February 23, 2007

Greedy for spring projects!

I was going through my stash of knitting magazines yesterday afternoon and found myself getting itchy knitting fingers for all kinds of cute tops published in past magazines. There's a ton of 'em, but today I'll show the ones from my Rebecca magazines:

february_rebecca_thumb.jpg february_rebecca5_thumb.jpg february_rebecca3_thumb.jpg
february_rebecca4_thumb.jpg february_rebecca2_thumb.jpg february_rebecca6_thumb.jpg

Clockwise, from top left: Rebecca 23, Rebecca 25, Rebecca 31, Rebecca 29, Rebecca 22, Rebecca 25.

If I had the time I'd knit* every single one of these shexy numbers this summer. Every. Single. ONE. I want 'em all. Say it with me now, friends: Rabbit is a greedy knitter!

*I love all these tops because if knit in the right color and styled with the right garments, they could work really well for fall and winter. That's something I look for in spring and summer knits, because even though I knit them during spring and summer, I only occasionally wear them in spring and I never wear them in summer...I wear them in fall and winter. But even though I never wear knits in summer, I love to KNIT in summer, and it's gotta be a smaller knit in a lightweight yarn, bay-bee!

P.S. for a random trivial note: Just as I finished typing this entry, Radiohead's Creep started playing in my MP3 player. Remember that song? I love it!

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Ooh, pretty, texturally interesting knits. Are the cables actually doing the ruching on that bottom middle one? How cool is that? Although kid mohair in spring or summer...oh, my. I'm thinking about that and the combination of 37C heat and 80% humidity...ouch. Though the models were happy to wear it, I'd bet, since they do the photoshoot in the middle of winter.


Note by Becky:

Like I mentioned in my entry, I never wear knits in summer. They're just too uncomfortable for me in warm weather. I knit summer designs during the summer, but only wear them in fall and winter, and we sure don't get 37 degree weather in winter over here :-) So the Soft Kid is a plus factor for me, which is part of the reason why I find those designs appealing.

Yep I love that song too, reminds me of college. Love the knits, especially 25 it's cute.

Oh, I love that little green number with the ruffled sleeves. So cute, and it would look great in the fall under a jacket. Especially with a cute a-line skirt! (Must get hands on that issue of Rebecca.)

I love that song, too. Though I listened to it so often when it was new, I have to come across it the way you did. Either when it pops up on the radio, or (more likely) is picked in the shuffle on my ipod.


Note by Becky:

I should have shown the front view of the little ruffled top; there's a front view of it in the pattern instructions portion and it is REALLY cute.

Every time I read the word shexy I hear a gravely little voice in my head, with emphasis on shex syllable. LOL!

Since greedy is the theme I'm putting in a vote for either the pink or the white top. I have the patterns for both and have considered doing them FOREVER. I'm dying to see how they turn out. Does that count as greedy? Or lazy? Or both?!


Note by Becky:

Oh, let's knit-together! Please?

xox, J

Oh, and I like the pink ruched top - good for the frontally lacking body types like me :-)


Note by Becky:

Hear, hear. You've pointed out one of the reasons why I love those flouncy and ruched numbers. Hee hee!

Say rather "overcommitted knitter" and you would be more accurate! Greedy knitter indeed! What would that make the rest of us?


Note by Becky:

Everyone else is reasonably overcommitted...I'm just being plain greedy!

I'm loving the pink one too!! I love me some ruching...

Love those tops...don't you love Spring knitting! :)

I hear you! The new Rowan arrived this week, and there is a long list of yarn requirements now knocking around my bag. Because, you know, there isn't enough spring knitting to pick from in the stash. (Cough.)

Hee hee, now I don't feel so bad that I also own every single one of those Rebecca mags....I vote for the pink one only because I sort of toyed with knitting it myself, would love to see how it turns out. Actually, that greeny ruffly number is cute too. The little sleeves are fun.

I'm in training to become a greedy knitter. I keep wanting to knit every sweater I see! It is always too hot for knits in summer where I live, too. Sometimes my husband cranks the thermostat too low and then I have to pull out a little something. And turn the thermostat up...

Thanks for the side bar on making books. I used to have my students make them years ago. You've inspired me to have them do it again and the tutorial is perfect.

I think you could manage to knit all 6 of them, depending on what your plans for the summer are. You are fast and efficient. Plus the tops are small and the sense of accomplishment at a finished piece tends to keep one going. I hope you will start with the pink one as it is my favourite.


Note by Becky:

That's just the motivation I need, Max. After I finish my black silk (I want to swatch for that tonight) I'll start one of those tops. I really leaning towards the pink one, too. I just looooove that ruching. Thanks for the encouragement! :-)

OMG, yes! I love that song! Radiohead kicks ass in general IMHO.

Oooh, the #29 one is on my list, too, but I'm going to have to add a bunch of length since I can't pull off the cropped thing

Love, love Radiohead! The summer knits siren song is playing loudly for me too.

i heart radiohead *and* your summer knitting picks... they make me want a wee waist and rockhard abs, but i'll put those thoughts aside for the moment and say that i love the ruched number :)


Note by Becky:

Yeah! Another one for the ruched number. It is fab, isn't it? :-)

I love the pink one, and the green in the upper left corner. Wish I could join a knit-along on the pink one. but I don't have the pattern. Anybody out there with a extra copy of that Rebecca to sell?


Note by Becky:

Yes! Join me. I'm sending you an email...

Ahh Radiohead! One of my favouritestest bands - I love when they play "that song" live and as he sings "I wish I was special" there's girls in the front who shout "You are!" haha! Fabulous. Sorry, I'm babbling x


Note by Becky:


you know, i always forget about rebecca...

Me likey those shexy tops! You'd be fab in any of those.

How about me throwing this pattern into the mix? http://knitandtonic.typepad.com/knitandtonic/2007/02/flair.html

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