April 07, 2003

Queen of Procrastination.

Okay, okay. I know I had a date this weekend with these sweater pieces for some seaming, but I broke it. I did nothing knitting related all weekend long, and when I got the chance on Sunday evening to do something a little crafty the last thing I wanted to do was seam. Come on...if given the choice to seam [blah!] or cast on stitches for a pretty cotton jacket [rah!] which would you pick? Don't even say you'd rather seam because I'll box your ears, slappy.

Pardon me, my markers are showing.

Why, it's the beginnings of the back piece to my pretty cotton jacket! A few notes:

1) Some of those larger cables require the simultaneous use of two cable needles. Two! While it does look most impressive to see two cable needles on one's work while knitting, it's a big pain in the patootie to knit. So I figured out how to cross some of those stitches while using only one cable needle instead of two. The smaller cables are done without a cable needle at all (oh, how fancy!), as illustrated in Katharina Buss' Big Book of Knitting.

2) The back piece is a 28 row repeat, and while those 28 rows are very busy (including WS rows!), it's not as complicated as it looks. I memorized the chart and was knitting without it after working the first 14 rows. Lesson learned: Markers are your friends, even if a pattern (like this one) doesn't tell you where or how to place them and you're required to figure it out your own darn self.

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The only time I would rather seam is when I'm making something for myself, and I can wear it immediately after the seaming. I guess you don't have that motivation on a sweater for the boy of the house! Besides, the cable pattern looks fun to play with. Always be flexible, that's my motto. I'm also pleased to announce that I'm wearing Colourworks today! [I'm using your comments as my knitting-blog-by-proxy, Becky. Hope you don't mind!] We had a cold snap with snow, so I spent the weekend ripping out the sleeves to shorten them so I could take advantage of the below-zero temps. Colourworks is only the second sweater I've made for myself, and the first one was made in 1996, so I was definitely due. I see lots of hand-knit additions to my wardrobe in the future (including one that's pink and fluffa!)
Oops, forgot to change my name to AlisonG (of www.gresik.ca) when I posted that comment. With Alison of Blue Blog and Alison of Alisonknits floating around, I don't need to add to the confusion! I wonder if women named Alison are statistically more likely to knit? [My mom named me Alison so she could call me Ali, after Ali McGraw in "A Love Story".]
I'm loving that pattern. Yes, markers are a knitter's best friend. Well, one of them, anyway. :)
Becky, The white cable jacket is gorgeous. Which pattern book is that from? Polly
I love the white cotton jacket-where is that pattern from? Love your web page-thanks for sharing!
wow, it looks great. it looks like almost as much of a headache as seaming tho... :) ha ha, just kidding. i'm sure it was very satisfying once you got the pattern down that fast! boy, good thing i'm knitting with thick'n'thin right now so i can satisfy some of my urge for texture that way, because looking at this jacket just makes me think about casting on more of my stash projects... which i am NOT going to do i tell you. No. it's all about finishing. for me. right now. just finishing. finishing projects already started. no new ones. have to go beat head against wall to that refrain.... :)
Gorgeous pattern! Love it! I would *definitely* have picked starting something new over finishing. Unfortunately, that's why I have several UFOs around here that just need a few hours' finishing.
Thanks for making me feel justified in putting off seaming. And here's to guiltless knitting! Alison G: Better count one that's pink and orange, too. Picked up some yarn for you today :-) Polly and Alice, the jacket is from Phildar's Tendances Spring 2003 catalog.
Love the jacket - thanks for posting the pattern info. Re the seeming, while in Seattle last week, visited one of the lys featurned in the book "Knitters Stash" and was informed that many knitters have their projects professionally finished by staff. The rather "uptown" attitude (I felt underdressed in my Gap jeans and Eddie Bauer sweater:( made me more determined to learn finishing (only been knitting seriously since Jan when I discovered Wendy's blog) so I Amazoned Crowfoot's book, Wiseman's book and Vogue's to finish a baby sweater. But here I sit reading blogs and wondering how much they charge for finishing. Happy to know I'm not alone in my avoidances:)
It's looking very lovely, Becky. I can see this sweater in my future.
OOOH! That jacket is delish. It is on my list of things to do, double thanks to YOU! I'm working on my Lovat Cabled Aran until it gets warmer here. I'm way up North in Michigan where it is slightly mountainous and still very snowy and icy. The wool just feels so ggoood...
well, lord knows this one is out of my league, so we won't have to worry about both wearing this one shall we ever have a frenchy encounter hehe ;)
It must be getting warmer where you are to get you started on that cotton sweater...I'm rushing to finish off my wool stuff before the spring bug hits here. Oh, and I only seam when I feel like it, so whom am I to lay on a guilt trip?!

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