April 03, 2006

Mom! She's knitting in the car again!

You bet your size 7mm's I am. On our way to Vienne to visit Aunt Josephine where one can eat the most delicious duck cooked with apples, gratin, salad, cheeses, wine [oh! the wine!], flan, honey cake...is it dinnertime already? I'm getting hungry just remembering it.

Of course, I had knitting on my lap.
Viva Car Knitting, bay-bee!

And it's a New Knit! A Mystery Knit! Ready for next spring, maybe end of this winter...I'm not sure yet. Ideally, I'd like to consider it a winter knit but considering how my schoolwork has been cutting into my knitting time I think it's safer to say that this Mystery Knit will be wearable next fall. (Or for nippy spring days...please, weather people! Send a couple of nippy but sunny days my way for spring. Just so I can wear some of my knits.) Anyway, here's the latest Mystery Knit, started in the car while driving in Vienne:

I know, I know. MORE BROWN.
I bet you're dying to throw some colorful paint on all these neutrals I'm knitting.
But I just love me the neutrals. Gimme neutrals!

A few clues on the Mystery Knit: Rowan Cork (traded with my dear friend Heather of pixiestikz.com), big needles, and....well, that's about it. But it's an easy one to guess. Come on! Anyone? Bueller? And aren't I just terrible with this knitting suspense?

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I'm hopeless at guessing . . . but I love those neutrals!
I'm useless at guessing, but I am with you on sending the spring days, enough with the rain and cold already!
Is it going to be a wrap sweater with a big collar, maybe? I personally love neutrals! Sounds like a perfect lunch, duck, gratin and wine, oh yeah!
No idea, but I love the neutral palette, and that outstanding seed stitch! Very swanky!!
I got nothing... It's a beautiful color though!
I don't have a clue what it is but I'm always excited to see you start a new project... I have a scarf and beret in Rowan Cork that I love and wear ALL THE TIME!
I just figured out I can knit in the car. I have always been too scared to try because if I do anything in the car it usually makes me car sick. I love the yarn!
I love the texture of the seed stitch in this yarn. Will it be a bag or a blanket? Very cute. : )
Hmmm, I have no idea. I need a bigger piece than that to give you a wrong guess. heh
Ah, Rowan Cork. You left us too soon. I need to get moving and grab a copy of that book sometime. I have 20 balls of that yarn, dying to be made into something. Why, Rowan? WHY???
I'm terrible at guessing, but I bet it will look beautiful!
A bulky knit bikini? Any of these items Rose-Kim has pointed out? http://www.rose-kim.com/rose-kimknits/2006/03/thursdays-are-for-what-hell-is-this_30.html Okay, I give--WHAT?!?
I don't know! But I like the brown cork! I wish for those sorts of days too, not too cold not too warm, knitted jacket weather :)
mmmmmm... cheese... wine.... gratin.... ok, I'm comin' over! Tha knitted pants from the Spring 2004 Interweave Knits?! .....just kidding.
I'll guess Bless from the Cork collection.
mouse! hah! I remembered. miss you dahling...but I'm loving the neutrals...you know I got your back with the neutrals... PS I got cap'n a tee...as soon as they come in...I'll send...only had adult small...so it may be a tent on him...but they are limited edition to us folks...so very very special. :) x/o
I'll play: Ms. Fluffa, Are you knitting the Michael Kors coat from VogueKNITS Fall 2005?
Is it "Rachel's Tunic" from Hot Knits? Now I'll have to wait to find out! Enjoy the feast, yum...
I don't know what it is but I like the color - lately all the clothes I want to buy are brown, but I'm still knitting almost exclusively green things (perhaps because I'm working veeeery slowly... hehe) If you want nippy spring days or just completely random weather, Boston is definitely the place to be! It's been sunny and warm-ish for the past few days but it might snow later in the week. I don't know what to expect at all!
Libby from the Rowan Cork collection? Or the Bliss cardi? I just finished seaming up my Bliss cardi last night. Just needs a zipper! Woo-whee! There's nothing wrong with the neutrals. They match most of a person's wardrobe! Enjoy your trip and the food. You made me hungry!!
Duck with apples, cheese, honey cake...mmm...my mouth is watering just from reading. No idea, but I do know it'll be lovely!
Love the color, love the seed stitch, have no idea what you're knitting... Maybe the boatneck top from Rebecca 28? Do tell Becky!
i think i may have an edge since i'm knitting this one -- is this 'forecast' by glampyre in the latest knitty? i'm going on the seed stitching and the edge increases :) do i get a prize?
OMG I LOVE Rowan Cork. I am so sad they stopped making it. ENJOY!
Did I hear someone say honey cake? :)Recipe, please. I love all things honey. Even the yarn is honey brown colored. Some sort of top, maybe a bolero? shrug? tank?
oh, I don't know are you making Libby from the Cork collection? I casted on once again for the back of Audrey.
Beautiful color! That looks suspiciously like the beginning of the seed stitch collar of Stephanie Japel's Forecast.
Hmmm, a neutral colored shrug or bolero? I love how seed stitch looks but man I'm not nuts about knitting it. And stop tempting me with all of those yummy goodies :) Tanya
The dinner must have been lovely! And for the mystery knit, I have no idea. But it is a beautiful colour.
My guess is that your master plan was to do a bit of seed stitch and then make people try to guess what you are making. . .giving you some ideas! Aha! You're found out! ; )
Haven't a clue as to what's on the needles, I'm afraid. Mostly just wanted to say hi. So, hi! I'm working on a seed stitch cardi from the Garnstudios free on-line patterns. Simple cardigan with a small, shawl-sort-of collar. In very, very soft merino wool in sort of a sky-blue-pink. Pale blue with, every now and then, a couple of stitches of pale pink. You know....actual colors! :^)
More brown! come on! Just kidding. Neutrals are easy to wear and they photograph better than black. There has been a bolero trend on these pages lately so that is my guess. Well? Am I right? Max
Whatever it is, its going to look fabulous! All that good sounding food is making me hungry too!
Well, it looks an awful lot like what I have on the needles currently - the Caftan Pullover from Spring 2006 IK...
It's Rowan's Bless. I'm doing that one in Gold.
PS, You'll be surprised at how quickly it knits. (And I'm not even a fast knitter.) I'll let you get done first, so I can watch you do the zipper :-) (I was going to come by and see your zipper tutorial again before I did my zipper anyway.)
Is it Reveal from rowan mag 31? I'm curious to see it grow
It looks like it could be a Burberry rain coat. That's what I would like for end of winter beginning of spring. If not some wonderful knit, perhaps a poncho, from the equally wonderful Fluffa. Bueller agrees, and for all your musings he says: Danke shoen (sorry about the spelling).
Cork? Rowan Cork comes in a colour other than orange?
Neutrals and fluffa are one of the true constants of life. Should there ever be bright fuchsia handpainted yarn over here, I shall conclude you have been kidnapped by aliens.
Hey Becky! My life got crazy for a couple months and I was away! But now I am back! And I am guessing Rowan Bless! Everything you have done looks beautiful. Of course!
OOOhhhh I hate not knowing! Let's see...lovely coffee coloured seed stitch, no ribbing...probably not a sweater...hey, you don't show us how wide it is! But considering how long it's going to take you to finish it, my guess is that it's gonna be a wrap...maybe a rhuana? Remember, back in the ummm....80s when we had our colours done and some of us were 'Winters' so all we ever wore were 'cool' colours? Yup, I bought onto it hook, line, and sinker and for years I wouldn't even dream of wearing anything brown, or beige, or heaven forbid, orange! Those were for the 'Autumns', not me! Well, times are changing! Fuchsia is so last century...bring me coffee and chocolate (or how about a deep brown with a purple undertone to it...because Purple rules! :)
I cant guess. But I can guess that life in France can be very sweet indeed! Very jealous! Mia
I'm betting on Reveal from Rowan 31. It looks like it would be your style.

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