March 12, 2007

Too, too busy.

I have sooooo much work to do: multiple things in Illustrator, a big design project for Thursday, a sportswear outfit to be presented before a panel tomorrow, a marketing test, construction and assembly of one of my tailored suit designs, a notebook of live drawings, interviewing for internships...I've no time to quality blog, so I'm putting my knitting and this blog on hiatus for the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I present you with a bit of cord made in lucet:

Ribbon yarn (called "India") and a lucet.

I made this cord in school so I could use it as a sample in one of my design projects, and when I finished it I jokingly put it around my neck, like a necklace. My teacher (a professional fashion designer) liked it so much she asked me to make her one. Hee hee.

Make one, too! Here are links for you:

How to lucet.

How to double lucet [!]

The lost art of knitting nancys.

Have fun!

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Good lucky becky! You can do it! - remember, there is a margarita waiting for you at the end of this busy time.

ooh thanks for the link for the dbl lucet. The lucet makes awesome lanyards...I use the thinner hemp twine and wow...virtually indestructible!

you fashionista!

Good luck with your adventures! I'll look forward to seeing everything when you get "back"!

so so so sad to have you go! we'll be awaiting your return with fabulous things to show us. (i'd hold my breath, but it's kinda hard to fold my laundry without breathing.....)

Lucets are fun! Mine is made from holly wood. The cording also makes nice replacement shoelaces too!

I know exactly what you're talking about! My world is crazy too right now. I'm still at work here, have been home for 15 minutes today!

How funny that when I took a tiny brake to check your blog - I find a lucet! Because one of the things keeping me so busy today was going in to town to teach a class of different techniques of making cord - among them how to lucet ;-)

I just love yours by the way!

May your hiatus be productive. I owe you an e-mail, but it may have to wait. Let me know if you need to push our "start date" back - I have yarn and am at the ready, but there are many other projects in queue, so it's no big deal if we start sometime in April. Did you pick a color? If cream was an option, I vote cream.
xox, J

Note by Becky:

Our start date should be good; I just need to order the yarn. I've got vacation coming up right before my internship in April begins, and I'm looking forward to using that time to relax and knit!

Good luck with all the projects. Think of it, when all is done spring will be here and we all will celebrate with margaritas. By the way, my children always loved a 'Knitting Nancy'.

Aww, good luck with the projects.

Gotta go buy a lucet now. =)

Busy woman! I like the story of the lucet necklace. How much fashion was invented "by mistake" do you think?

That is really pretty! I can see why your instructor would want one :).

Have a very producgtive time off.

Okay, Miss Lucet-o-Rama, see you on the other side!

We'll miss you, but I know how much effort you're putting into being right there at the top of the class!

Well, I guess I had to get my fluffa fill in the last few weeks. I understand only too well the concept of too many balls in the air. See you when things are calmer.

As the others have said, good luck with everything!

Good luck with all your projects, Becky! Sounds like an exciting (but busy) time for you.

WOW...Multitasking Rabbit. Good luck.

Best of luck, dearest Rabbit. I'm sure you'll blitz everything!

what a whirlwind of projects... good luck with everything! can't wait to see what you've made in a couple of weeks!

Cool! Thanks for the links. :) And best of luck on the deadlines. Illustrator, btw, is my favorite program!

Waaaa. It won't take my comment! Best of luck on everything! And thanks for the great links! :)

Good luck with your projects and assignments. You set a very good example. I have two papers to present next week and here I am thinking of knitting. Note to self: be more like Becky!

Oooh, I'll miss reading your entries so much! However, I guess you gotta do what ya gotta do! Good Luck and don't forget the Margarita/Kir breaks...very important to all that hard work ;o)

oh, i'll miss the springy vicarious knitting! looking forward to hearing the results of your blog break. enjoy -- work (and PLAY) hard!

I will miss visiting your yarn goodness. Good luck on all of your projects!

good luck with all of your school projects!

I got a couple of lucets last summer. They make some great cord!

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