What buttons are you going to put on it? (Please don't say just plain white!)
Sorry Becky...you cannot claim the title of "Queen of Procrastination". You just finish too many projects too fast to deserve that! :) Very nice stripes...I made a striped scarf at Christmas...actually, it's not finished yet. (See, I deserve the "Queen of Procrastination" title!) Why? Because all those stripes!!! Too many ends to weave in and can't carry them up the sides! Lucky Peep! I'd sure like to take a tour like that. Maybe I should go check my airmiles balance.... Cheers!
Is that the same peep in all those pictures? That's some remarkable restraint on your part! Heh, it would have been funny if, in each picture, it had one less body part.
The baby sweater is beautiful - can't wait to see it right-side out!
You all crack me up! (Whoever comes into my site without peeking at some of the comments I get misses out on half the fun.) Peeps Bunny did, in fact, get eaten after his sightseeing. (It was the same bunny in all the shots.) I felt attached to him, though, so I wasn't the one who ate him. Monsieur Le Hubby is the guilty one. Thanks for the kind comments re the baby sweater! And yes, I'm using just plain cream-colored buttons. [Sorry, Sarah.] They're the ones provided in the kit and look cute. However, if the kit hadn't provided any buttons simple wooden ones would have been my choice. (I personally prefer discreet/plain buttons for striped or patterned knits. It's the solid colored knits, especially those in light colors, that get the snazzy buttons.) P.S. to Katy: I always show my knits right-side out unless I say otherwise; this sweater is knit in reverse stockinette stitch so it looks like it's wrong side out, but it isn't. (Incidentally, I prefer stripes in reverse stockinette stitch to garter. They resemble garter stitch only aren't as wide or short so there are less rows to work. Woo hoo!)
Beautiful baby sweater. Love the stripes. As someone else said, even your seams are beautiful. The peep show was fun. I didn't know they came in hot pink. I hope you ate each one after each picture as a reward for all your hard work! Thanks for the fun.
Love that adorable little sweater! re: postcards: You have admirable self-restraint - if I were taking similar pics, there'd be a different peep in each shot lol! Absent-minded (or maybe just knit obsessed) gal that I am, I missed Peeps. Pout.
If I weren't so self- aware, and knowing that this was based more on personal regret for not buying out the whole damn lot of Peeps I had at my fingertips mere weeks ago, I would say you were taunting us. :) Love the pics, too cute.
I loved the "Peeps" show! And the little sweater looks wonderful - the texture came out nicely with your yarn.
You cannibal! Love the baby sweater. Great slideshow too.
So, how do you eat your peeps? Head first? Tail first? Whole? Gotta know. BTW, love the baby sweater, my little brother's baby is coming tomorrow or Wednesday so I can relate to the baby knitting goin' on over there.
Awww...what a cute sweater. Still need to get to try thin mints...i'm sure i'd enjoy them...I love minty things...have you ever tried After Eights?

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