April 04, 2003

Seaming! For Joy!

I've got a date this weekend with a particular pile of sweater pieces for a hopping seaming session. They've been sitting on my little work table for a week, all blocked and dapper and wanting me to piece them together now, now, now. And as is my nature, I put it off. [Oh, seaming! For joy!] Saturday or Sunday evening, for sure. Fret not. Many kirs royals shall be imbibed to keep the party hopping. No more than three, though, lest I sew the wrists of the sleeves to the neck, or something similarly daft.

I've been putting off seaming, but not knitting. Here's another sneaky peek at the back of Carolyn's fuzzy sweater:


Miraculously enough, I'm spot on gauge and haven't had to rip out my work once, not even a stitch. And it's mohair. [Ripping out mohair! For joy!] I deserve a prize, so it sounds like another kir royal is in order for celebration purposes. Send TUMS.

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What a wonderful cassis color too! Kir royales, haven't had one in years. Could be the perfect knitting tonic. Bottoms up, Leslie
Fluffy by Fluffa! is looking great and going fast--lucky Carolyn!
you're so speedy! :) how'd you get that far?? with all the other *secret* things you've been doing?!? the seaming party looks like a lot of fun, i can sense some dancing boy pictures coming our way!!! :) can't wait...
Carolyn's sweater looks great! Best of luck seaming up your son's sweater. I know what you mean about impatient piles of knitting. The second giranimals jacket continues to glare at me from the bottom of my knitting basket!
The blue stripey sweater is fab....I'd seam it just so's I could wear it! What exactly did Carolyn do to warrant a fluffy from Fluffa?
i told her she could have my first-born, of course... ha ha ha ha ha, just kidding obviously... she'd be waiting a long time on that payback! :)
Thank goodness someone is making that girl some DECENT clothes. After Carolyn's sewing stories, I'm starting to inspect her knitting more closely. She claims she loves yarn overs, but all I see are holes. Just kiddin' Carolyn. Orangina doesn't remind me of your prom dress. Really, it doesn't. The color might be the same, but we all know you'll stay away from gathers and ruffles. Right?!?
Leslie, I assure you that a kir royale or regular kir is ideal for seaming, which is why I usually wait for the weekends to seam. (Also because the hubby is here to provide nice company.) Try it :-) Ha! Kerstin, you'd love to think that's why I'm knitting this for Carolyn. But you're dreaming, my dear. I wouldn't knit for just anybody, but I'm knitting this fluffy sweater for Carolyn simply because Carolyn ROCKS.
Oh, oh, oh, I love, love, lerrrrve that *color*!!! Seaming...plah...

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