April 06, 2002

Sleeves on one needle.

The front of the sweater is finished. That is, it was finished. Until I was looking at it with my always critical eye and spotted [gasp!] an error on the lower left side. A stitch that should have been purled but was knit. Why yes, I did let fly a zinger of a word when I saw it, because if there is one thing I hate is spotting an error in a piece of a garment that is ready for blocking. I could have left it, and more likely than not it would have gone unnoticed by others. But I suffer from a severe case of perfectionist syndrome (I always have, and not just with my knitting), and in a fit of mad frenzy undid the whole thing up to where the error was. I had no patience to fix it with a crochet hook this time. The yarn has already been gently wound up into skeins and steamed to let the crinkles out. As soon as it's dry I'll redo it. Ugh.

Before I spotted the blasted error in the front of the sweater, I had started both of the sleeves and am a quarter through. Following a tip I once read, I decided to knit them both at the same time using separate skeins of yarn for each sleeve and a 29" circular needle so it won't be so heavy. It's working great. Much better and less boring than doing one sleeve after the other.

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As you can guess, I'm catching up on your 2002 archives. I read this one and confess, have no idea how one would knit two things at the same time. Could I bother you for a little tutorial? I would be much obliged, as it's coming up in a Vogue Knitting pattern I'm working on. I'll even send you american treats!
Hiya Becky. I've been reading your blog for some time now. Oh how I chuckle to myself, you crack me up. You always have the best ideas and your knits always turn out so nice! Actually the projects you choose seem to be the ones I would choose but as of yet I'm still a bit of a newbie working mostly on free patterns from the net. I've just started making my first sweater: a Debbie Bliss baby cardi and thanks to you, I'm gonna get on those sleeves and get them both done on one needle asap! Happy knitting!

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