October 02, 2006

I interrupt the knitting to bring you...

...a crazy underwear interlude. It's all about the chuckles and grins today.

(Ignore the plastic bag covering my mannequin.)

Extracurricular Project: Customization of plain white bra and panties [donated by not to be named lingerie company] using limited number of craft supplies [donated by a not to be named but well known craft store in Lyon] by second year fashion students. We had the weekend to do it.

Goal: make something THEATRICAL and DIFFERENT; not your typical lingerie customization. Basically, something craaa-zay. All customized lingerie - mine included - will be placed on exhibition in a salon. They are not going to be worn or modeled, obviously. Funny footnote: Today when I saw the other customizations I noticed that I was the only one who used just paper and glue. Stickin' to the basics, bay-bee! Yeeeeeeeeeeeah!

So now it's time for another Guessing Game, just to keep us entertained: I usually have a source of inspiration that is NOT "fashion" related when I create designs. What do you think my inspiration for this one was? And here's a clue: I tend to garner inspiration from objects, art, pop culture, period pieces, portraits, and food (among other things).

Tomorrow I will update this particular paragraph with a photo of my source of inspiration, so keep an eye out here for it if you're curious. Have fun guessing. (And don't get too serious. Remember, we're having fun here.)

Update: My inspiration was, in effect, a piņata. But! As I mentioned before, I was inspired by - I did not make - a piņata. I am fascinated by the bright colors and handcrafted paper look of piņatas, and *that* is what inspired me. So all that "hitting with a stick" and "filling up with candy" aside, piņatas - or at least the ones I've seen in all the years I spent living in Mexico City (and over there they're traditionally filled with jicama, sugar cane, nuts and fruit) - are colorful and interesting works of art, and their decorative paper is what I had in mind when I sketched out my initial design.

As for volume, I tried to create the same fulled and layered effect as the bathing suit worn by the retro chick used in one of my site designs. (Elizabeth was the first to notice it, but others mentioned it as well. Woo hoo!)

And as for the final effect I wanted to achieve, I was trying to go for a slight Brazilian carnivalesque type costume. While I didn't have Carmen Miranda in mind, the people who mentioned her and Brazilian dancers weren't far from the mark so bravo to you! And I think it's safe to say that I achieved the effect I wanted for purposes of the exhibition because when I showed my lingerie set to my fellow students some of them started singing "Braaaaazil! La la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!". Tee hee. Success :-)

P.S. My knitting blab will resume in next entry. But for now I must rush off to do some research for another school project we're starting tomorrow. In the meantime, have a good one!

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pinata. Absolutamente.

Carmen Miranda?

I'm pretty sure this is wrong, but last night on America's Funniest Videos there was one of a kid who "painted" his dad's car in exactly these colors using Post-It Notes.

I came to think about Mexican decorations, perhaps related to some specific kind of party, or pinatas. It's vague, I know, but I don't have the time to start looking over the net for what I'm thinking about.
Funny looking lingerie anyway!

If you weren't inspired by a pinata I'll hit myself on the head with a stick...Very fun!

I'm not sure what kind, but it reminds me of a pinata.

I'm guessing Carmen Miranda. Or some sort of Amazonian parrot. OK, that's two guesses.

It looks like a party pinata. For some reason, the one that comes to mind is a little donkey pinata. Probably some long-ago incident, tragically imprinted on my brain.

A pinata?

Funny...a Pinata? That is what it looks like to me!

It looks like a pinata to me. Love it!

What fun! My guess is that your inspiration came from a pinata.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the customized undies was that they looked like a pinata. Whatever the inspiration was, the result is very creative!

Cool pinata! It's so festive!

Definitely a pinata! Or a veggie tray! But I'm thinking pinata.

I guess Pinata too. :)

So cool! I love following your assignments for fashion school.

a pinata! Fer shur! Where's the candy?? Inside the cups?

I had no idea what the inspiration source was, but pinata makes a lot of sense. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love reading about your fashion school homework/projects!

I immediately thought pinata & wondered what you'd stuffed it with! Lol! What fun your courses must be.

I didn't stuff anything in there. What you see is what there is: It's all paper!

Oh my! That is absolutely fantastic!

It looks like Carmen Miranda's underwear!

But as for non-fashion inspiration, I'd have to go with a pinata. (Did I spell that right? It looks wrong without the thing over the n.) Looking at that ensemble gives me a craving for old, hardened Tootsie Rolls. ;)

I'm going with pinata as well. :-)

Looks like a pinata to me, too. You could stuff it with funny things and sell them for bachelor/bacherorette parties.

I have to be right, it has to be a pinata. Everyone else thinks so, too! Well, we could all be wrong, I suppose...

Forgive me, but pinata. I'm was relieved to see that I wasn't the first to think this!

Kinda reminds me of a box of Nerds or maybe a bag of Skittles. Looks like candy.

Two guesses. Carmen Miranda, or the bathing suit in the vintage photo on one of the templates you've designed.

Aha! A most interesting and observant comment, Elizabeth has made here...

I am with the crowd. Piņata.

It was *obviously* the iconic woman in the upper left hand corner of your web page!

(p.s. I have not read any of the other comments, so I have no idea if this was obvious to anybody else)

The New XBOX 360 game Viva Pinata and the module to design a new costume for your character to be updated on XBOX LIVE.

Am I the only one who sees Andy Warhol?

Pinata Feminata! Rumba!

How pretty!! A Pinata Bikini. Good thing you didn't have to wear it for class. Could have been dangerous.

Of course, your rabbit skin :)

Now, where are those dancing shots??

i see the cerata on a nudibranch. and sea slugs come in so many colors there's bound to be one that features all the colors you've used!

ummmm spaghetti and andy warhol? hee!

I guess pinata, too!

awesome! anyone who wore that set would have to shake-it so the paper would ruffle! ha! so, my guess is your inspiration was one of those toothpicks that has the little colored ruffly bits at the top.

The first thing that I thought of is Carmen Miranda! It also reminds me of a Pinata. Looks like something cool made for a NYC Broadway show.

"She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weenie,
brightly, papered, glued, bikini..."


Note by Becky:

Hahaha! This is a good one :-)

Fruity Pebbles Cereal

Lots of other people already said pinata, but that was my first thought. I'd love a pair pf panties like that! Hee.

Wow. Striking! I kept thinking of Brazilian dancers with those elaborate costumes and head-dresses when I see it.

I think it looks like either a pinata, or maybe one of the ads for bedroom stuff for a teenage girl done in tie-dye. In fact the colors look quite a bit like tie-dye to me.

The bathing suit that is on your new blog skin!
That is my guess!

lovely, as always! and if not a pinata, then maybe a parrot? 7-layer dip? the simpsons?

must be the season for wacky linger-ee; to whit, have you seen the 'Pig in a Poke' piece for knit the classics lolita-along? it's what you get when you mix a bra of pig potholders and a slice o' cherry pie thong...

I like it! The first comparison that came to mind was a piņata, though I'm seeing some other interesting things in the comments. I'm looking forward to your explanation!

Pinata. Even before I came here and saw that others had the same idea....

i had been wondering about this since you mentioned the bra & panties in your last post! i thought your blog might be going NC-17 :)
after cheating and reading everyone else's comments, i vote for the bathing suit image. but it sure looks like a mardi gras float to me!

You all are quick! I'm impressed :-)

Thanks for playing along and adding to the fun of this little project.

What a fun project! The first thing I thought when I looked at this was "Carnivale" so I guess I qualify for some points, at least. Posts like this make me so jealous of being in fashion school...I want to go! : )

Dude. You MUST get a copy of the Project Runway DVDs.

Ditto Claudia - you would love Project Runway. We must get it to you. ;-)

Sorry I missed the guessing game - too much stupid work!

I LOVE it! As soon as I saw it I thought "pinata". very cool! Amazing what you can do with a little glue and paper :)

well it does make me think of Sinco de Mayo and of Skittles (sp?)
You sure are having fun at fashion school.

Sheesh! It was right before my nose! I cannot believe it was so obvious! Clunk me on the head and call me done!

Oh well, at least I guessed Reveal. Can't get them all!

France doesn't have Project Runway? We must get it to you - stat!

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