April 04, 2006

Hey! It's Talk Like Bill and Ted Day!

I bet you thought I had, like, totally given up on my Holey Sweater. Well, ha ha! I didn't.

Whoa! I'm about to start the sleeve cap shaping, dude.
Wanna see an AERIAL VIEW? You know you totally wanna.
[Plays air guitar.]

We got sleevage, dudes. Werd. This sweater will be a most triumphant finished sweater.

Be excellent to each other! Later.

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26 comments to this entry:

Am I, like, the numero uno commenter? Tubular! Your sweater's gonna be TOE-tully suh-WEET!
My most excellent compadre...I feel compelled in the most heinous manner to tell you while your bodacious sleeve cap shaping is awesome...duuuuude...it will never come close to RULING AS SWEET AS THE WYLD STALLIONS RULE!!!!!! (cue riff) dude. I watched the animated series too...there can never be enough bill and ted...just another reason!
hey there holey sweater arms!
That sweater will be like so cool, dude! Looks totally rad.
That is like one bodacious sleeve dude!
That's totally rad! And I'm still diggin' the neutrals!
Totally awesome sleeve, dude. Socrates (you know how to say it) would like totally approve.
Excellent sweater! Party on, dude!
That sweater will be most triumphant.
Haha! I love the entry and the comments. I won't attempt it, though, I haven't seen the movie in a long time.
Your entry made my day. Party on, dudette!
Uhm, like, that sweater will kick much ass. Duuuuuude!
I, like, totally knew you dudes would come through with most excellent comments for this entry. You rule. Party on!
Righteous! Isn't it exhilerating to be THAT CLOSE to the finish line? Seam 'em up, bay-bee!
Excellent! I am so, like, in love with that stitch pattern. It rocks! Party on! (we are all such total geeks:)
Like, that sweater has achieved the most bodacious level of excellence! Righteous!
I'm soooo lost! But you seem to have very fun! Nice to see Holey being on the agenda again.
Dude! Like I knew it wasn't done. What. Huh. Uh, yeah, like it will be totally cool when you finish the holey thing man!
MOST excellent. It will be a righteous sweater. I can't wait to see your finished version! And how I do love Bill & Ted. Young Keanu...ah....
Rightious stitch pattern! I looked through Barbara Walker and found found a similar one, so Im'a gonna try it myself! I love the color too- sort of mocha-latte. Mmmmm.... latte. Party on Dudes!
The Holey Sweater is going to be gorgeous Becky. I'm in sleeve heaven right now on two projects myself.
I like that design, holes are ace!
I love the yarn color. It didn't take me long to realize I had the perfect pattern! Now to figure out which Elann colors will duplicate the sweater. Not that I usually buy the same colors, but I just loved the combo on that one. Thanks Ducky! Happy Easter.
Party On, Dude.

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