April 04, 2005

Why, it's a finished Salina!

This is the stand-still-as-a-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the big "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot.]
[What's that? Whack dance shots? Oh, ALRIGHT.]

Project details and finishing notes: "Salina", from Rowan's Vintage Style. I knit the XS size and used less than 6 skeins of Felted Tweed in Crush. No alterations to the pattern or sizing were made. In spite of one boneheaded knitting moment, the whole thing was pretty straighforward and easy knitting. Don't you love those kinds of knits for movie watching? Me too. And you want to know what my favorite part of this sweater is? Well, let me show you:

[Wanna see some CLOSE-UPS? Oh, go on!]
P.S. I got those buttons at La Droguerie.
(a.k.a. Craft Heaven.)

Oh! Tailored-looking lapel and collar, how I love thee. Your simple and classic detail is timeless. I shall wear you now, I shall wear you next year, and I shall probably get to wear you the year after that. That, paired with the cuffs, makes the sweater almost resemble a man's shirt, but the shaping makes it feminine. And I couldn't resist using slightly reddish shiny buttons (with a hint of "pearly" to them) to give the whole thing some "oomph". Those cheeky buttons make me want to dance. So I did, of course. (Come on...you knew I was gonna.)

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to give Salina a proper debut yet because spring-like weather has made its way to Lyon. The color I chose makes it seem more suitable for fall, but I bet I could pair it with a pair of jeans or a skirt in a lighter color for spring. I love how all the different-colored flecks in the yarn make that possible. Still, Felted Tweed seems more cold weather wear for me (I always have to wear something underneath it to keep from feeling itchy; I'm wearing a camisole under it in the photos) so I'll probably tuck this away until later this year. But you can bet your yarn that when the first chill of fall comes I'll be wearing Salina, oh yes I will.

*I'd like to insert another thank you to Tiffany for enabling me with the book and to Froggy for enabling me with the yarn. Swaps with my online knit buds is what enables me to knit a lot of my projects. And that is why my online knit buds rock my knitting universe.

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beautiful! thanks for inspiring me... i finished my very first (successful) tank top this weekend! it fit a bit wonky at first, but learned the joys of blocking and now fits like a charm. i love reading your blog and seeing all the oh-so-gorgeous things you make... cheers, ~katie
Stunning! (and yes, felted tweed IS itchy. Lovely, but itchy!!)
Salina is beautiful! I'll bet you can still get some spring wearing in though, on the days that you don't need a jacket but there's still a little chill in the air.
I should be working, but I couldn't resist the call of the rabbit! New sweater - Fabby! Disco Hair - Retro cool. Reddish buttons - nice choice! See you next time!
I love how you exude so much joy in your FO photo shoots. Salina does look oh so pretty.
Gorgeous! Love the color, the details, ...everything.
I love Salina, don't pack it away just yet, you may be able to wear it one cool spring night.
I knew there was a reason I've been stalking felted tweed on ebay. It's itchy? I felt it in the ball and it seemed nice.
I loved the original pictuer of this sweater, but I have to say it is even more FABULOUS on you! Plus, they never do enough whack dances in the books. :)
another beautiful creation. xs?? you are at teeny tiny skinny rabbit. love your salina! can't wait until my yarn store gets the newest rebecca so i can start making springy stuff.
It looks great on you, and you look great in it. Just covering all bases there. Maybe there is one chill day left to wear it.
Gorgeous! Not that I would expect anything less. It is an absolutely perfect fit and I love the detailing on the collar and wrists. This is definitely a timeless piece you can wear for years to come.
Woo-HOO! Great Salina! Hmmmm, maybe I need to knit that . . .
looks fab and a perfect fit. that shaping sure does doll it up. why do i ponder what to knit when i know you are sure to pick out the best of the best and then have fantastic notes to boot. gotta knit that.
Perfect! The moves, too. Perfect! I swooned at your seaming. Perfect, I tell you! :) wynne
Another beauty! I like the shaping too. So, what's next? Something more springy?? Like a shell or tank? Hooray for the spring!!!
So cute (as always)! And the dancing photos have made my Monday infinitely better - yay! Now PLEASE don't do anything too fab right away that's going to make me all jealous so I go out and buy the yarn to make it too! I just got my felted tweed, but I *promised* myself I'd wait until I finished some stuff to use it!
Gorgeous! From a plump rabbit who needs to buy almost twice the yarn to make a sweater and is so jealous!
now i'm going to be singing " i just can't...i just can't...i just can't control my feet" all day. :-) salina really is stunning. you got a perfect fit, and those buttons are fabulous.
Loving Salina! The fit is fabulous and those cuffs!
Beautiful! The sweater looks so perfect (and I know it is).
Ah Becky, you've done it again! Thanks for show us a window into your world - the sweater is gaw-geous.... p.s. only 6 more weeks till law school graduation (and the dreaded bar exam....)!
That sweater certainly shows you off to great advantage. I'll bet that the hubster really likes it.
Looks super...I have that book and it looks nicer here than in the book..I have felt their summer tweed-it is nice too, it might be less itchy? I always look forward to reading your blog, it's great!
She's delightful! So, so pretty, and fits like a dream. I think I need to start knitting Rowan projects a size smaller. It's absurd to think I'd be smaller than a medium - I'm 5'11" for Pete's sake - but although I knit to gauge pretty faithfully, my sweaters do seem to be coming out a little bigger than I'd intended.
Your Salina is a classic - casual and sophisticated. Nice Knitting and I like the buttons!
Ooh Lala!!! Those cuffs are gorgeous!! And of course anything Chez skinny Rabbit wears looks great. Salina came out great!!!
Another great sweater! The buttons are a perfect finishing touch.
I've decided that much of your knitting speed is related to your size - XS!!! My gosh, lady - I know you like chocolate and umbrella-drinks, so next time you have a margarita, make a toast to your metabolism! I love that color, and I don't know what's hot in France maintenant, but it's all pinks all the time over here. Great sweater!!!
Hi Becky! As usual, your creation is beautiful! I really like the colour too. The buttons on Salina are pefect. A tip I learned from I-know-not-where... if your sweater is scratchy; wash by hand with your usual wool wash or with a baby shampoo. Then rinse the suds and then give it a rise with hair conditioner. Really! It works! Rinse well, lay flat to dry, etc. You may need to give Salina a 2nd rinse with conditioner if its still not soft enough for you. Love your Blog!
Very very nice Becky! Fits you perfect. I definitely have to make that one too!
That looks absolutley gorgeous dah-ling! I hope my Salina turns out just as good as yours. But somehow I don't think it will.
Swing Salina Dance it UP! It's those red buttons that make you wanna MOVE! Beautiful! Fun! Colorful! Modern! Delightful! Svelte! Urban! WOW!
What a fabulous sweater! Such a great fit. How come all mine look like sacks? That pattern is going on my list. Nice work.
Salin looks awesome, and red buttons rock!
your salina is gorgeous ~ and what a color! you're absolutely right, paired with a lighter skirt, it would be fine for those sometimes chily spring nights. and the buttons make the whole thing pop in a very nice way. lovely!
Gorgeous Becky! Love your sweater!
Oh, I love it! Those buttons are the perfect colour, too.
Very pretty! I love that grape-y color you've chosen and think it would be very nice on the chilly side of spring.
Salina is marvelous! The buttons really do add a nice touch. A classic, fer sure! Your hair is totally fab, by the way.
What a lovely Salina. I'm so excited to see it finished, and on you! The color and fit are perfect, and I do agree, Mine is very itchy, too!
Wonderful! I've been wanting to knit that one myself, but I have too many other projects on the needles right now, and I haven't bought Vintage Style yet (unbelievable!). I love felted tweed, I'm working on "Helga" from Rowan mag no 36, and the yarn is just yummie. Although it has turned into my project from hell (wich has nothing to do with the yarn) when I've realized that one knits fair-isle in the round for a reason. The purl rows are making me crazy! And I have about a million ends to darn if I could just finish that last sleeve... End of nagging, I just wanted to say: your stuff looks great!
Hey a finished Salina! Fabby, fabby, fabby! I love the close-ups too, especially the attachment of the button band - tres neat! Even if she's too warm to wear right now I think you should treat yourself to that tequila!
Love that tailored look! Pattern has great details. Good work as usual. Though I've done the knit-out-of-season thing but look at it this way you avoid the beginning of the fall season rush. I have some felted tweed from Rowan, it itches?
I love Salina- and you have SOOOO been watching Nouvelle Star havent you.... :)
Bootiful. Nice work girl!
Salina looks great on you. And the "finitions" are just perfect!
Your Salina is beautiful! You are right about the classic look--it will always look good, no matter what the trend. Wonderful work, Becky!
Perfecto! I love that placket neck and the moss stitch details. You've inspired me to try those techniques for myself.
Wow Becky another beautiful creation!
perfect and beautiful!
Oh yes! Becky, your Salina is oustanding. I LOVE when a project gets finished and it fits the way it is supposed to fit. It is totally flattering on you, the details are divine, and I think the buttons are a great choice.
The fit is perfect! Enjoying your blog immensely. Love your project picks.
Becky...another fabulous knit! I love it. The color is so pretty on you. I agree...the buttons give it that extra something. Can't wait to see what's up for the next project! ;-)
Beautiful, and a wonderful fit. Congratulations on a work well done.
Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging comments, and welcome to new commenters! Re the fit: I like working with Rowan and Phildar patterns because I know what to expect already. With Phildar I just knit the smallest size and know it'll fit just right. With Rowan I'll knit the XS and sometimes elongate the torso, or go up to the size small and nip in the waist. But before I start knitting from any pattern I always take a look at the schematics to make sure it'll be a good fit; one thing I like about knitting my own stuff is that I can change it to fit me if I have to. As for the itchy factor in Felted Tweed, I'm not at all sensitive to wool fabrics but I do find that Felted Tweed is itchy if worn alone. I don't mind this because I like to layer my knits, but I'd like to give that hair conditioner tip a try anyway...
What a great color on you! Love the neckline and the buttons. Shoot, make one without sleeves in a different yarn and wear it in warmer weather!
Wow! I hadn't looked twice at this pattern in the book, but after seeing your finished results, this is definitely on my to-do list!! Thanks for the inspiration and as always - amazing work!! Heather in MA
Fabulous. All the details are perfect, the fit is outstanding. A great choice for you.
*Drool* I LOVE Salina... If I could knit ONE sweater it would be Salina and only Salina. Oh, how I long for Salina...
Salina is beautiful, and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you. :-)
That's a really good-looking sweater. And you're right about the joys of a classic sweater. You'll be able to wear and enjoy this for a long time. Nice, nice, nice.
Here's another compliment for you - Love Salina on you! It's on my wish list of sweaters to make. I bought the Rowan Vintage Knits book especially for this pattern. It's good to know the pattern worked for you. I also want to thank you for your instructional slideshows, especially the one for putting in a zipper. You are wonderful for posting these! You have great taste in patterns and yarns.
I drool with envy over my keyboard. You make me want to be You. ;-) (I'll bet you've never had a Compliment-as-Haiku, before. :-))
Those buttons are jazzy! :) That sweater is so flattering on you- you are just a pro...
Salina is beautiful and looks wonderful on you. I really like the look of this. Also, I linked to your site as one I read. Hope that's ok. Thanks.
Love Salina...Those buttons make me want some raspberry candies...mmmm. It's all the little details that make our knits special... :)h
Your Salina is beautiful, Becky! I think the first completed one I've seen :-) Thanks for such a cheery post, really brightened my day (as I just got out of surgery).
Oooh, tres elegante! I like!
whoa is that a flat tummy (hate you), oh and a great sweater too that's going on my to-knit list if it weren't for the fact I'm a bit sensitve to wools and esp. rowan's yarns why are they always so itchy?
Ooooo, pretty!
this is indeed a classic. very pretty closeups ;)
Yumm-o! That's a perfect fit and I bet you can work with it for spring. Why make it wait for fall? I say you look for one of those filmy, springish blousey things to go under it. They're all over the place here in Denmark. A bit of girlish sleeve in an off-white color peeking out from under those cuffs would be *adorable*. Pair it with the great flats I found this past weekend (tiny flowers embroidered all over the toe box!), and maybe a gored denim skirt...??? Hmmm. I need to stop shopping.
BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to start mine now!
as usual, becky, i love the sweater. what a fantastic pattern! i never thought seed stitch could look so delicate. btw, i am a huge fan of whack dancing!
Hi ! Salina looks great on you ! It is perfectly fit and in gorgerous colour. I really love it ! Happy knitting ! Eva
OH Becky it's just beautiful!! You're right about the fall color, you need some leaves to dance in to get the full effect! Bravo again!
Lovely work as always, yes I love thoese kinds of movie knitting projects as well.
Simple yet elegant, your stuff always come out so perfect and gorgeous. You are truly a " knitting guru" :)
This is gorgeous! I love the collar and the pretty buttons. Great job. I'd wear it all the time.
Hi there--- Beautiful! How in the world did you make that! I haven't done a sweater yet and have spent the last couple of years on everything but... Anyhow, the color is also fab!
How come things turn out to be so pretty on you while it doesn't on the pattern? It looks so great. I've been knitting Rowan's design since 12 years ago. After seeing your projects, I think it's time to switch to something fresh like yours! You always have very good ideas on choosing yarns and patterns! You are just great!
Ooh, beautiful!
Salina is a gorgeous color! And she's so flattering on you. When I see your dancing shots, I alway have the ABBA tune "Dancing Queen" in my head except it's often "dancing knits".
I just have to say that I am in AWE
First time posting! I think I got your URL from Stitch 'N Bitch, if I remember correctly? Anyways, I think Salina looks FABULOUS and I'm now itching to knit one of my own, but I've been peeking around for the book ('Vintage Knits') that you mentioned, and the only one I could find doesn't come out until August 2005! Rowan Yarns does have a book called 'Vintage Styles' available on their site though. Do you think that book might also have Salina in it as well? Sorry for the long comment! And once again, fabulous work! I'm in awe of all the projects you've completed. They're incredible! :)
I've just found your site, and this is absolutely gorgeous -- I've only been knitting for a few months but this has really inspired me. All your projects are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them.
Hey Becky! I found your Salina so gorgeous I was inspired to start my own, but I'm stuck on an instruction for the front piece, and I was hoping you could help me with it. It's after you shape the lapel by increasing the number of moss stitch stitches, and it reads: "Now keeping sts correct as set, cont straight until 7 rows less have been worked than on back to start of shoulder shaping, ending with a RS row." So, I understand that means that I leave the moss sts part alone, but do I measure all the rows I've knit on the back piece up until the shoulder shaping, then subtract 7 for the number of rows I need to knit for the front piece, or . . .? I would greatly, greatly appreciate any help you might be able to offer! Thanks in advance for any info, and as always, I love your knitwear :)
Stunning!!! The felted tweed is so gorgeous and the finished Salina looks beautiful on you! I have just begun my own love affair with tweed...the Debbie Bliss Tweed. It's so textured and yummy.

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